Ladies - Here is the actual reason why guys won't approach you.


It is seldom that any girl can truly understand what goes on in a guys mind, but for the sake of clearing something up that bothers me I thought I'd share my two cents. However, this won't apply to everyone and is based on personal experience and basically what numerous guys would, in actuality, agree with.

Ladies - Here is the actual reason why guys won't approach you.

I'm going to be frank, if no guys are approaching you or the guy you want doesn't approach you its him, not your looks. I really don't think any girl will understand the mental chaos that a guy experience when he even considers talking to a girl he likes or simply wants to ask out on a date. There's so many factors that guys have to take into consideration mentally before even thinking of taking the first step towards you, including how we look, if we are nicely dressed, and if we smell good that very moment. Additionally, the fact that guys are expected to pretty much always make the first move pretty much exacerbates the problem and makes it worse leading to more guys having a fear of rejection then most girls.

Ladies - Here is the actual reason why guys won't approach you.

Without getting in depht, here are mental quotes from your average guy looking to approach a girl.

"What if she says no?"

"What if she rejects me humilatingly?"

"Probably likes someone else"

"Probably has a boyfriend"

"I'll ask her out the next day"

"I'll wait till she approaches me"

"What if she thinks I'm to ugly?"

"She looks busy & I shouldn't distract her"

"What if she thinks I'm weird?"

"What if I humilate myself in front of everyone?"

"What if she notices (insert insecurity)?"

The fact of the matter ladies is that you have no fucking idea how nervous we get when we even consider approaching you. I personally don't think any girl will truly be able to fathom how shockingly difficult it is for a guy to approach a girl he likes, even if he's jaw-droppingly good looking, popular, or anything similar. The truth is that guys are conditioned by society to make the first move which doesn't whatsoever.

So this is my mytake, I hope I shed some light on how guys like me feel when we want to approach a girl we want to get serious with or even just want to talk to.

Ladies - Here is the actual reason why guys won't approach you.
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    But its kind of good that its set up that way because then all the girls would only want to ask the really hot guys out. Plus you would have to worry about ugly girls coming up to you. As a man in todays society, how successfull you are in the dating world rests on you. Just a heads up, dating is a numbers game. The more girls you ask, the higher chance that one will say yes. Keep hunting you dog lol.
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    • To be honest I would be perfectly fine with ugly girls asking me out and in the same time dropping that "asking out game" of some sort but I guess it's just me, heh.

    • @FrenzyP0W3R to each his own. Not really a good or bad preference.

    • @LiveFreeorDieHard What do you mean by not really a good or bad performance?

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  • takumii
    Not accurate, this just lists one set of reason. There are many other reasons.
    • Anonymous

      I wasn't trying to go to much in depth cause then I'd b e writing a college essay, its just the most basic (I don't think any female can truly understand the whole thing)

  • FrenzyP0W3R
    It's not in depth but either it's not half bad.

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