10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak


Ok, I've had this topic in the back of my mind for a while now, so here we go!

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

1. Breakfast can be boring

I can't remember the last time I didn't eat raw oats, eggs, or both for breakfast...maybe like 4 years ago? I'm more than happy to make you pancakes, but I'll probably screw them up since it's been so long. This is why I have a waffle maker, it's an easy alternative to pancakes that is surprisingly foolproof. And by the way, orange juice is never in my fridge. It has an equivalent amount of sugar as soda.

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

Omg, just look at that grainy goodness!

2. Sleeping in is a rarity for me

You know the cliche, "early to bed, early to rise, makes the mind and body healthy and wise" axiom? 100% true. It's very rare I'll stay up past midnight, with exception of Saturday night. And I rarely sleep in past 9 AM. So the whole spoon-all-morning-long-in-the-sunshine scene still happens, but not too long into the day.

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

Aww, how serene

3. Quality food is absolutely critical

Many conversations will be around food, nutrition, progress towards goals, etc. Grocery shopping is an adventure. We eat, A LOT.

So be patient with me checking food labels with everything I'm not used to buying regularly. One time I went around the store asking each employee where the rice cakes are, after about the 3rd strange look, someone finally knew what I was referring to.

I'll often talk about carbs and grams of protein to get in throughout the day, which I often track on a spreadsheet. When we go out to dinner, it might take a couple extra minutes as I quiz the server on ingredients. I'll also perpetually complain about how far I am from the physique of my dreams.

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

FYI, these are rice cakes. They don't taste as good as Chocolate cakes in case you were wondering.

4. Ready to be each other's personal photographer?

Most people that are foreign to fitness see a guy preening in the mirror as he is practicing poses for the next show or to assess progress as narcissist. What they don't see is we aren't thinking, "Holy shit, Look at how amazing I look!"

I'm thinking, "Ugh, why the hell are my rear delts so flat?" "One more month until my summer cut, and I'm so not ready" "Great, my triceps' long head is looking more defined than two weeks ago". It's easy to misjudge, but it isn't pretentious pics, it's truly PROGRESS pics.

5. Instead of me having my time playing video games, we go to the gym together!

"Baaabe, do you have to go to the gym agaaaaaain??" ...

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

We like to date girls that are friendly with the fitness world because then we don't have to stand trial every time we come home from work/school and immediately get ready to go to the gym. We want you to come with us! And even if you don't want to go with us, it's better than me just disconnecting from reality in front of Xbox right?

6. I hope you love the outdoors

We're always up for a great hike, run, anything outdoors to get moving! I personally am obsessed with kayaking and paddle boarding. Anything outdoors, Let's go!!

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

7. Let's talk about vacations together

I've literally booked a little bit more pricey hotels simply because of the spacious, elaborate hotel gym. If not, then get ready to come to some obscure gym with a guest pass we convinced them to give to us because we are "moving" there soon.

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

Hotel website advertisement be like, "We have a world class fitness center!"

8. Testosterone

I'll just make this a quick mention so I don't come across conceited. As you can assume, being fit has many physical privileges in life, including a much higher level of testosterone. So enjoy!

9. Abs

When intimate (depending of course, on when that happens in a relationship based on your standards), please give our abs attention! and my arms! Seriously, make out with my abs! Do you know how hard we work for these?

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak

10. Cheat Meals

Ok, let's just take a minute of silence to emphasize the sanctity of this weekly cheat meals concept. The English language cannot describe how amazing cheat meals are. You might think you enjoy Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Cheesecake, and Snickers bars. But until you make it a cheat meal, you'll never appreciate it's true everlasting beauty. It's truly a paradox how restricting sweets makes you enjoy sweets more!

Along with this please don't try to tempt me with your brownie (if you choose) throughout the week, because that is just a cruel, cruel, Satanic practice. Seriously. And thank you Sweet Baby Jesus tomorrow is Saturday. Cheat Meal day :)

Some of these may sound extreme, but you have to realize, fitness isn't a chore we constantly are at a mental battle to keep up motivation with. It's a lifestyle in every sense of the word--it's a part of us, how we are happy and find balance in life. And we want YOU to be a part of it!!

Thanks for reading everyone!


10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak
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  • AmericanPoet
    There is only one thing to know about fitness frwaks. Stay the hell away.

    OK so I am reading a lot of OCD and narcissistic instructions listed above... whew. Who would want to date that? Seriously.

    I dated a tri-athelete for a while. What a joke. The food and lifestyle was void of any fun or spontaneity. Sex had to be planned because God forbid we had sex the night before a long run/ride.

