How do I get over my ex?

I had an online girlfriend for 3 years, she's a very sweet lady, but as time went on, she grew less and less invested, but I persisted, trying to make things work.

But ultimately, it came to nothing, and she ended the relationship, but wanted to remain friends, but even that bared little fruit.

Still, I've checked up on her periodically, to see how she's doing, she rarely replies, but she's pleasant when she does. I've since entered a new online relationship, and this one is progressing much faster, but has been halted by the war going on.

She had to sell her laptop to pay hospital bills and we haven't talked in a week, because of it. She's raising money to get a phone, we talk every day, not being able to do that has been hard on us both.

Today, I received a reply from my ex, it said "stop f*cking texting her, you damned weirdo. I'm her boyfriend, and I'm f*cking her"

This message shot a shock of pain in my heart, while I have given up on being with her, and moved on to someone else, the fact remains that I spent 3 years trying to make things work with my ex, and feelings will always be there.

It hurts my heart to think of someone else bedding her, and talking about it like that. I need fhe comfort of my girlfriend, but I can't get it, and who knows when she'll be able to communicate with me again.

The friends of my girlfriend who've seen her in person, have assured me that she misses me as much as I miss her, probably more, according to them. But to hear a guy talk like that about my ex, it disgusts me, and the fact that her photo is still stuck on my charging screen, doesn't help anything.

What do i do?
How do I get over my ex?
How do I get over my ex?
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