Does my ex want me back but playing it cool?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago. My ex wanted all his freedom and not wanting to do things with me. My ex initiated the break up and I said I rather us not talk anymore (he obviously wants to continue talking to me). A couple of nights ago my ex called me and while we were talking he said "if it were different times I would have come and get you" (I always sleep over his house). It sounded like a booty call but not quite simply because as mentioned I always slept over. I told him if anything changed it was him and his response was "oh... I see hmmm" and I ended the conversation by saying I will let him sleep because he sounded sleepy (which he didn't seem to want to get off the phone with me).

I called him last night simply because he called me the night before. He didn't answer but he called me back saying "I didn't see your call my phone isn't picking up good service in the house". He claims he went to sleep and woke up and noticed I called. We don't talk about the relationship, nor do I call or text him just last night. At the moment I am playing it cool, I don't question him just short simple chats. I am not sure I wan him back (hes selfish wants all his freedom and sees me wanting to do things once in a while an issue). I don't have much relationship experience so any help would be gladly accepted.


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  • Hmm.. This sounds exactly like what I just went through with my Ex Boyfriend. You seem to be in the early stages of a on again off again relationship. Judging just from what you posted, it would seem that your ex has other things on his mind, ( women, etc) and feels like the only thing holding him back from all of that is you. I don't want to put things in your head, but there might be someone else. I say this because of how similar our situations are. Your ex might be trying to casually date another girl, but keep you as a backup. That's why he wants to keep contact with you, by keeping contact it gives you a false hope that he still cares as much as he did, and that there might be some hope for you two in the future.

    Dont fall for this, because once you break up with a person it never goes back to the way that it was. He broke up with you for a reason remember that. Also if you felt that your last conversation with him was a mere bootycall, than hun it was. Always trust your gut on these things. You honestly need sometime to yourself to heal from this, because trust me you aren't going to get over him if you keep in contact.

    By staying at his side from all of this gives him the impression that whenever he gets into this state of mind, he will always and I mean ALWAYS break up with you. He's stringing you along right now to have something to fall back on. Don't give him that kind of power over you.

    Trust me I dealt with this for eight months, and the same thing repeats itself. He will leave the moment he gets bored again, and will crawl back to you when he's ready to play boyfriend.

    • You are right about everything (ldr with baby mama tho he claims no to him ALWAYS hanging with the boys instead of me). I don't actually want my ex back, I just miss having someone to talk to tbh. I'm playing it cool because I am planning some revenge on him, but I see where my emotions could be manipulated as well. So I will ignore him when he calls me for while and see his response from there.thank you for helping me! :)

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