Ex girlfriend reads emails I send her multiple times within a day, but doesn't respond.

I know this because I use an email tracking program.

Say I'd send her an email in the morning, she'd read it in the morning, afternoon and evening.

It seems like she is interested in reading them, even though I do NOT stroke her ego in them. And does so multiple times a day.

Why doesn't she just respond? And do you think she cares at some level?

She has been giving me the silent treatment ever since 2 weeks after breakup. I contact her about 2 times a month on average. Have been broken up for 6 months, relationship lasted 4 years.

I was forced to dump her, but let her know I cared, I apologized and wanted to reconcile.

Didn't realise, the title can be read in two ways.

What I mean is I sent her an email, which she read multiple times.

And don't be mistaken, I have accepted the situation already. I am just looking for possible reasons as to why reread the stuff - if you don't care.
For the people that want to know what the program is, its called 'spypig', just google it.
She just read it again btw.


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  • I think she wants to see you suffer, enjoys reading the mails and tortures you by not responding.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. Because she also doesn't 'send my stuff back' which I request her to in that email.

      Can I expect her to behave differently at some point down the line? Or will she stay hateful like this? What do you think.

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    • Maybe she's in a rebound relationship? Did she really care for you when she was in a relationship with you, QA?

    • Don't believe in rebounds. But yes she did, we were together 4,5 years!

      The guy was the reason I had to let her go, she was too clearly interested in him...

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  • My ex and I dated for over two years, and I broke up with him because he was a douche to me...and treated me like sh*t most of the time, and every time I left him he'd beg for me to come back and I always did. But when I finally left he called me non stop and so I had to change my number. now ...two years since the break up I still get emails from him. I don't reply, only because I know there is no point, even though sometimes I do care and think about him and kind of want to reply, I know there is no point because well, now I have a new boyfriend whom I love and even if I didnt, I wouldn't want to be with my ex. I wouldn't trust him not to hurt me again like he did before even though he insists he's changed and would never hurt me again- I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I ever went back and ended up putting up with the same sh*t for a second longer than I should have. yes I care, it's hard not to when you used to love someone, but I just don't want to waste his or my time or confuse him or me by bringing up old memories or feelings or something dumb. I just choose to ignore it instead. I do that same thing, I read them, then a couple days later I read the same email again. sometimes I think of what I would say if I was going to reply, but that's all. I never will reply. Hope this helped...?

    • Could be, she definitely thinks its 'unwise' to go back for some reason or another. Although the only thing I did to ever hurt her was to 'dump' her. She's had chances to come back though, she chose not to.

      She must be listening to someone elses advice, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with our rlationship, it was pretty healthy.

    • Probably right. Nobody gives worse advise to your girlfriend than her so called friends. This friend of my girlfriend shot her mouth off one day and I told her from now on since your such a friend to her you can take her father and mother in your house happily, completely support all of them happily, and you friend needs 5k to pay off her casino debt and I was going to give her but you love her more so go ahead and pay it off

  • She's trying to detach from you. She feels bad about the relationship still and still has feelings for you. She reads them because she thinks of you and wants to respond but feels that her guard will fall if she does. It's true, females take so much longer to let things go and in some degree may take things more emotionally which makes it hard to detach. Contacting the person she's trying to get over still only makes her think longer about them and yearn for them even more. She's distancing herself to build herself back up as more independent. Hope this helped -Sarah

    • Thanks

    • I agree with most of this. I've felt the same way once before, although I didn't want to be independent, but I didn't really have a choice.

    • She is definitely distancing herself. The in my eyes 'bizarre' thing is that she is holding on at the same time. By not sending my stuff back like I requested...! And keeping contact with my family etc.

  • I read messages from Xs. She's probably feeling nostalgic, missing you, or trying to understand what went wrong and gain more perspective on the relationship. When I read the messages, it's just to gain insight into what I was like and what mistakes both the guy and I made so that I can learn not to make them again.

  • Girls reread messages to help them analyze the stuff they go through. It doesn't mean She wants you back. She uses it to remember how NOT to make the same mistake twice. Stop spying on her and move on.

    • Spying? Ok. Stop lying and people will stop trying to figure out why... A woman or man looking into why their wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend is full of poop isn't spying. They are looking for the truth they deserve so THEY CAN MOVE ON! Gtfooh now

  • Oh, she cares...

    It seems that she wants to be with you, but is trying to listen to her conscience

    But I could be wrong ofcourse, I don't know the whole conversation

    • The email states:

      It's a shame you can't seem to bring yourself to post my stuff back, even though I have already paid for the postage. In my opinion only someone who isn't happy would act like this, and it makes me sad to sense your unhappy. I have forgiven you for what you have done long ago.

      Anyway perhaps if posting it is too much effort for you, I could come pick it up.

      And otherwise never mind and keep it.

      I never wanted to end the relationship, you were the one that wanted that.

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    • I wrote her a handwritten note saying I regretted sending the necklace back. And included an insured sealbag in which she could send it back to me with.

      -She didn't-

      So I then asked if she could at least use the sealbag to send the other stuff which is at her place back to me with.

      -She didn't-.

      I'ts clear, she just hates me and is acting childish. I should let this go.

    • Haha I think you should move on, hun..

      you only live once. Don't waste your one life on a silly girl

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  • There is an email tracking site?

    Anyway I can't really answer your question I am dealing with something somewhat simular but somewhat different than you. Funny thing is she was the one trying to dump me yet I keep sending emails.

  • stop emailing her for couple of days and see what happens

    • Yea, wasn't planning to contact her again. Seems like win-win.

  • Dude, you're broken up. She doesn't reply because she doesn't want to interact with you any more. You sound like a stalker.

  • She isn't willing to talk, I would quit monitoring the emails and wash your hands with the situation.

    When or if she wants to contact you, she will.

    • By the way, I see lots of spam on this question.

    • I see. I meant things like "there's a way to track emails?" Idk, I consider that spam, but maybe I'm the only one.

  • Does she know that you use an email tracking program? Otherwise I doubt she's trying to make you suffer. She has to go through clicking your email multiple times a day, so I don't see why she would take the time to do that.

    I don't know how you can be forced to dump her. If so, then maybe she feels sad and reads your emails because it makes her feel better. By reading your emails, she gets a look into your mind and she remembers the good times you had. You can't be with someone for four years and then forget about them. I was infatuated, got rejected, and couldn't forget it for two years. Perhaps your ex still has feelings, so it has nothing to do with you stroking her ego.

    Also, no doubt that by you contacting her, it makes it even harder for her. It makes her miss you. So she reads your emails.

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