My girlfriend and I decided to take a break, but I'm a bit confused. Can someone help me?

Ok, so things are pretty tough for her right now... she has a lot of things going on and she's struggling with adapting her life to Uni (she started 3 months ago) and many problems and a lot of pressure back home. She finds it hard to be together right now, she's confused and we carry some daily bad habits that make things impossible for her now (I realized that).

She was inclined to end it, as she said that she doesn't have the physically nor mentally strength to carry on. I told her it was a shame to end it without giving it a chance, besides maybe in a couple of months things may clear up for her, that it was best to take some distance from now and then try to start again. She acknowledged that, and she said I was always the one who truly understood her, and we both agreed it was best to call it a temporary "break".

We agreed on No Contact (without a due date) except for urgent stuff, and not to see other poeple. She also said that she didn't wanted to see or be with other people anyway because right now she needs time for herself.

We were very clear that this was just a temporary thing, that the idea was to let this semester end, for this things to cool down and to "recover energies" and to start over doing things right.

But she added a couple of very sad goodbye songs to our collaborative list, and half an hour ago posted a very sad song saying something like "remember me although I have to go far away, don't cry, you'll be in my heart, until you're on my arms" and so on.

Obviously I'm not happy about this break, it's sad. But I'm taking it really fine so far, why is she posting those things as if it were a definitely break-up? It makes me feel sad and confused, I thought we agreed on just taking time for ourselves to fix things, not to end it. Also today her bff uploaded a photo with the phrase from Friends "We were on a break!" and she (my gf) commented it "thank you! You're pretty bla bla". So is not like she forgot about what we talked about.


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  • When you decide to take a break with your partner you will naturally become more distant.
    I understand she must be pressured but I think a whole semester is a bit too much of a break.. and not even contacting each other
    Why didn't u think of a week break and then start messaging once in the day or something like that

    • Yes, I understand about that, it'a a sad situation and obviously I'm a bit down about the distance between us, but it's not the end of the world for me. I would take it worse if this was truly the end.

      By the way we talked it seemed as if this break is not something of a week, we mentioned something about the end of *her* semester (which is going to end by mid-December I think) so that's why she's saying goodbye, but my point is that she says it as if it were our last goodbye or something

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  • Nope she actually has said her goodbye in a way that you didn't get your feelings hurt...

    • I get that... she has always been nice and I know for a fact she cares about me in another level. I'm just confused of why is she saying those goodbyes as if it were something that's going to take years, I mean, making a wild guess could be 2 or 3 months at least. It's a lot but not enough to dramatize things so much. I was just asking if there's something I'm missing in all this.

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