Online Dating Lines That Work (and ones that don't)

Hinge, an online dating app, conducted a massive survey amongst singles of various ages (with 96% looking for a relationship/dating). They came up with over 100 opening lines, and noted the lines that successfully garnered a response - and the ones that didn't.

The Hinge Experiment Survey

As the company summarizes:

Online Dating Lines That Work (and ones that don't)

1) Sorry, but "Hey" just doesn't cut it

Quickie messages come across as lazy and generic, while engaging, non-invasive messages fare much better.

But NON-invasive, I repeat.

2) Tastes vary by region

Not American? Neither am I. But it's always good to know that customs and culture vary by area. You neither want to offend nor bore someone to death.

3) Girls and guys have preferences

Girl? Food is a good topic. Guy? Just be straight forward, I'm pretty sure many of them would like to be the one asked out for once.

4) Don't take a week to respond

Obviously. But then as the stereotype supports, men have shorter attention spans. Just try not to "mentally reply," then forget to. That's if you were interested in the first place, of course.

Waiting games are also an annoying truckload of bs

5) Age does matter

These particular result I wouldn't really agree with.

I mean, yes, values vary at different ages, but I've never had my portrait painted. And a backdrop? No clue.

These are all a bunch of generalizations, and dating isn't a one-size-fits-all. But you already knew that. So if a "Hey, what's up?" does the trick, by all means, continue.

But you never know...

Nonetheless, thanks for reading, and bonne chance C:

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The best way to have a online relationship (that will last) is to NOT go on dating site. Sounds weird but true

    I met my girlfriend online. But it was on an language exchange site, since i wanted to learn korean and she wanted to learn English a bit.

    Why did it worked?

    Because we were honest, and we were NOT LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP.

    We had nothing to hide, we were just ourself.

    We were not afraid the other was a scam, or trying to get money/sex from you.

    If so, we would have been on a dating site.

    Dating site sounds great and all, but there's so many fake people, trying to always look better, not be theirselves, or trying to get money/sex.

    I believe in online dating... just if its not on a dating site.


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  • There was a user having issues with this yesterday. Wish I had seen this sooner to provide her the link.


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What Guys Said 13

  • I am the oddity that actually met and enjoyed a very long relationship with a girl on tinder lol which is the bare bones version of online dating. That being said, online dating for men is awful! It is all a big ego stroke for women. Not to say they don't have it rough in some ways too, ie. players and creeps. But it is definitely a girls game lol

  • lol... yep.
    I have done online dating since a much unwanted divorce. I even did a 2 month period when I didn't go after anyone. I wanted to be the one "chased". So i would only reply to women that messaged me first. I think I had 6 in 2 months and only 1 that I would consider dating.

  • Every girl that I met through online dating, if we had a conversation about what their experiences had been like online dating, told me that "hey, how are you?" is what they'd prefer.

    From this it is not unreasonable to conclude that the reason you don't get a response using that is because she's not attracted to you.

    • As someone who only dates online and am in a relationship resulting from it. I automatically delete and ignore the boring "oh hey" openers. It shows you didn't even bother reading my profile. The ones that works best is a short few sentences relating to my profile or a silly question.

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    • @Kalibie Well, that's you. If I encountered someone with such a requirement, I'd know to write more. However, all the ladies I went out with told me more than that for an opening message (including stupid jokes and questions) was unnecessary.

    • I'd like to think I'm not in the minority on the subject at least statistically.
      But on the other hand perhaps you prefer straight forward girls?
      Either way personally it's my first filtering standard.

  • i said it once and i'll say it again. Online dating is the girls playground.

    The guy has 0 to none advantages doing online dating. I'm talking those that are serious. Even if you have a good job and good looks, it won't help any guy in the dating world. Its all based on luck for men. Women are the ones doing the selecting.

    I know the amount and the type of girls receive. its overwhelming thus, the guy that is being a conservative gentlemen will lose in that dating world vs the guy that is too the point.

    • I won't deny that.. For every woman online dating there are probably 20 guys.
      Nonetheless, I wouldn't say it's completely based on luck for men, job and good looks go a long way.
      Obv I have no personal experience - I don't online date, this is just an article plus some of my input thrown in.
      Do you believe "nice guys finish last?"

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    • Ever created a female profile? Even the blatantly obvious catfish get tons of likes and messages.

      The one I created got 90+ likes and 50+ messages in its first hour or so. 80% of the messages were "Hey" or "Hey what's up". 18% were poorly written and made virtually no sense. 2%, at best, were well thought of.

      It's a joke.

    • "2 girlfriends in 2 months... You just have to know the game."

      You don't know the game if the girlfriends last a month. @schnipdip

  • Girls don't message men. They just sit their a sieve through the guys who like or message them. So you can pretty much erase the part where women contact the men :)

    Online dating is purely for women. I've tried it for the last 3 months, on the side, and I've had 20% success rate. I'm not extremely attractive, but I'm more than average.

    Women are extremely picky.

  • fuck online dating

  • Great article. It's interesting to see how people are faster to make assumptions online than in real life

    • Thank you. And yeah, I guess there just seems to be so many "options" online, people are prone to dismissing quickly

  • @cinderelli told meh she was a coyote :I
    Nevertheless i still rove her and her coyotes eyes 👄💋

  • Online dating failed me 100%. 0 contact. A girl messages a guy? Never in my experiences...

  • Online dating and long distance is very bad dont try it..

  • I avoid online dating.

  • i don't see why i should take the time to send an interesting opening message just to get a girl to reply to me. "hi, what's up" should be enough. if you dont like the way i make conversation, that's fine, i'll find a girl who does. you can curl up with your twilight dvd's instead.

    • this isn't directed at you specifically take owner, but i mean at girls who have that attitude of "don't message me if all you're gonna say is hi".

    • no worries, and yeah i get what you mean...
      though there are guys (fewer) like that too!

  • Very interesting.


What Girls Said 2

  • They didn't actually publish whether they work though, they just said how they work in relation to other lines, and even then they measured effectiveness by "response rates." Saying one line is 38% more effective than another line doesn't mean much if the latter only has a.01% response rate.

    I much prefer OK cupids study on this subject

  • Nice mytake, and yeah the experiment confirms most peoples assumptions