I broke my boyfriends heart and he still made sure I was okay :( why?

last night i told my boyfriend i wanted to break up! :( i love him but i just dont get that spark, he is so kind gentle amd giving in all aspects of his life, he was the perfect boyfriend to me, he treated me like any girl wants to be treated but there was no spark :( the worst part is that im 3 and a half months pregnant with his baby! i told him he could be with me every step but its just not the same is it? after i told him he took his stuff and packed the stuff he really needed and told me he is staying at his parents old house, his mum passed away about 8 months ago and left him the house, he told me to keep this place but shouldn't i be moving out since i broke up :( it was his place that i moved into after all :( he told me he just wants me and our baby to be healthy and happy forever :( it breaks my heart writing this but what do i do? im a big mixed bag of sad depressed and heart broken :( why am i heart broken? he didn't break my heart :( can i get some help?
1 y
I know he loves me and he is such a loving guy but thats one of the things that made me do it, he deserves to be with someone who loves him back as much as he loves me!! I want him to be happy! And i want him around for the baby! He left the keys on the table i also regrette not saying bye or anything he walked out :(
I broke my boyfriends heart and he still made sure I was okay :( why?
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