Why Men Love Curvy Women

Why Men Love Curvy Women

As a girl who has spent the majority of my life looking five years younger than I actually am with the metabolism of a teenage boy, the only curve I've ever seen on my body is the occasional padded bra I've picked up for a night out. This isn't to say I dislike my figure (as women, we learn to love our bodies!), but I’ve noticed most men tend to prefer women with curves.

It's not only in the dating world that men are falling for curvier women, but tabloids and magazines are making a shift too! Last year Sports Illustrated included plus-size model (size 12), Robyn Lawley, in their swimsuit edition, and this year plus-size model (size 16), Ashley Graham is one of the featured models as well. As refreshing as it is seeing a change in model figures, what is it about these curvy women that people can't get enough of?

Obviously this isn’t a new theory, as guys always fell for the girls with boobs when we were teens, but I started to do a little research of my own to figure out why it is that men love curves. Here’s what I learned:

1.) They Have Bigger Boobs

Once again, it comes back to cup size. I’m not sure what it is with guys and boobs, but there’s a magical connection there I will never be able to understand. When a girl loses weight, her boobs are generally the first thing to go - so a girl with a little more meat on her bones typically has larger tatas.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

2.) They Have A Bigger Butt

Just like boobs, curvy women tend to have a bigger tush. I guess it's true, men love "big butts, and they cannot lie"

Why Men Love Curvy Women

3.) They Eat

Why would you want to sit with a girl at dinner who pushes salad around her plate the whole meal without taking a bite? A curvy girl is way more likely to indulge in a pizza and beer night with her man.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

4.) Fewer Bruises

… A little more cushion for the pushin’

Why Men Love Curvy Women

5.) They Appear More Feminine

A hollow, skinny face can sometimes appear gaunt-like or masculine. A rounder, softer face is often seen as more feminine to men.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

6.) They Look Younger

Since fat can smooth out wrinkles on your skin, a woman with a little more weight on her figure will look younger!

Why Men Love Curvy Women

7.) They Are Softer

Curvy girls have softer bodies, so of course they are better cuddle buddies.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

8.) They Appear More Confident And Fun

A woman who isn’t constantly stepping on the scale, stressing about her diet, or what size she is wearing is typically more confident and easy-going.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

9.) It’s Classic

Kate Moss and Twiggy were just a phase. Marilyn Monroe has always been the epitome of sexy.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

10.) It’s A Sign of Fertility

Whether they realize it or not, men are subconsciously attracted to women with larger breasts and child-bearing hips for starting that next chapter of life.

Why Men Love Curvy Women

Men - Do YOU love curvy women?

Why Men Love Curvy Women
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Bigger boobs - "men prefer big boobs" is a myth. Some guys prefer big boobs, but probably not even 50% of all guys.
    Bigger butts - "men prefer big butts" is another myth.
    They eat - doesn't bother me if a woman eats smaller meals
    Fewer bruises - I don't need any cushion to go boom-boom!
    They appear more feminine - I disagree
    The appear to be younger - I disagree
    They are softer - My girlfriend weighs 105 lbs and she's a great snuggler!
    They are more confident and fun - that's not my experience
    It's classic - it's a classic, but not the only classic!
    It's a sign of fertility - I'm 61 years old. I don't want fertility.
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    • "Not even 50% of guys"

      So 50 percent of guys are homosexual these days?

      Eh in the end the only thing that really matters is if she isn't a bitch

    • AdamThomas

      I'd estimate that 90% of men prefer big boobs, and that the remaining 10% are gay.

    • @AdamThomas @WomboComboo All males do not want what you want, and that is okay. I asked a question several months ago about what guys consider to be the ideal boob size and almost half of the response were 34B or smaller. If a guy gets turned on by something that doesn't turn you on, that doesn't make him a homo. If a girl doesn't want a guy with a huge trouser snake, does that make her a lesbian?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Coconutty
    I think men love curvy women, but very few women are actually curvy. Most of the women in your photos are fat in a man's perspective.

