Is his silence disinterest? And is the silence closure in itself?

Met French guy online. He texted me all through the day, every day, twice or three times if I didn't respond. When we met it was only better. Saw each other once a week until he got too busy in his film job. I suggested 2 wait 4 a better time to date, he said I was overreacting. Talked less to keep distance, he got offended/impatient + would insinuate I was seeing someone + if I didn't respond at all he would prompt me. When it came to spending time together he would say work was too much, he needed time alone + he would prefer me to spend time doing something than sit w him being tired. I took this as a hint not to count on him. His hours increased again, he would text me but he was v moody, eventually told me it's not what he wanted but that it's not a good time to see some1. I said okay, told him to cease contact. We reconnected + contact remained same. I was more affectionate, which scared him. He told me about being busy, that he wasn't jealous + only joking about other guys, that he liked me but didn't have feelings, we hadn't spent time together couldn't say it would be a relationship, that he avoids relationships because he works + his last relationships failed bc he needed alone time, that he was introverted. Coming from the person who initiated everything this seemed like such a disconnect. I told him that it was sad he wasn't excited about it + if we couldn't spend time in person we couldn't be in contact. He returned with apologies after a week, asking if we could continue + that he would try harder to make time + his confusion was bc he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. He asked if I was free every night after. It was obvious when I saw him he was exhausted + I felt bad for second guessing. Same pattern happened, weeks went by without us having time. He insisted he didn't have time + if he did it would b 4 me. We agreed in December to "be" something. Then I heard from him less and less. I got an apology about being sick and now.. nothing.


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  • don't be too clingy I'm sure his work is demanding

    • Definitely not clingy.. if anything he has chased me for most of it. It's been over a month since our last contact.

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