So I Get Told I'm A Nice Guy And Bad Guy Because Of My Actions

So i get told I'm a nice guy and bad guy because of my actions

In my defintion of a nice guy, someone who has know respect for anyone and thinks women owe them for the time the spend listen to them an all that stuff. I was rasied to respect everyone and to treat girl the way they should be treated. So I'm too nice becase I'm not cussing and hiting them over stuipd little things or we just met and you listen to me never once trying to get in my pants I can't date you I'm like well I don't want someone who's that easy, who knows how many guys she's been with that way. I have female friends who talk to me am I trying to get with them, no do they owe me, no they're just friends, and if I was in a situation needing help, they would be there.

I dont even go out to clubs or any thing. I always saw it as a waste of time for me, but the few times I did go out, I've met some girls then a hour or so in conversation, well you're to nice for me and i don't want to hurt you in the future is all I get.

But my favorite one of all time was back in HS, I was dating this girl who had been and a very abusive relationship with an older guy. He had put in the hospital for beating her, and he went to jail. We had started talking, never talked before then, and eventually started dating. She had some issues and I understood why she would want to trust any guy after that. Well months later, I'm at her house, in walks the abuser straight from jail, and throws her on the floor. I got up and knocked the day lights out of him and over to pick her up, and she said don't touch me we're over for what you just did.

Her dad siting across the room said "you have to be kidding me that guy almost killed and came back for round two, your man gave him what he deserved what I was coming to do, and you're just gonna throw it all away for protecting you?" She wanted to have me arrested that night, but after his record and her fathers explanation, I thanked him for everything and walked out the door and still to this day, she still comes back begging to be with me whether she's in a current relationship or not, and screwed up the only real one I had after her.


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  • Look, I get that you feel slighted. That situation you describes at the end sucked for you. It's not fun to do the right thing and be threatened with the police right after that. It also sucked for her. I can't imagine how hard it must've been for her to deal with her abuser and the massive conflict of emotions that came from that encounter. There must be something really eating at her if she's still calling you too. Do that situation sucked for everyone. Sometimes life works like that. As far as the women at the club, apparently you didn't have the right chemistry. You'll find someone who's right for you when you least expect it and all you'll have to do is rise to the occasion. So in the meantime, forget about how you should act and focus on your own life, goals, and hobbies. Those passions and the shared interests and values that come from them will be the foundation of a relationship someday.


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