    I used to attend a church where this curvy black woman also attended. Sitting next to her was like sitting next to raw sexuality. She had huge boobs, gorgeous full butt, & a teeny tiny waist. She was a drop dead gorgeous. Of course all the men hovered around her like flies. She was very sweet, I'm not saying she was acting in any way inappropriately, but just the fact of her figure and her build made the guys jaws drop. That is a TRUE curvy woman.
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  • XRabbitHeartX
    So wait I'm skinny naturally so that somehow makes me less feminine, cuddly, fun, confident and unable to have a sexy butt or boobs. I completely forgot that I also only eat salad and never pig out and eat yummy food.

    Why can't we celebrate women's bodies without trying to make one seem "better" than the other?

    The only message I'm getting from this myTake is that there's nothing amazing about my body. I'm disadvantaged as men don't find my ass or boobs sexy apparently.
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    • 889889

      Yeah imagine how it is for being a short guy or a guy with a smaller penis. Pretty sure those have it harder than you do.

    • @889889 I was being sarcastic. I'm happy with my body and have never felt unsexy over it.

    • @889889 irrelevant

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  • YourFutureEx
    Guys, always remember before writing a take
    I thìnk point #1 & 2 are all that matter. Maybe 7 & 10 too.
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    • Ya it's too bad, now I just assume people mean right (fat) when they say "curvy" when it shouldn't indicate that.

    • @ConsultantIsBack This is a propaganda led by fat women to make them feel better.

    • Absolutely true.
      Easier to convince themselves otherwise, rather than just be healthy I guess

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  • AleDeEurope
    But being curvy doesn't mean being fat, so all you have related to fat doesn't apply to why men (at least most of us) like curvy women.
    Most men prefer skinny curvy, than fat curvy.
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  • Bvroon
    Another reason, and this might sound strange so bear with me, is I grew up predominently with my Mom, and my mom was very vain, she still is, and through this process she would always make snide little comments about how other women were "fat" or had fat thighs, which I never really understood then. As I grew older it became clear to me that not only was my mom vain, but she was also insecure, I suspect she still is, at any rate many of the women she would critcize as being fat, I looked at and I thought they were not only not fat but attractive to me, as I aged I thought more and more about all these women my mom thought of as fat, and it occurred to me that so what if she is "fat" she is still a person and isn't she just as deserving of love, affection, infatuation or any other other things that less fat women deserve? It seemed to me as if my mom was not only trying to use her criticism to validate herself and boost her own poor self esteem, but was also saying that because the other women were "fat" that they were somehow less worthy, or less human or really less of anything else that would be deserving of the attention my mother so craved. In the end, while I can see if a woman is a bigger girl, I also look at her face, and quite frankly I have seen many many bigger beautiful women, and I don't care if you are bigger, as it happens I'm not exactly super fit myself and as luck would have it I'm shorter than average, so if a bigger girl likes me and is interested in me, then I can and will accept her for the way she is. I have been with many bigger girls and have no regrets, and while not all of the relationships lasted, it was not because of weight. I hope this makes some sort of sense, and this isn't in any way to shame skinnier girls, were I single again and a skinnier girl displayed interest in me , I would see where that goes. I accept people for they way they are, rather than by some preconceived ideal, if that was the case I too might be judged that way too, and I am by no means perfect.
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  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    Oh the number of angry people lol. These women look amazing just like model thin women like VS models look amazing. I like how society is so ignorant. they still think having protein shakes and having a six pack means you are physically healthy.
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  • ak666
    I think it depends on the guy's idea of femininity. Somehow in my 30s, this kind of thick and curvy aesthetic has started to become more appealing.

    But my idea of femininity revolved less around boobs and butt and more around the increased tilt of the pelvis and rib cage, the delicate wrists of a woman, long neck, slender arms, slender legs, things of this sort. I liked the beautiful gestural line formed by the very slender woman, rather dainty, graceful.

