My old high school friend had sex with my ex boyfriend who I dated for two years. Look at what she said in my text. How can I get over this? I'm so?

I'm so hurt :/

I cried 4 times today randomly.

At stores.

When I went to the mall.

when I got home and my older sister asked what was wrong.

That's the girl in the photo. I blurred her face to be nice.
My old high school friend had sex with my ex boyfriend who I dated for two years. Look at what she said in my text. How can I get over this? I'm so??My old high school friend had sex with my ex boyfriend who I dated for two years. Look at what she said in my text. How can I get over this? I'm so??


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  • be aware bitches everywhere


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  • I mean, hoes are going to be hoes, but she is your OLD friend. Not a current friend, not a best friend. Why should she care about your ex or not? She does kind of have a point, you messed up with him, now other girls get to enjoy him.

    It happens, move on. Obviously your ex doesn't care about the way you feel.

    • Damn I have to comment.

      Don't have female friends like her. Seriously choose friends wisely. She was very rude. And lots of hugs.. don't cry ♥

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  • WHY? You said ex? Are you under the illusion he is never going to have sex again? Thats not your friend, she's a slut remember about Karma & this. What comes around goes around! You'll be better off without them.

  • He is your EX. Were you under the impression he would remain celibate for the rest of his life? Who cares if your friend bangs him. It's not your problem (nor your business) anymore.

    A month is more than long enough.

  • How does it matter.
    Revenge is for hurt desperate people. U have options right? So just move on and ignore those guys.

  • But you are no longer seeing him, so why so upset? You need to move on with your life, forget the past. x

    • U either naieve or an idiot.

      You honestly think it's ok to go sate a friend ex?
      And on top of that in short time period?

      And without asking the friend?

      If u love someone it's not gone fast + there is chance of going back together + love never go away 100%
      There will always be 1% minimum no longer how many years pass and relationships u have.

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    • fido shut up please dont call him idiot!

    • Thenotorious _ i don't let ameature people get to my, just expressing my opinion. Thanks for your support.

  • Unfortunately, you broke up with him. You can be upset that your friend slept with your ex, but both she and him had every right to do so.

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  • .. try to stop justifying being hurt.
    I mean- you broke up with him a month ago. Just because you once dated him doesn't mean you own him post-breakup or 'break'. Unless you made sure to clearly state that you guys would refrain from sleeping with others during this 'break', well then... that's fair-game.

  • sleep with her ex, her brother or her dad. or all of them if you want. ruin her credit. post these messages on Instagram and tag everyone she knows. and then for him basically the same but his friends and family. and then find a really hot rebound. way hotter than him. and post so many pics of you both together that your ex and that hoe go crazy with jealousy.

    • OK
      That will be good revenge but that will bring her down to her level :/.

  • You broke up with him so why are you so upset? If he broke up with you it would be understandable for you to be hurt but you chose to end the relationship.

  • Hey, stop crying i know what it feels like

    i did understand that my bff and ex

    been together,

    but i dont know why shed hide their thing from me for a month

    luckily I've got a new guy that time, so i wasn't that hurt

    i was just pissed because she hide it from me

    though it still hurts cause he is my ex

    , i didn't want to fight over a man, friendship still best for me, its just a man

    im just saying, if she's ur real friend, she would be nice to u,

    though i can see,.. she did it in purpose, for telling u you're a bitch

    so, id better prefer, show ur ex and that girl

    that ur greater, date the hottest guy, and show them off how happy and lucky you are

    its not being insecure with them

    But showing how valuable u are

    smile, you did a great job for letting him go, he is a jerk,

    Now ur free u deserve better one

    • thats the greatest revenge for breaking you're heart, and him being dishonest

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