My experience with dating site(s)


First of all, I know, I'm only 20 years old. I have been getting weird reactions when I've told people I've joined a dating site before. But the thing is that I wanted a relationship. I wanted to meet someone to share my life with. It's up and downs. Everything. And I wasn't looking for the drama that often comes with trying to find someone; I wanted a relationship and nothing indecisive like I've encounterd before. So I thought joining one would be a great idea.

Everyone goes there for the same reason. Or well, most people does. At first I didn't really get any results but it's really had its ups and downs being on a dating site. But I'm going to make a list of the things I've encountered the most on dating sites.

1. Those who blame everyone else

At the dating site were I am a member, we have a section where you can post a status about how your date(s) has been going or just have your day have been. Or overall something that you just wish to say; like Facebook status sort of tbh. And the only thing I see at that section is someone blaming everyone else for their lack of success with finding a partner. Do I even have to begin explaining that? And the worse part is that most of the people who sound like that haven't even tried putting any effort into it themselves and have just expected everyone else to come rushing to them.

2. The material/wanna be rich people

The people who act like they are gods among us and writes the most stuck up descriptions of themselves at their dating profil. I understand if you want to look the best and if you're trying to meet someone. But if you have a personality that demands "a hairless body, remember ladies, hair only belongs on the head ;)" then you need to get out of my face and check your facts. Seriously. These are usualy the people who have pictures of themselves sitting in a fancy car or leaning up against on at their profiles. And they often don't even have a picture of themselves; just material stuff like their phones or their gold watches, or their latest car. These often also are the people who make sure to note out that they earn a lot of cash and often also note out that their search for a partner hasn't gone well cause everyone they met just want their money :( At least that's what they say.

3. The unintentional creep

The people who mean well but instead come of as total creeps. I at first thought they were really creepy but I can't help but feel bad for them in a way. They meant well but it instead just became very wrong.

4. The actual creep

I've encounterd people asking me if I can send them pictures of my feet and those who want me to join their gangbang. *Shivers* I dont think I need to explain this any further. These are people who are creepy and aren't afraid to show it.

5. The ones who use someone else's pictures

I haven't encountered this as often as I thought I would. I think this is so often spoken about that I almost expected to encounter this daily. But the two times I did encounter it was just sad and annoying. The first time was frightening; the guy snapchatted me dozen of pictures that seemed real, and then when he sent me a selfie I texted him "what the actual fuck?" and never heard of him again. I dont know what he expected really when he sent me pictures of someone else and then when I really saw his real face? Well...the second time was just saddening. Okay, the guy didn't really look the best. But using the profil picture of a really famous male actor wasn't the best choice to try to cover it up...

My experience with dating site (s)

As I said, the list could be made longer. And if this one gets popular I will gladly make another one with my encounters. Have a nice day!

My experience with dating site(s)
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  • SilenRose
    Lol! I love this! I guess it's also safe to say you should avoid guys who write in their profile "i'm one of the good ones."
    The wannabe rich ones who flash stacks of cash I would instantly ignore. If you gotta flash it like that then it was probably a bank loan. 😂
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Most Helpful Guy

  • GoodDogNigel
    "The people who mean well but instead come of as total creeps. I at first thought they were really creepy but I can't help but feel bad for them in a way. They meant well but it instead just became very wrong."

    Whoohoo, I found me...
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  • Words_and_Wisdom
    My experience with dating sites.
    1.) Message a plethora of women and get no responses
    2.) Get one or two short, quick, uninterested responses
    3.) The occasional psychotic bitch who takes everything way too seriously.
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    • mattduns

      I had that on pof. She wrote a essay on her pof experience and what she didn't like. What was really sad, she was very serious.

    • mattduns

      She would go on and on about the men she meet on pof. She did turn me off because it was so negative and aggressive.

    • lljwedo

      Eurgh. You again.

  • Alistar
    One of my pals joined one. His experiences would make your hair stand on end.

    In a nutshell these women were single because they were arrogant.

    To be avoided.
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    • lljwedo

      i think its a good thing to be open minded when you join a dating site. But i really did not expect some of the things I've gotten to endure.

    • Alistar

      I think you are right about being open minded.

      Obviously I might be talking through a hole in my head given that it was my friend who joined; not me. Furthermore, one swallow does not make a summer.

      He's a lot younger (taller and better looking) than me and has to travel long distance for access to his son. That meant that visiting far off cities was no hassle.

      He is also more easy going. Indeed, he was quite unperturbed by experiences that shocked me in the telling. At most he expressed mild surprise at the attitudes of those he was paired up with.

      The site itself sounded fundamentally disorganised in the way that it matched people who were clearly incompatible. Then again I guess it had to make do with the human material at hand.

