Do I call him or is it better to leave it alone? Advice please!

I am still on friendly terms with my ex. We occasionally talk and catch up on things. I recently found out that I'm going to be moving and then going away to Asia. I wrote him an email, basically just saying hi and that I'm going to be moving up north and then going to Asia for a while and that it would be nice to see him before I leave. A while after he called me, but I was busy and didn't answer. He left a message saying "hey got your email, thanks for the email. call me back and lets catch up". I was busy that day, so I called him the next day and he didn't answer so I left a message. It's now been 2 days and he hasn't called me back. I want to talk to him cause I miss him and I'd like to catch up, but I'm torn because I think I just need to let it go. Should I wait and see if he calls me? Should I just forget about talking to him? Should I call him again?


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  • Maybe you should call one more time and see if he calls back. If he doesn't then maybe you can c him face to face and ask has he been busy. You can never tell with these things. If you call him 10 times out of a whole week and he doesn't answer then you should let it go. Facebook him or something or email him. Try and get his attention in every way possible if you want to (optional). It depends on how important it is to u.


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