Dating older guys...I've only ever been attracted to older guys


I've only ever been attracted to older guys

I am going into grade 12 this year and turning 17. I'm reflecting on my highschool years and I've only ever dated/ had flings with older guys. By older I mean guys 18-24.

Now I know what you're thinking, that's sketchy/creepy. I am not promiscuous I am a virgin. Let's get that straight. What's wrong with dating a guy 5 years apart? When you are over 18 you could date someone 30 and it wouldn't matter. I've always found myself wiser than people my age, and I have the mental capacity to date someone older. I'm smart enough too know when they are trying to take advantage of me, it's not a big deal

Highschool Boys are so immature. They look and act 5. All they talk about is partying, hooking up, and hockey. They gossip SO much, more than girls I've come to realize. They are way more superficial about girls looks, constantly comparing girls bodies. They are all dumb followers who are too afraid to be unique. They even have a game called blow job points where girls get points for how many guys they give blowjobs too...yup

Here are my reasons why dating older guys is better:

1. Chivalry

Older guys always smile at me, hold the door for me, watch with caution when I walk up the stairs in heels etc. I cannot recall the last time a guy my age has held the door open for me. I do however remeber getting hit by the doors in my highschool by idiot guys who swing them open, hit me, and then just stare at me and walk away. Crowd the middle of the hallways in groups and packs. ! got ice tea spilt on me once, because a guy fell into me and he said nothing. That leds to my next point

2. Politeness

I also cannot recall the last time a guy my age said thank you, please etc. Older guys know how to politely approach a girl. Instead guys my age resort to yelling at me from far away, usually lewd comments. I remember one time in grade 10 history this guy would always comment when I walked by. One time my leg got scraped up from a biking incident and I was wearing shorts and across the room he yelled ma'am are you okay you're leg looks a little banged up there? It was obivously super sarcastic too. If you truly cared about my leg you wouldn't be yelling about it across the room, other than to embarass me.

3. Hook ups

Okay, I know guys in their twenty are usually just as horny as highschool boys. However, the older guys go about it differently. Most would take you out on a date first, and then hookup at the end of the night. If they don't even do that, they will say something like " hey, I'm just going to be completely honest I'm just looking for fun, would you be interested in hooking up?" In highschool, boys will text you something like "sup girl dtf?? my moms out to get groceries so u gotta leave b4 4pm tho" or, they will yell across the class to you in grade 10 history are you down to have sexual intercourse and then the next day they will yell the offers still on the table if you know what i'm saying. Yes, this is the same guy as leg guy previously mentioned. No, I am not making this up.

4. Intelligence

I have really developed a liking for university guys. Older guys are so much easier to talk to and connect with, carry out insightful conversations with. It's literally impossible to talk to guys my age because they don't know how to continue a conversation. They will reply with one word answers like "lol" "ya" "okay" " true that"

How does that progress anything?

5. They dress BETTER

I really enjoy a guy who can dress. Most older guys I see wear clothing from Zara, H and M, Hollister, Guess and designer brands if they are really fancy. Granted older guys have more money to spend on clothes, but I live in a wealthy area where guys at my highschool could easily afford to look nice and presentable. A lot of guys my age are still wearing their roots sweats and GAP sweaters mommy bought them in grade 9. When were sweats to be worn outside the house?

6. They have more money and freedom

Now this may sound shallow and gold digging but i'm not. It's not really a big deal but yes, it is nice to be treated to dinner once in awhile. It is also nice to not have to rely on mommy and her mini van to drive you to a date. A guy who is independent and lives alone is really attractive to me for some reason. I know highschool boys cannot control their freedom as much, but im just not interested in them

7. They look more like men

Well this is obviously a given because they are older so you cannot be too hard on highschool boys for this. But since I am a taller girl ( inbetween 5 foot 7 and 5 foot 8) with curves, I don't want to be dating some short skinny guy. I know it sounds shallow but I know for a fact he would feel uncomfortable and so would I. I like guys 5 foot 11 and over with muscle. Hell, I would take a guy with a bit of pudge over a guy who is 110 pounds and rail thin. If he had a good face and awesome personality I would consider it. But guys at my highschool lack both looks and personality so I don't feel shallow for saying this. Older guys tend to have more defined facial features and look more mature. I like that

So the next time you judge an underage girl for liking a 20 year old, you have to understand that the guys in highschool really just don't cut it. I don't even care if its illegal, I know what I want.