  • bloodmountain1990
    There's tons of different people on dating sites but from my experience, here's the ones I've come across.

    1. Women who just want attention.
    2. Single moms looking for a father figure
    3. Rebounders
    4. People who just want hookups
    5. Women who have a laundry list of requirements they expect in a date.

    Not that these represent all women but it's pretty common on dating sites.
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  • CumminsTomic
    My experience is I didn't even find someone to date lol. I didn't want to pay since they look like scams with many fake profiles.
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    • lljwedo

      You should try it. I know excatly how you feel but i tried paying anyway. And im preatty sure I've actually found someone :)

    • How many dates did you get and what site did you use?

  • Couchpotato1999
    LOL I've tried dating sites, but I never get any replies. Not sure why, maybe I'm just not photogenic.

    Honestly, it feels like in real life I get better feedback from girls, when I check them out they actually look at me as if they appreciate it. I'm just too Shy to ever go talk to them.

    But on those dating sites, I get nothing, zero, nada.
    • Well, couch potato isn't a very enticing name.
      And if you're not photogenic but know that your actual self is better than your pictures, stop posting amateur pictures of you in a selfie, and go see a real photographer and invest in a few professional views of yourself. Trust me, the results will be dramatically improved.

  • Bimbobambo
    Lol.. just... lol. Thanks for me they all sounded creepy. Not only the actual creep. I stay away and do it the usual way. By coincidence. I was always lucky with this, and when I get a longer single phase for a few months, I dont mind.
  • normalice
    my experience with dating sites:
    step 1) i find an interesting girl, give a reasonably short but thoughtful greeting, and get no reply.
    step 2) repeat step 1 ad nauseum
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  • den1219
    My experience with dating site..
    1) I had not so much luck on tinder, but did manage to have couple dates. I met my ex there.
    2) those who look unbelievely hot were all scammers. Even some of average looking girls were scammers too.
    3) been through some emotionally painful rejections :/ (like suddenly ignoring/refusing to meet up/friendzoned)
    4) Met a girl on OKC and she's now my girlfriend :)
    5) overall, it's been a rollercoaster
  • BruceJender
    My experience with dating sites:

    1) got on with a girl, after a few messages and an exchange of numbers, I realised she was in the middle of no where and it wouldn't work out.

    2) got on well, exchanged a few messages, but then as soon as I asked her number she stopped replying. This is very common. She said she wants a relationship (on her profile) but clearly her expectations are too high, just like 90% of them.
  • Print
    Yessss! I've experienced the creeps but they had race fetishes and liked to "role play" it was weird and creepy ended up leaving that site haven't used any again
  • RationalMale
    Tinder is ok, but slightly harder to get a date since people flake so much.

    Okcupid, people are more interested and you see more attractive people. Had some fun dates off there.

    POF, loaded with single mothers and/or whales.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Lol guys go on there and clog it full so nothing gets done and it becomes un usable... especially since the girls get flooded with messages and the guys always chase:P
  • emmabee11
    Lol all these so called "dating" sites just have losers on it... been there... done it... and all i got was creepers and trolls... mostly creepers looking for cam sex... or legit sex... these sites aren't misused by people because the internet is the internet, they feel that people who use it for actual dating are sad so they swamp these sites and just use them for creepy and sickening things... will NEVER go back on one because it's SUCH a waste of time... and to be honest the few guys i did meet (which obviously were again only looking for sex), it just ruined howi saw them, a web cam or pictures makes them look quite different, then when i see them in real life... i'm usually not that impressed lol, so i say just keep it to real life encounters where you can tell if you like someone inside and out from the first time you meet them.
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  • Calex
    The only time I tried one, it seemed to work out, but only for a while, in the end, that girl lied about being single on the website, when she was taken.
  • singlebee
    LOL reading your post... sometimes I think me not dating is a good thing... more than a bad thing..😊
  • Dingsbums
    5. Is more common by girls I think but I don't care. You can guess it most of the time on the way they chat or on their point of view and stuff
    • Dingsbums

      And if you are good enough you get those "I'm so sorry but I'm not the girl from the picture but I really love love talking with you" messages after some time.

  • Noboddy
    I am currently using 2 dating websites and its going terribly. So i wouldn't really know anything about what you posted based on my experience.
  • JohnnySS
    women on dating sites have inflated egos and unrealistic expectations
  • angelling
    Haha this is so great and exactly like my own experience on dating sites.
  • Aeon_Flux_21
    If you're not a tall, wealthy, ripped guy don't even bother with online dating.
    • love2run13

      What! The guy doesn't have to be wealthy or ripped or super tall for me to like him, he just has to be at least taller than me, has a steady job and keeps in shape

    • LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL!!!

    • Bahahahhahahahahahahas!

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