An older man's reaction to a younger woman wanting him


'It is every mature man's dream to have an attractive younger woman want him.'

An older mans reaction to a younger woman wanting him

A statement I often hear and had the opportunity to live out with an attractive 25-year-old woman who I teach dance to after expressing her want to be with me.

Shocking her, after politely refusing her advance while dining with her after dance class. Particularly, when we both felt such a deep connection on so many levels, akin to a feeling of soul still where time ceases to exist in awe of two beings linking as one.

Oil in the ointment was me seeing this as a rare friendship whereas she saw it as the finding of a 'soul partner.'

Cruel for her, but, in my mind and heart, the rejection revolving around my rationale for the 'why' of the attraction.

The logical reasoning means, with me established in life and enjoying an affluent lifestyle. It is appealing when she can enjoy my company on a Friday night seeing me not bat an eyelid dropping $1000 for dinner and entertainment.

The meaningful justification being a reaction to the flaws of younger men. With them lacking intuition of the inner workings and needs of women eliminating any hope of bonding. Let alone vibrant connection. Predominantly, seeing women as sexual objects, in the process ostracising, and pushing them into the arms of older men.

With I making her feel a comfort as I listen, hear and walk a mile in her shoes. Tapping into her inner workings, making her feel respected for her thoughts with her feelings felt. In the process, endearing I with the meaningful intimacy she embraced and so lacking in her past with less mature men. My self-awareness with the accompanying surety allows this, with it affording her a self-discovery as part of the union.

Making her lap it up, and quenching more.

The appeal is not quite the same from my viewpoint for a relationship. With all these reasons justifying the attraction being ones I avoid. Seeing them as skewed, or reminiscent of an escape pod that evaporates in the scorch of reality.

Extolling the perfect friendship as the beginning and end to what we will share while painting any attempt at more as a fool's paradise.

Her reaction, admirable as well as calculating. Agreeing to the profoundness of our friendship while suggesting a friends with benefits arrangement. With her previously teasing me with the possibility of us between the sheets by stating:

'She wanted to live out her frequent fantasy of the eclectic range of pleasure I could imprint on her memory.'

Instantly distracting my 'other head' while looking straight in my eyes on purring this. Nigh on impossible to resist such an offer from such a sexy woman. I did so on her meaning to me once more as a friend. Knowing it will only lead to me hurting her when invariably the feelings she obviously has for me intensify with the adding of the physical.

Reflection on typing this leaves me torn, commending my rational perspective because such an age gap has little chance of working all while fearing the thought of regret down the track.

An older man's reaction to a younger woman wanting him
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  • Anonymous

    I've always had a thing for an older man, a certain type of older man. The one you quite adeptly describe. However, it has sometimes been soured by his assumption that a young woman, although obviously attracted and intrigued and captivated by his refreshing self awareness and insight, he will often assume the young woman to be emotionally frail, at least in comparison to him and his wise years of experience and cynicism. He often dismisses the fact that this woman can take him as an experience, that he is part of her growing. That he is intended to be an affair, a lover, a confidant and not a life partner. To be adored for your vitality and energy, your maturity for your years and your own refreshing traits - to be held as interesting and desired for your intelligence and wit as well as your youthful, supple body... to be adored for both is a feeling I encourage, and it is intoxicating.

    He reminds her that she is more than just physical beauty, she reminds him that he still has so much to be desired. It doesn't have to last forever, nothing does.

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  • Anonymous

    'It is every mature man's dream to have an attractive younger woman want him.'

    You can drop the word mature, that's every man's dream, regardless of his age.

  • Anonymous

    age matters a lot. however i don't see why you wouldn't date the girl if she treated you very well and otherwise gave you no reason to doubt her loyalty to you. i get i'm only 17 and you're 44 but i don't see why you wouldn't explore the option of dating her even if you risk hurting her if you "adore" her as a friend and are attracted to her.

  • Anonymous

    Not being able to spend 1000 dollars in a night isn't a flaw in young people you elitist prick.