Dating older guys...I've only ever been attracted to older guys
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  • front2back
    "Highschool Boys are so immature. They look and act 5. All they talk about is partying, hooking up, and hockey. They gossip SO much, more than girls I've come to realize. They are way more superficial about girls looks, constantly comparing girls bodies. They are all dumb followers who are too afraid to be unique. They even have a game called blow job points where girls get points for how many guys they give blowjobs too... yup"

    Spoiler alert, guys in college aren't that much different, especially frat boys.

    I don't think you're in a WRONG mindset, but you have to realize that guys who are in university and actual adults have WAY different priorities than you. It can make you feel left out. When he's not at school he'll be working, and when he's not working he'll be in school. It will annoy him too because if he's not into hookups he'll still want the possibility of marriage and sex on the table. If you're not comfortable with that the relationship will fail.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • checkyesjulietx
    well you made some huge sweeping generalisations here but whatever floats your goat sunshine
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    • Seconded.

    • The only person to call TC out lol.

    • luvmeggers

      And yeah its a generalisation because I don't have time to sit there and write over and over again "not All But most" to satisfy all you politically correct nazis

      Why do you think we have generalisation? Maybe because their generally true? Your just looking to pick a fight clearly.

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  • Sexualchrist
    Oh OK, yeah this is what girls your age like and always have and probably always will.
    There's something to be said for a teen romance though so don't miss your chance.

    So I see what you're saying but I really have to vent this: I'm an older guy, nearly 30 and I'm quite well off but I have NEVER worn anything from "Zara" and I've certainly never set foot in an "H&M". I shudder at the thought. Most of my clothes are non branded tailor made things from my tailor apart from my shoes.
    • luvmeggers

      Ok h and m not so much but Zara is pretty decent

  • oddwaffle
    17 year old guy is a boy
    22+ year old guy is a young man
    30+ year old guy is a young man pretending to be a man
    40+ year old guy is a man who is secretly a boy with expensive toys

    You are pretty spot on. Some guy will not become man until they are about 30+ and some would just be a big kid forever.
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    Seriously? Why do girls always boycott the guy who does chivalry/politeness, except when its an older guy?
    So many things i do in this mytake, except girls only appreciate them when other "more attractive" people do it.

    The more i read mytakes written by girls my age, the more i get convinced that you are nothing but a bunch of dreaming heart breaking hypocrites.
    • It's more like the '' I only like chivalry/politeness , when they look good''-thing I've seen so far xD

  • Illusive_Man
    Well again as the pope once said.
    • He should know - he probably sampled them young...

    • @muspelhem_5
      This is why I fucking love you mate lol

    • I love you too buddy <3

  • zagor
    That is hardly an age gap at all!!! "Oh, I'm 17 and I'm attracted to 20 year olds". You're just being silly.
    • Floyd790

      I'm 24 and had 17 year old sloots hitting on me

    • luvmeggers

      its a pretty big deal where im from to date someone like 24 when you are underage

    • zagor

      Where is that? A lot of girls do that. My friend started dating a guy who was 26 when she was 17.

      And getting into the creepy realm, one of my neighbors in one place I lived was a guy about 45 and had a 15 year old boy living with him. Yeah, in that way.

  • TheOneAndOnlyBart
    That right there seems to be the opinion of the majority of the girls my age. I can't even disagree with them. I mean, what can I offer a girl that a guy in his twenties can't?
  • R3d_Anonymous
    "I am going into grade 12 this year and turning 17. I'm reflecting on my highschool years and I've only ever dated/ had flings with older guys. By older I mean guys 18-24."

    lol some of us "reflect" on our high school years seeing that we've been completely unable to get do anything when it came to dating and sex and are completely inexperienced. That's worse than anything else. I've only been on one date, and it lasted 5-10 minutes because the girl was too shy to come in and sit down even when her friends were coercing her to "meet the man" [me]. Other than that, I've never even had a female friend, no sign of interest ever from girls, and no possibility or potential of dating ever. Still a kissless virgin. I've hugged one girl in history (age 17) and slow danced with one girl (age 17) and other than that pretty much have no experiences at all with girls. It's as if, to me dating seems like an illusion that never really actually happens and that people are just making up shit. Even though, I know that isn't true... still...

