How To Meet A Rich Guy

My good friend Lacy is so cool. She has her shit together in so many ways. She is a single mother raising a sweet little two year old daughter.

Unfortunately Lacy has a problem.

She is upside down - in other words her money in does not equal money out. Lacy feels trapped in her situation, she feels that she can not jeopardize her current income because she has a daughter relying on her. She also believes she cannot lower her expenses because she has a daughter relying on her!
"Ganguro girls stand out like a shocking severed thumb on the streets of conservative Japan."

She is in a downward financial spiral and like so many other women she toys with the idea of meeting a rich man to pull her out of her financial nightmare. I know Lacy can change her situation on her own but that is for a self help blog! So Lacy asked me just the other day.

“Mike, if you are so good at the guy and relationship stuff, teach me how to meet a rich guy!”

“hmmm…” said I raising one concerned eyebrow.

I used to live in the wonderfully eclectic country of Japan. My adventures there taught me so much about how people relate in a radically different society. The Japanese people are so FASCINATING, awfully conservative and yet beautifully eccentric. Enter the Ganguro girls!! They stand out like a shocking severed thumb on the streets of conservative Japan. They are crazy tan, wear ridiculous clownish eye make up, incredibly garish colors all adorned on a young cute frames.

The first time I saw a pair of these girls in their 4 inch tall boots, I pulled a neck muscle double taking. WTF??? Seeing these girls in a sea of Japanese suited salary men and 1950s fashion clad women blew me away. They seem not to fit but are as integral to Japanese society as wasabi on sushi.

So now that you have a picture of these crazy girls, imagine the kind of guys they usually date. Inevitably they are the “bad boys” driving vans with fins coming off the back that would embarrass batman. They have wildly bleached crazy hair cemented into place making them look like anime characters minus the huge eyes. They are adorned with large garish jewelry, shaped eyebrows and a truckers wallet. The attitude is one of tough aloofness never without a cigarette or a girl on his arm.

I once was surprised to see a Ganguro girl with an older suited man, he was holding her hand and she was stumbling behind. She seemed very irritated, out of her element but accepted the humiliation on the promise of getting some expensive treasure to finish off her image. A good friend asked me once “how do I meet a girl like that!!”

I responded instantly. “Never gonna happen, you are not the kind of guy they would look twice at, like attracts like and unless you have something to offer them like money, give it up or buy some makeup.”

If you put a male Zebra in a pen with a female Horse, I can guarantee they will never mate, unless of course the Zebra has a lot of money and no other choices. If your image of the perfect man is a Zebra and you are a Horse, what makes you think you can ever get his attention? Zebras date Zebras not horses.
"If you want to land a rich Zebra, you need to become a Zebra."

If you want to land a rich Zebra, you need to become a Zebra. You must carry similar values, have an equal education, feel the same about money, have similar friends etc… This is why movie stars almost always date other movies stars! Could you imagine Brad Pitt marrying Ester the hair stylist? But all is not lost. This could be an eye opener for you.

WANT A KICK ASS GUY? Than ask yourself this: "Am I the kind of girl a kick-ass guy would date?"

About The Author

Mike Masters writes a blog for women about relationships at Traveling the world and dating every single girl he met along the way allowed Mike to make an uncountable number of mistakes in relationships. These mistakes led to a fluency in the psychology of dating that could only be gained from radical immersion.
How To Meet A Rich Guy
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  • shf84
    I like this. These women are basically trying to prostitute them selves. But the men they want aren't interested in prostitutes they want women who are like them and do the things they do. Very well written. Of course there are a few perverts out there that will go for something like that but it's hardly healthy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Jessica1810
    Very true. Like attracts like. One of the cruel facts of life.

    This is why papa millionaire gives birth to baby millionaire, uses papa's contacts and experience and becomes a millionaire.

    This is why Chelsy Davy (daughter of a millionaire with a cushy lifestyle) is the long-term girlfriend of Prince Harry.
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  • Cool-Relax
    I agree with the point you're making, but I really wish you would've used other animals! Horses and zebras do in fact mate with each other; their offspring is called a zorse.

    I'm sorry, I don't even know why I know that, but I had to say it.
  • sweet17
    But what if you aren't rich yourself? As an understatement, that is not something you can change overnight!

    So you are saying that if you aren't rich, you are screwed when it comes to finding a rich guy.
  • SemiShy
    I have chocolate pancakes in my hair?

    On a side note... HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN PRETTY WOMAN?!?! That movie is based like 125.7% on true facts! TRUE FACTS!
  • nermalinda
    I think this article makes a very good point. aside from zebras and golddiggers, if you want to attract a certain kind of person, ask yourself if you are the type of person they would like.
  • mikethemasterdater
    There is no way a horse and a zebra would mate naturally. They hit estrus at different times and have radically different matting behaviors. Only a stallion zebra will mate a mare horse and ONLY under special conditions.
  • mikethemasterdater
    Funny you would say that, the original title of this story was "do you have to be a hooker to attract richard gear??"

    and yes I did see a pancake...