Things some men do that they do not realize they may be doing that turn some women off to them

Things some men do that they do not realize they may be doing that turn some women off to them

These are just my opinions of things I think some men do, that they do not realize turn women off or make women lose attraction.

These are not a rule of thumb. Of course there are exceptions and every women is different so we all have different things that turn us off. Some of these are meant to be funny as well.

Also please keep in mind that these are things in my opinion that may make a woman not want to keep getting to know a guy or will want to discontinue dating.

I am not talking about women who are already in relationships. Hence the category dating.

Things some men do that they do not realize they may be doing that turn some women off to them

Things some men do that they do not realize they may be doing that turn some women off to them

1. Past sexual experiences

I think that if a woman is enjoying a nice evening with a guy the last thing she wants to hear about is how many times you did doggystyle on your ex. Or if the guy slept with a ton of women.

Things some men do that they do not realize they may be doing that turn some women off to them

2. Talking about your ex girlfriend: again this goes back to number 1 where a guy is talking about his past.

3. Bragging about things you have all the time and how much money you have

4. Flaking out on a girl not showing up and not letting her know

5. Bad breath

6. Always talking about yourself

7. Calling a woman hot while you are on a date with a woman or staring at another woman the entire time


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  • I'm not defending talking about yourself but I do understand why a lot of guys and girls do it. They may be nervous on a first date and so they might lose confidence in a lot of topics but knowing themselves and their own interests is something they are an expert and are confident about saying so they may accidentally go off on a tangent about themselves because they feel relaxed being able to talk about something confidently. It isn't always a sign that the person is full of themselves. They may just be really anxious about not having something to talk about or sounding like an idiot.

    • That is why a movie is such an excellent first date. You meet and talk for just a few minutes, then you go sit next to each other for 2 hours and you talk very little, if at all, and, afterwards. . . you talk about the movie. It makes the first date so much easier.

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  • 1. Making me feel insecure

    2. Making me feel jealous and insecure

    3. Making me question whether you are really a high value male, and either concluding that you are not (and losing interest in you), or concluding that you are, and being irritated at how many times you're continuing to hit me across the face with how much bargaining leverage you have during our negotiation (i. e., stop showcasing your negotiating power, because it makes me feel self-critical and insecure about my own relative negotiating power); then, regardless which I conclude, now you're making me feel "guilty" and "ashamed" for placing any weight and importance on things like your education, job, and basically your financial resources and earning potential, which means I'm going to have to "police" my own thinking and think and do things to convince myself and you that I'm not "the kind of woman" that has "those negative female personality qualities" with respect to men and money

    4. Making me feel like I'm not important

    5. (That's just nasty)

    6. Not giving me enough of the "pie chart" of time we have together to enjoy feeling good about myself (i. e., someone who doesn't "emotionally" share is someone who is also likely to not "sexually" share... with experiencing good feelings)

    7. Making me feel jealous and insecure, yet again, Romeo

    • I'm a girl

    • Err, I think you misunderstood.

      I was just translating the emotional state that goes on when guys do #1-7 from your list.

      The emotional state that goes on... in a girl's mind.

  • Those are all really obvious things. I don't think most men are dumb enough to think those things are okay around women.
    by the way women do those things too. None of those options are exclusive to men.

  • Good thing I've had bad luck most of my life so I couldn't even do most of these things (I. e. talk about past sexual experiences)

  • So wait if I call her hot that is a turnoff? Wtf?

    • You read it wrong

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    • @baileyisdarcy thank you, at least I am not the only one.

    • I like how you responded to her but not me. Lmao

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  • Awesome Take!

  • 3 & 7



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