What would you do? About Husband?

So he promised me he wouldn't talk to his X. And on his Kik he searched her. I'm tired of everything. And baby on the way. What would u do? After so many fake promises.


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  • Ditch the zero and find you a hero girl

    • Thanks I'm counting on it

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    • Thats great news!!

    • Single dad first time dad and im doing better then his motger who had 2 others but is now out sleeping around with married men but yeah daddy sleeps around too only when he isn't around i cover my tracks she doesn't

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  • Baby gurrl, leave. It's not worth it. He may still have feeling for his ex, confront him and ask him. And if his answers aren't satisfying then leave.

    • That's my plan no matter if he cries for me. But has to be done after baby is born.

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    • You don't even have to wait for the baby. He has to take responsibility whether you're together or not. Be free

    • Thanks I just filled out a divorce online

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