    Part of the reason might be because I was into visual arts and took figure drawing. I found the most pleasing kind of forms to draw were slender women, like the ballet dancer.

    And so I've mostly liked skinny women for the majority of my life, found them most pleasing in the bedroom, so delicate and graceful.

    But something weird did change around my 30s. Lately I see these girls with thicker legs, bigger bum, and there's something sexually appealing there, especially with this whole twerking thing that's becoming popular.

    Nevertheless, my kind of personal idea of femininity is still slender, graceful, like a swan.
  • Octavius
    If you want to empower curvy women that's fine but you don't have to do it by saying they're better than non curvy women.
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  • Cerenityy
    Why is there a woman talking about and from the perspective of a man? This post is retarded lmao. If a man is sizing you up on your body parts, why would you even want him anyways? 😂 Some of you girls and your dumb mentality I swear...
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    • DrKran

      Yeah, physical appearance doesn't compare to a good personality and great character.

  • Polocrew
    Lmaooo Curvy and McDonald rolls have bigass difference doe, Curvy is like skinny with big boobs and ass. Not what these whales nowadays claim themselves to be lol
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    • nymous1234

      hahaha noooo

    • Polocrew

      @nymous1234 yep, why being fat would be curvy? Lol

    • Exactly

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  • Humping_Tornadoes
    Curvy i fine if it's her body type, I mean, I understand curvy very differently from what a lot of people think curvy is (fat!). For example he girl from the first picture, featuring the myTake is downright fat, not curvy. Girls from points 2, 4 ,7 are curvy which are perfectly fine by me.

    I don't expect all girls to have super slim/skinny figures (which I like btw), everyone is different so everyone has different body proportions. Some girls have more fat in certain areas so they look, well, curvy. Why they aren't fat? Probably because they like looking well, they probably exercise and watch their diets.

    I got the impression that the girls you were describing weren't necessarily curvy, but fat just like the Adele picture you included. I don't think curvy is better tbh, I'm attracted to curvy just as I said, just as I'm attracted to slim girls. All I really ask physically for a woman is to like exercise, and to have a flat tummy that's all. The rest is pretty subjective and some bodies just look good, others don't and that is indifferent to their body type either they are curvy or skinny.
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  • RachelBrigs
    That's nice but curvy isn't synonymous with fat. You can be thin and curvy and fat with no curves. Men in general are attracted to curves, and a women at a healthy weight. Not too thin and not overweight.

    But, plenty of men prefer the kind of body you are describing and plenty of men prefer skinny girls. It is a matter of personal preference
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  • Mistnigqa808
    "6.) They Look Younger Since fat can smooth out wrinkles on your skin, a woman with a little more weight on her figure will look younger!" #Agreed

    "5.) They Appear More Feminine A hollow, skinny face can sometimes appear gaunt-like or masculine. A rounder, softer face is often seen as more feminine to men." #Agreed (just my op on the topic)
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  • archiz
    It s just a phase now too lol.
    I mean every body type is atttractive and skinny svelte girls can look feminine tio. Too each their advantage.
    Note that marilyn monroe didn t have huge tatas... they used to stuff her clothes but she did have a nice ass though.
    And of course you can look healthy by having a fit figure more than a curvy figure. It s not about earing more than eating healthy.
    And in the long run curvy/fat people are more likely to get overweight.
    Gotta stay in shape girls :p
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    • archiz

      Eh.. sry typo mistakes.
      Too** to* eating**

  • julesabi98
    Great that you're encouraging curvier women to embrace themselves. But I also feel like you lowkey insulted skinnier women. Plenty of skinnier women look feminine and beautiful, like kendall jenner, miranda kerr, adriana lima... etc. Just because someone is skinny does NOT mean that they do not eat. Many females just have the ability to eat a lot but not gain weight, or they might work out. Skinny women are confident too. Just because guys are going crazy over their A cups or petite asses doesn't necessarily mean they don't love their own bodies. And being "fun" has nothing to do with your size.
    Honestly girls, men love skinny and curvy women. It just depends on the guy, but trust me there are a plenty who love both. So don't worry about that shit. Every body type has the pros and cons. So stop comparing.
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    • dipta

      No, actually I think it sounds more like she's veily insulting curvier women. Men are supposedly (according to what's written) more attracted to them despite their unhealthy lifestyle and round faces (of which Adele isn't an example either).