    She is not the only one I've known. Gym rats and fitness nuts have something missing in their lives.

    It is certainly not a happy lifestyle it is all about control, guilt and punishment. There is a happy balance without all the control issues listed above. Life is about enjoyment, not punishment.

    By the way, the sugar in real OJ is just fine. It is not the same as a soda unless you are talking about processed juices.
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    Is this still revelant?
    • So basically you want to justify your shitty lifestyle to me? Dude I don't know u! U don't have to convince me! Lol

    • Of course you assume I have a shitty lifestyle because like all "fitness freaks" you need to judge others to fill that void you just can't seem to manage. You are right, you don't know me but you assume I am the one justifying anything. Wasn't my myTake dude.

      And I'm not trying to convince you, clearly you have your way set. I am warning anyone foolish enough to think anything you said is a positive way to have a healthy relationship.

      If they want to live in a tightly controlled manner and judged by you, hey great. But its not sustainable. When the cuts in the triceps fade, what will be left?

      You may look great on the outside but based on your myTake its typical of fitness freaks to not have much going on inside. Your response has proven that.

      Plus I will add for the fitness uneducated, you said prepping for your next show. Shredding for that 3% bodyfat is anything but healthy.

    • *sigh* another basement dweller on gag arguing and trying to pick a fight over literally nothing lol.

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  • LittleSally
    Everything as expected...
    With the exceptioin of loving the outdoors - I could never be in a relationship with a fitness freak... definitely not.

    But nice take - love the honesty. =)
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  • BubblyMaria
    Very very true. My ex was a bodybuilder in progress and my goodness if you're not a fitness freak it's really easy to lose your patience. I hated going out to eat with him. EVERY TIME he had to count calories protein fat etc. At home he would weigh everything on a scale. It was so intense that he would bring his own food to family get togethers.. And don't even get me started on how many turkey burgers some of these people eat...
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    • I could understand most of those things despite having no desire to do them myself. However, I think bringing your own food to a family get together is a bit extreme.

    • Im all for being healthy but there's a reason why they call them "health FREAKS" theyre just extreme on all aspects of fitness lol and yes the get together food was not healthy so he would bring his own lol

    • *shrugs* Commitment = Results.
      That's why there's so many fat people in america.

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  • GirlsLie
    Nice take but did you really have to talk shit about video games? lol, sigh.

    I guess this is why I could never date a fitness freak. I only like fitness in moderation. I'm perfectly happy just working out a few days a week, eating healthy but still stuffing my face a couple times a week with food that is horrible for me and disconnecting from reality with my video games.
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  • justbanANNAz
    no orange juice?
    no sleeping in?
    *sigh* I'm sorry, I can't be in a relationship with you.
    It's not me, it's you. :P
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    • red324

      I'll have pancakes and milk ready for us when you wake up, sleep in all you like :P My fast metabolism keeps me in shape. haha

    • well well HELLO! :P @red324

      see Tim? SEE? ^^^ THIS GUY knows whats up.

    • You can have orange juice and you can sleep in :P

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  • HeatherJaney
    Totally agree except a few things:
    1. Brown bread and peanut butter is the best breakfast or a yummy fruit salad, you can keep the eggs and oats aha.
    2. I love the gym as much as I love my video games!
    3. I'd prefer a holiday with quality hiking than a hotel gym.

    Other than that everything is spot on.
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    • Awesome! Thanks for reading!
      Ya if I just had a PB sandwich I'd be hungry 20 minutes later :P that's just me tho :)

  • Scarl8t04
    Lol I don't care if YOU do any of that stuff and yeah I'll go with you to the gym sometimes, but if you try to drag me there I'll show you how strong I really am lol. As for sleeping in, same thing with going to the gym all of the time. I'll get up early sometimes, but don't tell me to wake up early all the time. As for abs and all of that stuff, you'll be getting special treatment because they're so WOW.
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    • I really like this perspective. Lots of girls freaking out on my comment board, I NEVER said anything about forcing my lifestyle on them!!!

      Thanks for reading! :)

  • ManaX
    This is me and my boyfriend, we talk about fitness and food (all the way down to macros) all the time as well as gym. We have our cheat days together and when we eat during the week we track everything to make sure it fits into our diet. I'm more precise/strict than he is but we work well and motivate each other to improve ourselves.
    Your take is perfect.
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    • Hell yeah!!! You'll live longer and having a better happier life than all these bitches freaking out in the other comments lol

  • Maryy94
    thats me! omg...
    i totally get you.. that's why i never can date :( because i know its so hard to date me. and for me too. im addicted to gym and i love it. so nothing and no-one can come between us. i've worked so hard for it and i can't let a guy take that away from me
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  • NoClueFrau
    Its such a motivating myTake.

