Girl wants a reason on why we should date?

I have given her as many reasons I can think of. She knows I care alt about her. I've saved her in 2 major situations. I've been there for her. She said she can date anyone. We started out as friends and slowly I started liking her. I really do love her and care about her. I feel she is perfect for me I just can't think of a way to prove it or a way to knock her off her feet. PLEASE HELP Me :(


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  • okay dude with all respect if you've save or helped her in the past fine, you did the white knight thing and she's seen that. Don't hold it over her head when you want to get the princess, every girl likes a guy to be there when they need them but they also want them to be humble enough to drop it afterward. if she can date anyone (from what you comented I doubt it) your trick is to show your the guy she's been looking for.

    what she might not understand is why you slowly started liking her, most girls fall for a guy quickly, so she may be asking her self a lot of questions. "why didn't he like me before?" "did he save me because he likes me?" "was there something wrong with me before?" "what has changed to make him want more?" these are the kind of questions she wants you to answer when she asks "why do you want to date me?"

    as for the games thing I'm guessing you've known each other some +6 months, she has already begun to understand how you work, at this point she'll she a trick coming unless you are really slick in your delivery, be genuine it will get you farther. as for the parents you've met them more than twice I assume, congrats that's as far as you'll get with them untill you get in a realationship with her focusing on them won't help you with her, especialy since they made her end the last realationship.

    from the sounds of it she's just afraid to lose someone she trusts and someone who she knows will be there when she needs them. for most women having people like this is more valuble than gold.


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  • I think this girl just doesn't want to date you. No girl is going to turn down someone she is really into.. unless it's a mind control thing. Like, I want him to want me so bad it drives him nuts. You should just stop telling her you want to date her and you'll see what her intentions are. Just say you have been asked out by a girl and you might go on a date with her, but be casual and just say, you and I, it's going nowhere and she seems really interested, I know you wouldn't mind.

    • Ah, yes, the jealousy plotline.. It gets the girl's emotions revved up and it's kind of a d*** thing to do but in this situation this is exactly what will help you most in your situation.

      However, you have to be congruent with your words. ACT like you don't really need this girl anymore, don't just SAY it.

      by the way, give her best answer

    • i tried the jealousy plot. no go. what it is is she was in a 2 year relationship. her parents made her break it up. I'm trying to win her parents over she feels the same thing will happen over again. but since then its been 6 months. so I always treat her parents with respect. 1m turning 19 tomorrow and she's takin me out to dinner. she's 6 months younger than me. I know her well but it seems like I learn something new about her often. I don't know where I'm going with that.

  • Tell her it's not just that you like her, that you like "us" meaning the two of you. Shemigt not want to ruin the great friendship tha the two of to have because most of the time if best friends go out and break up, even if you stay friends it won't be the same.


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  • There is no reason for you to try to come up with a reason that she approves of. The more control and value you give away the less respect and attraction she'll have for you. That's a fact. You can still get this girl, but trying to directly win over her feelings by coming up with a "good enough" reason isn't one of them.

    • then what way can I win her over I mean I see her 2 - 3 times a week. I'm at her house once a week her parents love me. she tells me she's afraid to hurt me.

    • Look in the above post, if you have any specific questions just friend me and ask. Good luck

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