My ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend?

...but had sex with me.

ok well me and my ex were dating for 17months and we were each others first loves. I loved him more than anything in the world. But he always accused me of cheating with this guy that was JUST MY FRIEND! I did lay on a couch with him tho and I did make out with him once but me and my ex were on a break up at the time I never cheated on my ex never and I know he never cheated on me.

one day he stressed me out so much telling me to choose between him or my friend I said I would choose him anytime he needed me but then he said that I could never talk to my fiend again I was sick of argueing with him and feeling controled I wanted to live so I broke up with him.

after the break up I felt like shit I felt I made the biggest mistake of my life! I was so heartbroken I cried myself to sleep everynight he started hanging out with this new girl that was one of my friends he always met her outside her class and they were flirting none stop infront of me like a day after we break up.

then I find out he asks her on a date a week after we break up and they got o the movie and make out. she tells me that he just needed a friend.

then 2 weeks after we break up he says he's sorry and she could never make him feel the way that I made him feel and that he would never break my heart again! it took a lot but since I still loved him I forgave him everything was going great! I was so happy then he starts crying and says he's confused and crazy! he says that he should have never hurt the girls feelings and so he gets up and leaves and dosnt even say goodbye. so I'm sitting there wondering if I'm dating him or what the hell just happened then I find out he went over to her house after he left mine,

he starts dating her a month after we break up and all this then he starts sending me text saying that he thinks he rushed the relationship and he's afraid of me getting a new boyfriend.

then he asks me if I want to see his new car. I wasn't doing anything so I said ok, then he grabs my face and I ask him what's he doing and he says he doesn't know and we start making out and start having sex in the back seat of his car all day.

he never cheated on me when we were dating and he didn't seem to care that he had cheated on his new girlfriend, he says that his new girlfriend doesn't want to have sex with him for a long time because all her other boyfriends just used her for sex so she doesn't want that to happen to her again.. I feel used and I don't know what to do like we had something special when we were dating and now he's changed soo much like I can't believe he cheated on her. he always told me that he never seen the point in cheating when we dated,

what should I do?
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well I told my ex that I said some things to my friends about what happened that he cheated and I told him to tell his girlfriend before someone else does and so I get a fb msg from her say that I'm a liar and I'm making this all up.
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ok so he broke up with his girlfriend and he's saying that he likes me and misses me but he's already done this to me b4 its hard to believe anything he says we hangout and talk and its great we still have sex tho. and I'm so scared of loving him again
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i am major depressed. I have lost over 40pounds since this has all started. I can't eat I'm stressed from family and work and I'm only effin 16 its nuts!. I need help like I want to get him outta my life I just can't do it I've tried everything.
My ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend?
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