What does it mean when a guy says you're breaking his heart?

But its not like that kind of breaking his heart...

I was flirting with him and asked him if he understood a reference to a song. He responded with: I do understand the reference, my god (my name) you're breaking my heart. And I want you to know that I have no problem hanging on for the long run with the right person...

Which was random. Does anyone understand this at all?


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  • What is the meaning of the song? If it has a romantic meaning he could be thinking that you don't think he knows how to be romantic.

    if it's one of those lonely heart songs he might be thinking you're trying to break up with him.

    if it's a rap song... I don't like rap so... He might think you want to take his car?

    I need to know the song to give a better answer.

    • It was just a rock song with no romatic meaning at all. Also were just dating, not in a position to actually break up

What Girls Said 1

  • link

    is it REALLY that hard to understand?

    i mean, come on now... link

    • . if you keep it up with the links you are going to get so many down votes from me today.

    • i always put links

      deal with it, punk.

    • yes I really don't understand the comment

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