Merits of getting married to an African man

Here are seven reasons why you marry/date an African man;

1. They are genuine lovers

Merits of getting married to an African man.

African men don't easily fall in love but if they do, they are really serious about it and do not play games.

2. African men are strong and dominant

They are alpha by nature. They work very hard and do tedious work and this hardwork makes them strong so that they can even lift you up to their face when eating you up.

3. They are very gentle and respectful

They are brought up to respect their wives and other people. The society frowns on disrespectful people and tha is what makes them naturally respectful.

4. African men are responsible

Here it is a shame if your wife is richer than you. And since the men doesn't want that to happen they make sure they work harder than you do and also to take care of the family as best as they can.

5. African men are goood in bed

They have the tendacity to please you for hours. Yes hours! With their strenght coupled with at least 7" long D*ck, African men would always leave you shivering and wanting more. Congratulations if you can walk properly after. Your life would never be the same.


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  • I disagree with almost everything. I know this is a generalization but I think they all cheat and play women.


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  • Now who's gonna make one for us yellow brothers


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