    I am just pointing this out because I myself am in the process and am working with my therapist on this, trying to figure out how it's possible for some people by age 17 to have had many romantic and sexual experiences (in some sense like you, but I've seen even better), and others who have barely just begun playing the game (like me). How are some people able to rack up so many romantic/sexual experiences so early very quickly, and others like me have difficulty even making a dent and generating any interest at all.

    How does that happen? Tell me - how did YOU not end up completely inexperienced like me?
    • It's as if I'm looking through a huge glass window seeing everything I should have experienced, and yet for the past few years have had none of those myself.

    • And I guess I'm some of the reasons YOU wouldn't date me. I'm only 5'4 and ~120 pounds... I do dress reasonably well.

  • WhatTheHellAmy
    Same here, I'm 16 and I think it depends on the person... I mean, there are plenty of amazing older guys and age won't stop me. Some girls say they prefer guys around their age but I'm pretty sure that if a hot man like Brad Pitt ask them out they wouldn't hesitate and would date him right away XD
    Age means shit to me. I made out once with a 30 y/o man in a concert, I was 14. The guy was hot so who cares? Lol
  • lePoivre
    I am completely there with you on the last point. I think a large reason I didn't find many guys in high school attractive was because they looked too much like boys to me. I was more "plump" in high school than I am now too, so I was always afraid of breaking those boys because so may of them were so skinny (though ironically, now that I am skinny, I'm dating a guy two years older who is still very slender lol).
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Enjoy it while it lasts kiddo. There's a reason that they aren't dating women their own age, and the boys who are your age now will be dating girls who were still diapers when they were 16.
  • hotstuffSRD
    Yaaaaay same pinch
    My crush was 8 years older than me
    My gf's were older than me but they were horny so ...
    by the way don't care about this age gap
    It's just numbers 😶?
    • luvmeggers

      what do you mean lol which age gap?

    • Oh 😶? You confused 😖 me !!!

    • luvmeggers

      you wrote by the way dont care about this age gap

      what do you mean? which age gap?

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  • Goldie757
    Highschool Boys are so immature. They look and act 5. All they talk about is partying, hooking up, and hockey. They gossip SO much, more than girls I've come to realize. They are way more superficial about girls looks, constantly comparing girls bodies. They are all dumb followers who are too afraid to be unique. They even have a game called blow job points where girls get points for how many guys they give blowjobs too... yup

    Guys my age act like that (22). I find that high school boys are more willing to have an relationship than college boys.
  • cinderelli
    i totally agree with you.. ... i think exactly the same.. as i know there will be few exceptions like a 19 can be more mature than a 28 year old.. and a 40 can be immature like a 13 year old... but generally whatever you said is true.. i myself prefer guys older than me.. :)
  • QuestionMan
    Sounds like you just described me lol.
    I also live in Canada by the way.
    • luvmeggers

      haha cool

    • Except I'm against dating girls that are younger than me. I would only go for my age or older.

  • Floyd790
    Reminds me of being hit on by 17 year old girls in the hot tub feels good until you find out they are 17.
  • alonzoslade
    and YOUR SEXIST, chivalry is sexism when it is expected
  • Rockstar06
    I so agree! Older guys already have a life so their whole entire life isn't about a girl... They get why I can't text all day every day
  • SakuraChii
    I met so many immature older guys (I was 14 and the guys were 16+). I do somewhat understand yet I would never go after a guy that was 20+
  • HollywoodGlam
    I have a thing for guys who are older than me. I would love to date someone 5 to 10 years older than me.
  • Nuqood
    And yet you're just a high school virgin who has nothing to offer any man above 18.

    The irony.
  • Ulyss
    Cool judging by your logic I should be a sexist dirty douchebag since I'm young...
  • Tiarn99
    Oh my GAWD, this describes me perfectly! I'm so happy to know that there are other girls out there feeling the same! I'm currently interested in a guy who's 21, and he's finishing his third year at Uni. even with the body type thing, I can totally relate! I'm 5 foot 9 and I'm curvy and built too (I know I'm not fat, but I'm still conscious of my size compared to other guys) and I prefer bigger guys! Whether it be a bit of pudge or thick muscle, big is better in my opinion. I love how you explained everything, and it really helps me back myself up for my reasoning why I like older guys too. It's great to know someone else feels the same!
  • Nightwing394
    I have to agree with this completely, I too am and have always been attracted to older guys. They are definitely more mature, easy to get a long with and hold a conversation. Some not all are a lot more polite and act like gentlemen. I agree they definitely dress better. They're straight forward (for the most part). They don't try to play games with you. And also like you said they look more like men, the mature look is very appealing.
    Older guys are just very attractive and easy to get along with! Also no guy my age has ever really been interested in me anyways, I've always been attracted and attracted older men. Good take!
  • hifromkai
    Cool story bro needs more dragons and shit

