I saw my ex today in the mall?

((Body language question mainly))

I saw my ex today in the mall after having not for a few years, but he has since contacted me and kept up with me and what I do, in the recent past. He was with his girlfriend...but later on I saw him as he was headed to a certain part of a store (without his girlfriend) and he looked directly at me and as he was walking when he saw me he stopped walking, looked somewhat shocked, cocked his head to the left, then kept on walking forward.

What did this mean? If anything?


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  • It means he thinks you are stalking him :D!

    Seriously thought it doesn't mean anything just that he saw a old friend made eye contact cocked his head which as you know is acknowledging the eye contact and asking himself a casual question. The question asked was nothing remotely like do I still love here because if that was the case the body language would be different... Sorry I know it's not what you wanted but it's the truth.

    • What do you mean asking himself a casual question?

      What would body language be if he loved me still? Sorry I'm new to this whole body language thing. lolol

    • If it was about you the question would be at the most something like. did she cut her hair after we broke up?

      If he loved you still there are a couple ways he could react depending on confidence level but it would be a mix and match of the following:

      Nervous fidgeting or shuffling

      Quick glance at his current girlfriend

      Puppy dog eye's

      Body language can't translate directly to words but those would signal a lot of emotion. Like I hope she doesn't start some drama or damn I shouldn't have left her

    • Yeah there was really no time for any of that - he was walking past and staring at the aisle I was on and then stopped for a moment and did that while he was walking. Afterwards I got out of the store REALLY FAST because it was totally uncomfortable. lolol

      I sent you a pm for further details! Thanks for your answers!

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  • Doesn't mean anything. He recognized someone he knew and that was that.

  • It means nothing,

    take a cold shower and go on with your live


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