Is it true that women "plan" break ups much further in advance than guys?

I spent some time with a longtime galpal of mine last weekend. She's a wonderful woman and probably the only true "gal pal" I have.

Anyway she just got in a divorce a month ago after a 6 year relationship. She told me that she was struggling to "forgive herself" for making the decision to leave her ex. However whenn we met up last weekend she was at probably her most attractive, most confident and most successful I have ever seen her. I found it incredible (and scary) that she was able radiate like this after only being broken up for A MONTH. She also told me she already found a fuck buddy only ONE WEEK after she broke up with her ex. Her ex knows this guy too.

She told me that her ex "was a good man" but definitely not an "alpha". She told me how his quirks eventually drove her nuts. She was is probably more of a "guy's girl" chics I know, but she hinted about some eccentric/hypocritical behavior's I really dislike in women. She tells me that I should be more comfortable and "open" with my sensitivities/emotions i. e. they are not a turnoff to women. However she also alluded to saying this one of the major reasons she dumped her ex (I've been following Corey Wayne about this). It depressed me to hear this feminine double standard.

Anyway her ex was completely taken off guard by this break up (of course). I'm almost completely sure he went on cruise control after they got married and just brushed off her emotional/bitchy moments as no big deal. However I think this was a long time coming (in her mind) and finally she snapped.

Case in point I believe most women usually break up with men LONG before they leave them. They come to a mental decision, make plans (including back up guys) and then look for ways to "justify" the split (pay more attention to a guy's quirks, mistakes, etc). This is a strategy to placate their conscious. Not saying it's completely wrong, but it's really just sad. Most guys usually don't see this coming.

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by the way I completely love and support my friend. This poll might come off as knocking on her, but I support whatever decision she makes. However I'm just more frustrated with this feminine decision making in general.
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I think my two biggest gripes about this are the following:

1. Many women (but not all) have the "grass is always greener on the other side" attitude when they get into relationships 2. Being a single lady is very "cool" and "strong" in our modern society. 3. It's completely fine to bash on your ex (who did nothing fundamentally wrong) to avoid feeling guilt.

Sometimes breakups are necessary but I don't like how our society "gives power" to women with this.
Is it true that women "plan" break ups much further in advance than guys?
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