Why does my ex make excuses to text me?

I don't know why but he sent me a bunch of friend requests but I kept declining it because I was tired of his ass because he's annoying. I accepted his friend request on his new account he sent me because I thought that it wouldn't be that big of a deal and that was a big mistake. See he has a lot of family issues and he looks like he's into drugs. He has a lot of acne and not like mild acne but cystic. His younger sister texted me because, well tbh I really don't know why she texted me because we are kinda mutual. I don't know her that well but she was talking about how she hates her life. My ex inboxed me on Facebook the next with "My sister hyu?" And then last week he asked "u live around *inserts place?"** The first text message he was thanking me and I told him you're welcome but now I'm getting confused because he messages me if it's about his sister because he says his sister went missing. I don't believe him because if she actually did go missing, he wouldn't be on Facebook talking about it but actually take action. I don't know what I have to do with his sister anyways like it's not like I have custody over her and secondly, it doesn't make sense he asked about the area I live around because he literally knew where I lived so that was a stupid question. And the second message, I was getting annoyed with him and i told him to leave me alone and he said "I thought I could get a favor. Pretend I ain't ask." Why is he asking me for favors after I told him to leave me alone and why in the world would I give him favors? He told me that I was an easy target to forget a few months ago. Yet he still hits me up? What's his motives?
Why does my ex make excuses to text me?
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