Looks Are Not Everything


Looks Are Not Everything

Just because someone isn't your typical type doesn't mean they are not a good fit for you. Sometimes you have to get to know people and put their looks aside and they probably don't look as bad as you think. Personality can take over and become what is more important which it already should be. I have had this experience before, recently too. I didn't like this guy at first because he wasn't my type but once we started talking as friends I came to like him a lot. Now we are dating and I am glad I put my initial thoughts behind. He is a great guy. So for both guys and girls, give these people a chance. You never know what amazing things could happen.

Looks Are Not Everything
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  • Anonymous
    Its true, but in reality most people dont think like that. Your looks is what gets you in and your personality is what keeps you there. If you dont have looks, most attractive people won't even let you in, they like talking and hanging with you as a friend because they like your personality but they usually wouldn't date you because they find you unnattractive
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    • You are completely right. With me, I would put looks aside if I like spending time with you but I only speak for myself.

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  • naturallywonderful
    Good take. I think it's okay to be attracted to a certain type of person, but I don't think it's okay to completely dismiss a person because of their physical appearance
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  • brain5000
    Do you have the same wild monkey sex with an ugly, lovable person that you do with a hot body? Experience has shown me that people do not. So, yes, ugly people can love (other ugly people), and pretty people can love ugly people, but if you want marathon consta-fucking, you need to be hot.
    • brain5000

      Upon further consideration: I sometimes see good-looking men with fat women, but can't remember the last time I saw a beautiful woman with an ugly guy. I suspect the guys get fat girls because they're the ones willing to commit, but don't really know what the story is.

  • PizzaGuy22
    exactly how it is

    my ex girlfriend was really pretty like damnnn but I didn't like the way she was

    her humor was so different from mine
    her lifestyle
    her hobbies

    also the way she talked (Say boy you cute) irritated the fuk out of me like omg

  • fiego
    Very well said... especially for all of us ugly guys out there:)
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