    I think it is "really" difficult to maintain a schedule with workout, education/job and personal life. Sometimes it burns a person out but getting back to the workout despite the hardness is the key to getting fit. There is some sort of happiness in the struggle which only fitness freaks know. Good luck.

    FYI rice cakes a bit salted are tasty.
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  • EmpatheticLady
    Sneaking me into a hotel gym, for shame! The rule follower in me would feel horrible, hahaha. None of these are surprising, though.

    FYI, I knew what rice cakes were. ;P
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  • springocelot
    my friend dated a fitness freak. didn't last long. she said, between the slivers of brilliance she got tired of him talking nothing but gym. i've never dated a fitness freak, so i'm curious about the conversation aspect. i hope there will be more to it than that.
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    • It's silly to generalize based on the little you know about one person's experience don't you think?

    • yeah. curiosity always gets the better of me. appreciate the honesty of this take.

    • thanks so much!!

  • mishiii
    Who says that being a fitness freak is an accomplishment. I say academic intelligence far outweighs fitness freak. You're focused on yourself and you think fitness has something to do with academics. It does not. Fitness freaks are usually very stupid. Ask them about the expansion of the universe and they focus on their boobs. This is just another way of dumbing down America. Interesting one of them wanted to play video games another sign of stupidity.
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    • Good thing you can have both! I graduated cum laude ya little bitch lol
      It's very unintelligent of you to assume something so stupid!

    • mishiii

      The exception makes the rule. What do you do now by the way, did you stay a fitness freak for the rest of your life, go to graduate school?

    • Corporate consulting. Graduate school for business fields usually means an MBA, which requires several years of progressive work experience, for reputable programs anyways. Luckily though, you can be a fitness freak and still get in. Smh

      I've always been into developing myself, intellectually, emotionally, physically. I'm shocked you could be so presumptuous to assume someone can only strive to improve in just one aspect. That's just beyond foolish. And that's putting it nicely!

  • Littlett25
    Lol I was surprised to read that a lot of ladies couldn't handle that. I would've happy with a fitness junkie because it would motivate me even more to make good choices. It was fun to read this right after working out. Oh, and I know what rice cakes are!
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    • Yeah tons of girls on GAG are introverted-homely types so it doesn't surprise me.
      Thanks for reading and keep it up!!! :)

  • rjroy3
    Hahaha I had to laugh at 9. That's so true. I asked my girl what part of my physique she was most attracted to. When she said Abs I replied, "you better! With all the work I put into them". Lol. I was joking of course, but it's definitely good to have them appreciated.
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  • diamondhair
    Oh my goodness this article is spot on. My boyfriend is a gym and health freak. I learnt all of your list the hard way! And it took some time too. Went to the supermarket with him after work, I found it so irritating because he'd go through all the aisles and weighing up what he should have on his cheat day. Of course I'd laugh and tease him but he deserved that day, he works like a machine at the gym.
    When I first got with him I didn't understand how much of a role gym played in his life, but when I did, I always tried to motivate him and ask about things even though I had no personal interest. Never did I complain that he spent more time at the gym than with me. Don't want to be a typical woman! Love the article :)
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  • Roostah
    So who wants to date Anllela Sagra after reading this?

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  • archiz
    I love sports too
    Love the outdoors
    Eat healthy.
    But my lifestyle is less extreme than you.
    I have cheat meals not days :p
    And with univ I am much less active :/
    But of course if I ll be dating a fitness guy it ll be very easy for me to cope with him.
    Since I have a tendency for this lifestyle.
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  • BreatheMe19
    :/ sounds like a boring uneventful life for me. And I LOVE fitness.
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    • It's not boring, trust me. Being a slob rotting indoors is boring.

    • So it's either a fitness junkie or a slob... k.

    • Also, it's contradictory how some girls on gag want fit guys with abs, but... are completely antagonistic to the lifestyle that results in a fit body.

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  • QveenSlayyy
    This sounds almost half like my boyfriend hehe nice take😊
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  • Hollywood-Glam
    I'll date a fitness freak only if he agrees to cook healthy food for me all the time ;)

    Oh wait the body of a fitness freak 🔥🔥🔥🔥, it's so hot. I guess I'll date one.
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    • You are 100% correct, people want to look their best without doing the best things and wonder why? lol. And yes, fitness brings out the best bod for sure. Thanks for reading! :)

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