  • dricky2011
    not all guys like the same thing, there are very beautiful curvy girls that is for sure just as there are very beautiful slim girls, personally i am more attracted to a woman who is slim, i am not a fan of big breasts and i do not like the J-Lo ass, it is all down to tastes and all guys are different, just because the media may be saying that curvy is the in thing doesn't mean us guys are going to change what we are attracted to
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  • Righttobeararms83
    As long as they are curvy not fat
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    • Sorry I just dont find women that are fatties sexually attractive. If your a woman who is obese im sure your a lovely person (Adele) but no thanks.

    • Mekkalyn

      Adele does not look obese.. that's a horrible comparison. And her weight as fluctuated back and forth so that's not very fair, she's clearly struggling with it and it shouldn't define who she is. Some years she's skinnier, some she's heavier..

      Obese people don't look like her, they look way worse.

      Obviously it's perfectly fine for you not to be attractive to obese people (or even heavy or curvy or whatever - you're not forced to like anyone) but you shouldn't call people that when they aren't even obese. She's definitely overweight and heavy but she isn't obese.

      media.healthday.com/.../obese_woman916.jpg pmchollywoodlife.files.wordpress.com/.../...ad.jpg

    • @Mekkalyn agreed but her weight shifts between overweight and obese. We shouldn't try to tell our kids its alright to be overweight and obese is just plain wrong.

  • ConsultantIsBack
    Yeaaah don't sign me up for fat girls tho. I like fit, flat stomach women best :)
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    • You about to get attacked by women lol
      How dare you prefer fit or in shape women with curves? (Sarcasm)

    • @ikissedtheskyonce haha ya the propaganda didn't work this time lol

    • nohomobrah

      Wow so shallow...

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  • CHARismatic110
    I just came to see how big of a shitshow these comments were. After reading 5 of them, my assumptions were confirmed.

    I appreciate this Take, but at the end of the day it still will always come down to preference.
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  • OrangeBoy
    Because it's something that comes from the paleolithic period.
    Bigger women would have higher rates of child fertility and survival.
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    • archiz

      venus of willendorf hein?
      where did you know that bussy? :P

    • archiz

      by the way those were usually falsified representations of the female body.
      and has nthng to do with men's view on women simply because it was done by females xD
      they sculpted themselves by looking down at themselves that s why it looks distorted.
      and you usually see an accentuation if the sexual anatomy :P

    • archiz


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  • bluenose1872
    Proper women. I love curves under a figure hugging dress. I love big boobs, big hips, big ass and everything curving into every other thing like a roller coaster. I couldn't sleep with any other type of woman
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    • Proper women? All women are proper women. That's like me saying I only like "proper men" aka 6'4" shredded athletes and every other "man" is basically a girl.

      Your preference is fine but don't insult others

    • @RachelBrigs who's insulting others? People are entitled to opinions believe it or not. In my opinion that's a proper women. It's not my problem your offended

    • Saying a woman isn't actually a woman if she doesn't have a certain body type is in an insult. As I already said, your preference for that type of woman is fine, but all women are real women even if you don't find them attractive. Just like all men are men no matter what.

      But how tall are you? What kind of body type do you have? What if I told you you aren't actually a man if I don't like your body type?

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  • NedfromtheNed
    Nope. Not a chubby chaser.

