Do you feel grateful to your ex?

I deeply cherish and admire the love we shared. While it’s gone and I no longer miss it nor do I feel nostalgic, I walk with my head up, knowing - I am one of the very lucky women to have been loved as deeply, intensely, gently and fiercely as I was loved.

I am so grateful, in the moments when I have tiny little self-doubt, I remember how I used to be the Goddess for the man who was equal to the God for me and It makes me see my worth much more…

I am so grateful to him and while I no longer have any wish or nostalgia to return the past, and I optimistically look in the future and am open to love again, I do still feel deep appreciation and I wish him all the very best in life, I’d never wish to hear him feeling bad, I want him to reach all his dreams, I want him to be the happiest man and I am walking the streets, proudly, smiling, knowing

I was the love of someone’s life and I can still be. Because I know how a man should treat me and I’ll never allow less and I’ll give in my all as well.

Feels strangely wonderful… I am happy currently and I think my current happiness is largely defined by my past experiences. I want to tell him

“Thank you…

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for loving me the way you did and thank you for letting me to love you the way I did. Farewell my first love.”

Do you feel grateful to your ex?
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