Ex-Girlfriend Asks Me Out To Dinner

Hi All,

So to start, she isn't technically my ex, but we have been on a break for the past 2 and a half months (since the end of May and we have been in a relationship for 4 years). The main reason was that she wanted to focus on her career and because I needed to grow and mature more (which I have and she agrees).

During this break, we only saw each other maybe 3 or 4 times, spending a couple hours together each time. The last time I saw her however, we practically spent the entire day together (that was August 6th), and she told me it was very romantic and wonderful (it was :) ). She was very affectionate. We also had an opportunity to express all of our feelings that were going through our minds, giving both of us a much clearer picture of what was going on.

She realized that she was still very much in love with me. She said that even though, presently, she doesn't want to be in a relationship yet, after that day, she needed to think about a lot of things(of what to do with us). She feels that I'm worth the effort and that the relationship we had is still very special to her.

Anyway, after that day, I assumed that we were back on no-contact status, so I continued doing my own thing. The next evening, she attempts to call me (which is very unusual, she insisted during this break that she have space). I was sleeping when she called, but sent me a text message. It was a very romantic style of text message that we used to do when we first started dating. She has not done that in a while.

The day after that, she calls me during the day and invites me out to dinner. She pays for everything and we have another wonderful evening together. Again, she was very affectionate, a level of affection that I haven't seen in a while, just like the previous day. Asking for hugs, kisses, cuddling etc. Her reason for dinner was that she hadn't seen me in a while and wanted to do something special for us. She would also say stuff like, its great to be in your car again or hugging you in the parking lot etc.

Anyway, I don't want to get my expectations up and assume everything is going to be alright, but this is definitely going against the previous pattern that I have seen during this entire situation. I have already gone through the motions of accepting the possibility of ending things and moving on, but I am also still open to giving our relationship another try.

I'm basically just looking for advice on what to do next. I'm not sure if these recent acts are her trying to slowly rebuild our relationship or if this is just a quick spurt of her missing me and just getting her fill (it is still very early).

In any case, I'm assuming everyone is going to tell me to just continue doing my own thing, but follow her lead, take it slow and not to jump to any conclusions? If anyone has another take on this situation that I may have missed, please do not hesitant to mention it.

Thank you!

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Oops at the ending, *please do not hesitate to mention it* :P
Ex-Girlfriend Asks Me Out To Dinner
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