How did you get karma on your cheating ex?

My ex cheated on me and painted me out to my crazy with his ex girlfriend and me the angry and bitter ex.

My mom was like, the best revenge is to move on.

I told my ex I'm a virgin and never masturbated and he went around bragging I'm a virgin. The girl was also mad an envious of me because I'm a virgin.

I realized when I showed my emotions or gave him a reaction, he'd use it against me or hurt me even more. The girl liked the drama and would only date him or give him attention when I was around.

I still kept my virginity and treat her like she's non-existent. I also tell people he's creepy if he brings up personal stuff I tell him and that seems to work well. Considering it is creepy to go around telling everyone a girl is a 20 year old virgin.

They're still stuck in HS and having a hard time adapting to reality.
How did you get karma on your cheating ex?
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