Tips on what do, when a man ghosts you

OK so a man goes ghost on you, what do you do? In a perfect world we would like for the guy to be honest like this:

Tips on what do, when a man ghosts you

But unfortunately it does not always work out like that. If a guy goes ghost on you here are some tips:

1. Dont take it personally, some guys just lack common courtesy and are just assholes. Tips on what do, when a man ghosts you

2. Delete his number Tips on what do, when a man ghosts you

3. Do things to keep yourself occupied.

Hobbies or anything to forget about him. It's also ok to date if you want to. There are guys out there who won't do that and are good men, but do everything in your own time. Tips on what do, when a man ghosts you

4. If he contacts you do not contact him.

If he will ghost you once he will do it again, and he is most likely contacting you again because his relationship with the other girl did not work out, or maybe she ghosted him


Most Helpful Guy

  • This could apply to women too. I was ghosted once, and it's not a good feeling to feel disrespected. It was my first date ever, so I was pretty nervous, but I think I did good, not great, but good, but I text her the following day and she never texted bad. I felt very disrespected, she could have just said that she didn't wanna hang out again, I would have understood.
    But ehh, dodged a bullet :P


Most Helpful Girl

  • If anybody ghosts you ever I agree whole heartedly that you don't get hung up on them and just move on; I mean, who really wants to be with someone who can't even be straight up with you?



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What Guys Said 3

  • Do people seriously care about that? This is why I always talk to multiple women. If one ghosts I got more to talk to.

  • This is with You talk to multiple people. So if one of them rejects you, you don't even notice it

  • Well, i don't think it's right, what if you'd invested quite a bit of time into someone? All that time and life wasted


What Girls Said 1

  • This is happening to me now, so this post is right on time! Thanks :-)


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