Ex girlfriend reminiscing the good memories. What changed her mind drastically?


our relationship lasted 2,5 years until she wanted that famous "space".

after two months of horrible silence my ex-gf is communicating again, sms, email, even calls. She's reminiscing the good old times and asks do I remember this and that and blaablaa. She tells we had so much fun and even mentioned that "hahahaa, perhaps someday we will arrange THAT and THAT we planned but never did". She's also curious about my work and dating status, and sometimes it seems like she is giving me encouragement and compliments. Two days ago, immediately after her call she texted "it was so nice to talk with you and it's always been so nice to talk with you." Yeah right, and she wanted to end things and two months of silence.

I tried to contact her during these horrible two months but she never responded, well very rarely "leave me alone!". Now she's texting almost every day, long messages, full of reminiscing and our own jokes and she sounds very happy to talk with me again... She is totally different, almost like she used to be when we were together and I'm surprised how much she still remembers and mentions it to me.

And the most strange part: she has a boyfriend now (rebound?)... I no longer care much, I never ask her anything and I couldn't care less about her new boyfriend.

What changed her mind so drastically? Is there still love and does she want to get back together? I won't ask her, would be so awkward and I just don't want to ask that and I think it would look just needy... so I ask help here :)

Every time she isn't with this new guy, she is texting with me?!?!


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  • I don't think anything changed her mind so much as she is reminiscing. Often times after the initial anger, grief, etc people will start to remember fondly on things.

    Afterall you were together for 2.5 years so a good portion of her recent life has involved you, and it takes time to completely move on (good or bad) from that recent history.

    I've experienced this. I've also been lulled in by the possibility that someone will want to rekindle old romance. Usually it fades rather quickly so I wouldn't count on her wanting to get back together with you


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  • Deja-voo !

    Everything you said is familiar except unlike you I was dumb and took her back. She ended up cheating on me when everything was going great then I broke it off again and she stabbed me.

    Don't get stabbed !

    She has insecurity issues and grass is greener on the other side of the fence syndrome !


    your welcome :)

  • dude tell her to F*** OFF.

    She's got NOTHING for you. I've seen chicks like that, they talk to another guy or an ex whenever the guy they are interested in or dating is being a jackass to them.

    You're like toilet paper.

  • She's been dumped and needs a sucker to raise her self esteem.

    Don't feed her.

    • I suspect the same, or the other guy apparently isn't as good as she hoped and she wants to jump ship again

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