My ex girlfriend is in the hospital because of me what should I do? I made a wrong decision

i been with this girl over 5 years...we broke up over a mistake that excludes cheating. for some months now she been trying her heat out to get me listen to what she has to say and I pushed her away she texted and called and did everything she could that I feelt no girl would have ever done for me...she wasn't no hoodrat or ghetto girl I can tell she deeply loved me and just wanted to find common grounds with me...i forced myself in a relationship with this much younger girl and to be honest I don't love her she's just a rebound. my ex tried texting me and called me but I wouldn't listen because I'm stubborn. she went the extra mile no girl would have ever done to prove she love me and didn't wanna give up. at work I got a call saying she was rushed to the hospital for stress headaches repeatedly and her chest began to hurt and her heart was I don't know what to do...thats how hard she tried to get me to I'm in tearz because I should never did this to her...should I make this right with her? I only been with this other girl for 6 feelings attached..i really love my ex the only reason why she couldn't be heard because I thought of myself and made assumptions that she wasn't trying to infer...she love me so much she tried she tried so hard to get me to listen but I was stubborn and wouldn't shut up arguing with her I was just mad :(


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  • You know, cheating isn't always the end of a realationship. It was one mistake, and she obviously regretted it. It's clear that you mean a lot to her if she got rushed to the hospital trying to reach you. Even if you don't get back together with your ex, you need to break up with your current girlfriend. It's not fair to her or you to be with her just because she's a rebound when you don't even love her. I think you should go visit your ex in the hospital, just talk to her and tell her all the things you need to say. Be honest with her. You don't have to sort everything out right now, but tell her that you are willing to work on your problems. Take things slow, and everything will work out for you.


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  • don't blame yourself.

    she cheated, you were hurt.

    It's not easy to forgive and forget.

    it's understandable.

    i would do the same thing.


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  • Do you think that you don'y deserve your ex? What's the deal that with the mistake that was so bad?


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