    The only reason people are liking chubby women, and women are alright with being as such, is because we failed at stopping obesity. When humans can't stop something, we learn to like it.
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    • Matt1994

      Not true. Men that like chubby women don't 'learn' to like them because there are more of them than there used to be. They were just born like that and that's it.

    • @Matt1994 Differing opinions. Good to know humanity is still diverse in thought.

  • BraidsGirl
    As long as you're not confusing "fat" with "curvy" you're good. There's nothing I hate more than an obese person calling themselves curvy.

    Plus, half of the pics you put here are of average women, not "curvy" ones. Marilyn Monroe is by no means "curvy"...
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  • Oxi112094
    I love this myTake. Well done👍🏼😌 For all those saying how they think everything said in the take is the opposite for skinny girls, its not! Look at all social media, magazines, tv, etc. Its all featuring skinny beautiful women. And one time when a cury body God forbid gets praise you take it as an insult.😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
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  • FemWorship
    Agree with all your points
    but left out a key one =
    during sex they feel amazing.
    They compare to driving a sports car vs the family SUV in our minds with those curves
    that fit & harmonize with our male bodies as if
    lounging into soft, firm leather easy chair/sofa
    and move like a water bed
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  • Shorty1991
    As an average woman who gets plenty of attention from men.
    Just accept that people have different preferences, while some others are not fussed because they aren't all that shallow.
    They think of more important things, than calorie counting, weight and body shape.
    Unless you happen to have a controlling fitness fanatic partner.
  • PrincessTashaaaa
    I think fit is the best. Someone at an ideal weight, some muscle covered in a small layer of fat to keep things soft and shapely, yet firm and round. There's not much else sexier than that post workout glow.
    Screw boobs. I pick a round butt, toned legs and a flat belly. :)
  • RationalMale
    Marylin Monroe is a slim model compared to the obesity that women try to pass off as "curves" today.
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  • Zumba_dancing_27
    I have been curvy to fat most of my life, and I have knows some men that don’t care but I know some that would like me to be thin, including some of my family members. some men have complamented me but most of them complement me to get have sexual relations with me, so that is a lie some of the time.
  • redeyemindtricks
    I mean, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but, Marilyn Monroe's measurements were 36-24-36. She had a textbook hourglass figure, but she was absolutely NOT "full-figured".
    I have no idea where that myth came from, nor why it retains such currency with so many people.
  • muliebrity
    Why is that Fat is associate to a BODY SHAPE Curvy?

    The problem with why there are so many body image issues is not just posting fat photos up like you did but associating it with the word Curvy. Its always seems to be that HOURGLASS fat or skinny is the norm and should be the only body form accepted.

  • vishna
    I think this MyTake is brilliant because to this day women still have to be told bigger is beautiful. (as seen by a lot of guys dismissing 'fat' women)

    You did play into stereotypes quite a bit, but I see your intent. And I appreciate what you are getting at.
  • pavlove
    damn, makes me want to get a curvy girl all of a sudden
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  • ikissedtheskyonce
    I wish you would have put a picture of Amber Rose. She is the poster child for curvy women lol her boobs and butt are real
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    • Personally I disagree with some of the photos some of these women I would not consider curvy

    • Amber rose has been touched by the knife. She gets a lot of crap for lying about it when there is before and after phots

    • @Dulcedulcexoxo post links

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  • ArrowheadSW
    As I get older, I really find myself attracted to curvier women. So I think this is right on!
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  • CœurRosé
    As someone who struggles to gain weight due to both genetic and health issues, I am always jealous of curvy women. I wish I looked like that :(
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    • And curvy women want to look like you... IT is called being a woman I guess. xD

    • singlebee

      Hey don't worry not all guys like curvy ones..! :-)

  • letsnot
    I'm skinny and got dumped for a fatty. I can see why I guess. I have always been self conscious about not being soft. I could tell during sex he wasn't having a good time
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    • It probably had nothing to do with her size, men always cheat or leave for uglier women it seems. Its an ego boost to them.

