Boyfriend dumped after first fight, though we had a good relationship?

I started dating my boyfriend about three weeks ago. We had an amazing relationship, he was amazing, loving and caring and I really did love him. The biggest flaw that he had that annoyed me at no end, was he usually on days that we weren't spending together ignoring me. I wasn't spamming or anything, like two messages a day, just to catch up. He also, was terrible at listening, since he never even seemed to try. I got annoyed of it and accidentally sent him the snap that I was supposed to send to my cousin. I didn't bark him down, but there I criticized his lack of listening and his ignoring. It wasn't like damn he's the worst boyfriend or anything, just like, I'm a bit upset that he sometimes ignores me etc. Yesterday, I told him by social media, that I was a bit upset with the things that were going on, because it felt like I was doing all of the work and he wasn't really putting any effort. He didn't though know even how, because I was his first girlfriend and he was my first boyfriend. As we were trying to set a meet up, he ignored me, for two hours. I could see he was active on instagram. I became upset again and wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine and ignored him for two hours. When I finally answered him, after him being pissed off for 1,5 hours of me ignoring him back, he just flatly wrote a short message, where he said that he doesn't return my feelings, that I wasn't the one, that he wasn't ready for a girlfriend and that he wants to focus on his school (which is complete bs, he only plays on his playstation 24/7). I have this feeling, that he just broke up with me, because he didn't want to deal with the situation. I have this feeling that he'll come crawling back. I still have feelings for him, but was I asking too much of him? and was he justified, to break up with me, because of this reason? I feel it's a bit unfair, since we were totally like in love three days prior, when we saw the last time. Thanks for the answers in advance!
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I’m still not sure, if he just broke up with me just to escape the situation. He was a bit immature and I sincerely think, that he just wanted a quick getaway from the situation. I don’t know if he’ll come crawling back or what? We have to keep in mind that he was my first boyfriend
Boyfriend dumped after first fight, though we had a good relationship?
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