INFJ Emotionally Unavailable boyfriend? Is this Normal Behavior?

Hi guys. I recently had a breakup with an INFJ guy. I know this stuff doesn't mean much, but I recently found out his type and just wondering if this is normal behavior:

  • Will go days without seeing me, but be perfectly fine.
  • Is interested enough to ask about my day, but never goes beyond a "very nice!" with no further questions.
  • Takes trips with his friends, 5 days at a time, never reaches out, I find out he stays in the hotel room the whole time, and doesn't seem to miss me when he comes back. Seems perfectly happy upon seeing me tho.
  • Never tells me about events, does everything alone. Don't see him for days.
  • Gives hardly any affection or emotional affection. Will sit at his computer whole time w/out speaking to me then call it goodnight. This was the biggest downfall of our closeness.
  • I really really really tried, I tried to be patient, I tried to give him all his space. I never pushed him or nagged.
  • I'm confused if he was really introvert bc w/friends he was the life of the party, but w/me he would put in almost no effort.
  • Is unable to help me emotionally, ie. when I call crying, sits there & doesn't know what to do. Doesn't offer to console me or help.
All around he was a great guy, but he was just so distant I hardly ever saw him. Maybe got intimate 5/6 times whole summer. He was fine with this and "didn't know what else to do". I cry every night about it. He genuinely meant well (I think) but broke up with me saying it would be better to end.

He is starting to date someone else now so I am very upset.
INFJ Emotionally Unavailable boyfriend? Is this Normal Behavior?
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