    You really have no idea

    And none of what you just said is determined by age
  • MissMc3
    I totally agree with you and feel the same way. Also that guy in the picture is fucking gorgeous like holy lord <3
  • ValeriaStarrBlush
    make sure you do a background check on the men you date. you never know if they have a criminal record or a shady history
  • Bards
    Yeah good luck with that 👍
  • gobsmacked3
    thank you for this. I have found in the last few years that younger women have been showing an interest in me and I have always wondered why?
  • Notawizard321
    Maybe you should hit me up on that. I like younger girls.
  • Basuru
    In many ways I would definitely agree with this. Most guys are terrible at high school age, but girls typically are coming into their own and more mature. Of course there are exceptions, I was less of an idiot than most, except in how I dressed (I was definitely an idiot there). I often wish this kind of thinking was more common since the maturity levels of a 20's guy and a teens girl are about the same.

    That said, I would gladly date a girl like you, especially since you seem to have a great mind to have put so much thought into this. Of course it doesn't hurt that I actually like younger girls, like your age since they fit my maturity better, haha.
  • Pinkbeauty
    I'm 25 and I like guys that are 18-22 age range and 19-20 and 21 age range
  • OpenWine
    Everything but 6 and the fact that I am young flesh
  • Huvinci
    So many times it feels like Im inlove with an older guys, they are mature, handsome and charming. i think i will marrying an old man someday.
  • dudegrt09
    Don't sweat it, almost all girls like older guys, so you shouldn't feel bad about it
  • MJas16
    Age doesn't really determine any of these...
    • Ulyss

      Ikr I didn't know what I was doing was wrong because I'm not old enough to be polite... *sarcasm*

  • normalice
    I definitely don't dress better. Just sayin...
  • Editor
    yeah it's only the older guy who's creepy lol
  • Reflexy
    Good take and good read :)
  • BarbieDollT
    I love older man <3
  • Anonymous
    I cannot stress how accurate this is!!! Thank you! Finally!!!
  • Anonymous
    Its just silly how if the guy posted how he was into a girl your age whos mature like you he be villianized and demonized but you can post this and no one calls you weird, sketchy, or innapropriate for being into over-age guys, hmm. That said, seeing how when your 18 you can date dudes over double your age and that's OK by a lot of people, I'd say highschoolers being into guys in their 20's is OK then too as they have more in common then an 18 and 37 year old. Girls around your age (13-17) have always been attracted to guys in their 20's, this is nothing new. Its when they are attracted and trying to flirt with men in their 30's and 40's when it becomes a problem.
  • Anonymous
    As I read below. Most guys do the same things in collage unfortunately but some as myself do not and have always been mature. I feel that people act they way they do is based on society as it is today and moral grounds.

    It's good to know what you want but age difference can be a tough one to keep up.
    Age difference can work with a lot of hard work, if you both really care for each other
  • Anonymous
    Okay, so you like dating older guys--who cares?
  • Anonymous
    I have dated younger girls that were in there 20's. I have to say it depends on the girl really. Some are really immature and want to party and gold diggers. However, some are very mature and respectable. I would have to say it more about upbringing and the guys wanting to be a grow up man. I was really immature in high school and parts of college. Most of the time never approach or acted in a way that younger woman liked. I would have to say high school girls are immature in high school and college (90%). 10% are mature and truly act it. You seem like one of them.
  • Anonymous
    I'm here only because
    of this guy.
  • Anonymous
    I like older guys, I am 24 but I like guys above my age specifically 27-35.
    They are assertive and rational in a good way.
  • Anonymous
    AMEN !!
    i hate guys my age tbh lol most anyway
  • Anonymous
    You're jail bait.
  • Anonymous
    to each, her own.
  • Anonymous
    They weren't relationships. Sexless relationships, are not relationships