  • Cookies_AndMilk
    Curvy doesn't mean fat, most guys still don't like fat girls. I wear a size 0-1 at 103 lbs and I'm very curvy because I've got big boobs and a good sized bum. That's curvy.
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    • Right and some women looked shock when they see that I have big boobs and am not fat. Lol curvy does not mean having a big belly and boobs and a big butt and having excess weight

    • @ikissedtheskyonce Lol yes! When I was a freshman in high school (age 14) girls were trying to start rumors that my boobs were fake and I had plastic surgery. Who the hell gets plastic surgery at 14? xD

    • I am lower class and I was asked if I had plastic surgery. Lol with what money

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  • WineAndWhiskey
    I am so excited to that Sports Illustrated is breaking the "model shape" idea and including a size 16 in their new magazine. It's nice to see that girls without 6-packs are still considered beautiful!
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    • NatashaJ

      I think girls with six packs look weird.

    • singlebee

      @NatashaJ yes its not feminine at all when girls have those ripped abs and muscles...

      I am so not attracted to that

    • NatashaJ

      @singlebee I don't find that attractive either.

  • Dark_Scorpio
    I really love how women try to speak for all men and say what we like. This entire take is a load of bullshit. Especially 10 because I for one hate kids and never want them.
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  • Izzex3
    It's funny because I hear that on the media all the time, but in reality I've never had any complaints about my body. I've always heard I had a nice body. Even guys who told me they liked curvy girls doesn't really necessarily mean they don't think slim girls are nice.
  • LordKolly
    This is an amazing article. And it's so true. All 10 points ring true for me.

    I like girls who are skinny and average. No problems there. But I also love girls who are curvy, thick and girls who are even bigger than that too.

    I like a soft cuddly woman with a kissable stomach, who has curves and totally owns it. I like a girl who can go to a restaurant, order the most fattening item on the menu and eat it like a badass.

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    Nope... i don't like curvy women...
    i prefer slim women
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  • timbergag
    1.) No.
    2.) No.
    3.) Yes. I like eating with my girlfriend.
    4.) No.
    5.) No. Skinny girls appear girlier.
    6.) Not yet, true when they're older.
    7.) So?
    8.) No?
    9.) So?
    10.) I prefer someone who's fit, not someone who's borderline obese.
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  • Beaver19
    I am attracted to very thin girls and have and never will have any attraction to a girl half the size of those in the pics. Not saying this to hate but just my honest view on what's attractive to me.
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  • Yanoa_Yanza
    XD I'm just here to say 'Yes we do!'
    And as I was scrolling down my mind was saying 'Wow... Holy crap... sweeeeeet..;GOD DAMN' XD

    But yeah a lot of women here are so insecure about their weight, and the moment we see that 'embarassing' picture, most of us are like 'god damn... why don't you see what we see'
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  • gray_sailor
    This man most certainly does love a Curvy type girl.
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  • sexcrazy1
    good take. I love curvy. more fun and more touching and taking place. good to pull in toward you when you are fucking. and more boobs to play with. small boobs are fun too though I must add so it does not really matter on that one.. LOL
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  • Tarvold
    Stop telling me what i like. I don't like fat/curvy women. I like strong, toned, athletic, healthy women.

    If you want to be fat, go right ahead. You don't need my permission or approval. You do you and I'll do me.
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  • LilWeezey
    This is why I hate that I'm skinny with tiny boobs and can't gain weight.
    Chubby girls and girls with big boobs [C cup or higher] dont know how lucky they are.
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    • mikemx55

      Don't take perkiness for granted.. They probably don't have it

    • 9mfeo

      I rather envy you as I doubt you'll ever have my back problems.

  • ManOnFire
    'Plus size' women are certainly the hottest women and all I ever go for. I'm not into skinny things, but looooove some girls with tits and meat on their bones. Google London Andrews and Ivy Doomkitty.
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