We broke up due to circumstances, I don't really want to lose her, is there any info about what I can do to save any chances in the future?

I was with a woman 11 months, everything was great, but a lot of things started going on at once in her life, and past emotional problems came back, she needed to seek help and we decided it be best to part ways while she dealt with everything, a relationship wasn't the right thing at that time. That was a little over a month ago.

Im going forward, we are staying out of contact, but I don't want to completely lose any chance of getting back together in the future. It hurts me, I've never loved someone and their family as much. I know it all will take time for things to work out, I know I can't just sit and wait. I'm wondering if there is any information, such as books or websites that actually have real information on what to do and steps to take in order for things to possibly work. Or even some information. While I'm not yet ready to try again with someone else, maybe that happens, but the way things were between us, I know I'll never find again.


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  • You need to be a realist and ask yourself if she truly loves you? Knowing her as well as you do, If you where her perfect partner would she still have left you because of her life circumstances? If you were in her shoes would you break up with your partner if you truly loved her? The answers to those questions should point you towards the right direction. Just remember to be honest with yourself because you're only going to be hurting yourself if you aren't. Everyone deserves to be with someone who truly loves them.

    • As a realist, yes, I see her exact situation, 4 kids, was emotionally abused by her ex husband and she is having to fight him in court for assets. He is making it worse because we were together

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