Why does ex want to know if I'm dating anyone new?

Me and ex boyfriend broke up end of June, tried to limit contact since then. Recently he has started communicating with his joke text msgs but now has starting chatting via text ( and also asked last wk if we could meet for dinner - but I wasn't available). He's text me today asking how I am and if life is good... and if I'm dating anyone?

Why would he ask that... as I really don't want to know about his love life? opinions appreciated.. thanks

Well I thought like you guys it was beause he had an interest in me, but no, he's the one with a new gf! I guess he was wondering if I've moved on too :(


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  • He is checking up on you .. to see if he still has a chance with you. now, you have to be careful since he might have just been dumped as well .. and is thus coming back because he needs to fill in the void. and what's better than an ex, huh ? OR he went out with that girl, realized she was not the right for him .. but you are. anyway, if you agree to meet for dinner, you should definitely ask the right questions in a subtle way ;)

    • I completely agree...everyone deserves a second chance, whether its him or you...but you have to be careful not to make the same mistake again (if it was a mistake)...ask yourself what you want...and follow it through.

      good luck x

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  • If he dumped you, maybe he is regretting trying to come back and wants to know if you're single. If you're dumped him, he wants to know if you moved on already and wants another chance.


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  • He wants to know to either be noisy and keep tabs on you or because he is trying to ease his way back in. I would avoid answering that question if at all possible. There really isn't any reason for him to know if you are seeing someone or not.


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