Boyfriend cheated and now says I'm his world, should I believe him?

Whilst I was on holiday around my 3rd day my boyfriend messaged me (after he'd been seshing) saying he wants to go on a break as he needs to sort his head out. The next day he told me he gave this girl a love bite (at this sesh) and swore down on his families life nothing else happened. However I asked the girl and she told me he got with her and she then said they did other stuff but didn't shag. So I asked him and he continued to lie and promise nothing else happened eventually he admitted he got with her but still promises nothing else happened. So I ended him anyway as he lied to me. I still don't know if they did just pull or not. Then after I ended him he asked to the girl to start seeing him and told her he loved her. All of a sudden he messaged me saying I'm all he wants and will ever want, saying it was a mistake and he's in love with me that I'm his world and he needs me. He then told the other girl that he's never liked her and he wants me and stuff. All his mates have said they truly believe he loves me and stuff and that this girl was a drunken mistake. He keeps saying he's really sorry and that he really loves me and that if I don't take him back he's never going to get over me and that hed legit wait like 2 years for me. But if I were to get back with him things just wouldn't be the same. My mates hate him, my mum hates him, I don't know if I'll ever beable to trust him again. And I'd just look like a complete mug, and everyone is going to give me shit cos apparently I have to forgive the girl aswell (ahaha never). He said he'd do anything to be with me, just start talking again and not make it official, or be together and just talk close mates. Would I beable to get past the trust issues? Because he's cheated on many girls in the past. But he said he's going to prove he's changed and that he honestly loves me. But I don't know what to do. I do love him, but I don't know what's best. He's never treated me badly and we were good together
Boyfriend cheated and now says I'm his world, should I believe him?
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