Why did he block me after I unfriended him? He's bitter? Hates me?

So this guy and I messed around six years ago but we NEVER slept together. He was definitely interested in me but didn't want relationship so things died down.

A couple years later we became friends on fb. We talked very cordial for a bit and he told me that if I ever ended up in his area he has an extra room.

Several months later I send him a very casual message bringing up the past and saying I was just curious about what happened between us. He answers that he vividly remembers the time we spent together and that he just didn't want a relationship at the time. Over the next year we message back and forth sometimes talking for hours in the day. He said he wants to hook up again but I was kinda seeing someone at the time so I turned him down and defriended him.

Seven months later I message him casually. No reponse. I message him about something else. NO response. I message him again (I know it's a lot) and then we talk about a bunch of stuff for a few hours. He said that sometimes he likes to look at my pics and that he noticed I had defriended him and that he was bummed out. He asked me why I did it. I told him that I did it because I really wanted to sleep with him but I wanted to focus on my relationship at the time.

So we became friends again and the guy tells me that he will photocopy a ton of stuff out of some books for me and then mail them to me to help me with some problems I've had in certain college study areas. I thought that that meant something that he was willing to go through all of that trouble - I thought it meant that I was at least someone he respected as a person.

He starts trying to hook up again and I told him I'm interested but can't right now and he lives several hours away anyways. A few more times over the next few weeks I send him random casual messages. He stopped responding to anything. So I tell him that he's being a p**** and he needs to man up and tell me to f*** off if he doesn't want to talk.

He then responds by telling me that I'm a "total pain in the ass" and that he's been busy but I know that he had time to respond. He said he's sorry, he won't hit on me again. I then said that if I'm just a random person to him I'll stop thinking of him in that way. He said "ok".

I unfriended him.

Now, about a month after unfriending him he blocked me on Facebook.

What is this about? Did I really make that much of an ass out of myself by messaging him so much without responses that he would block me? Or is there another reason? Why would someone block me after I had already defriended them and we had not talked for over a month? He must have gone out of his way to do this. He would have had to search for me, find out we weren't friends and then block me.

Why if it prevents me from ever contacting him again? Am I THAT bad of a person?

Why did he block me after I unfriended him? He's bitter? Hates me?
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