Does the no contact rule work for men?

I was together with a guy for about three weeks and when we had our first fight, he dumped me. I think he did it to escape the situation, since feelings don’t evaporate in three days and everything changed after I accidently sent him a message, which was meant to go to my cousin, where I told I was a bit upset because he had been ignoring a bit me on social media. I’ve thought of keeping a no contact rule. We ended on really good terms, after the breakup text, I just wrote him that I wish you best of luck and that I agree we should spend some time apart. That’s all. No shots fired, no insultive comments etc. I’ve been thinking of giving the no contact rule a shot, since me and my ex were extremely close and he doesn’t have a lot of friends, so I’m sure he’ll notice my disappearing from his life. What should I do?
Does the no contact rule work for men?
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