Choosing yourself? Please Read?

Hello everyone, for starters I have been in a long distance relationship for about ten months and I've been dating my boyfriend for a year. We see each other about three times a month. Through out that time i started to really work on myself and compromise certain elements of a relationship I felt like I needed, but that I understand my partner wasn't willing to do or be consistent on such as calling me, being affectionate just because, complimenting me just because, doing little things to make me feel special. Although I needed this from him, I compromised and just accepted who he was. I maintained being a loving, thoughtful partner. This is not an attempt to put him down, I just accepted that he prefers to text and enjoys casual conversation. When he would see me for those few times a month, everything felt fine. He recently had a couple life changes that effected how often I could see him and I stood by the relationship. Now, in August he is moving to a city closer to me for college and going to school full time and working... but he has told me twice that we may not last. Even when I mention that I would support him through it, he still mentions that he is unsure. I felt in my heart I needed to ask if he was inlove with me because I needed to know where we stood to support him further despite the fact he is unsure if we would last. He told me no but couldnt explain why. This person has told me since September that he loves me, but I didn't know all along he wasn't inlove with me. I asked him a week later and he said that he needs years of being in a relationship. I decided to break up despite how much it kills me because I felt like I needed a deeper sense of commitment at this time and with our dynamic, I couldn't see myself having that sense of commitment anytime soon. What are everyone's thoughts?
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Please read before commenting. I meant to say I have been dating my boyfriend for three months, then we got together and it was 10 months.
Choosing yourself? Please Read?
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