How Girls Play The Game


Seduction was originally an art women used to establish power in a patriarchial society, and it's probably for this reason that many would say women are light years ahead of men when it comes to seduction. It's taught from birth...with a daugter seducing her father into buying her things, showering her with attention and leaving her alone when she didn't feel like playing. It is passed along from every other female who also use methods of getting people to like them and then, with that power over them, getting them to do what she wants. It is something she can't help but do since it is so ingrained before she is conscious of it as a thing. It simply is how things are done in her eyes--not some special little trick only she is capable of.

Only not every girl has such fortuitous breeding. In fact, she may have had a mother who was quite the opposite from this. Someone who constantly nagged her father to do things and to change only to be ignored, cheated on, even abused. Some don't have fathers who find any interest in them as people let alone as his children. The reasons are Infinte.

It's in these girls who don't seduce seamlessly that we realize seduction is in fact an art. So how do women play the game versus how men play the game? In the end, it's based off the same thing that "game" is for men:

A desire to be loved more than you love the other person.

It is the dark fantasy that drives people to pick up seduction--to experience love without the hurt attached. To have your pick, to be in control. It sounds like a dream come true though few may admit it openly. What distinguishes your usual female from your usual male however is the pursuit of this maxim. How they play, no what they play for.

Always Be Chased

These are the A,b,c's of dating for a girl. She can never pursue a man--not because it's wrong or not feminine, but because, simply stated, it does not work. Men, she has gathered, for whatever reason respond incredibly strong across the board to challenge. They may respond in a strongly negative way but it is seldom with the same bored fatigue that chasing a guy who barely knows you exist can provoke. It is not a perfect system but it is a system that is eventually beaten into nearly every woman. If you try to be the pursuer with men, you will get hurt for your efforts. Like anything it is an 85/15 rule. It will be what the guy want 85 percent of the time and require little effort from the girls part in terms of asking herself will this work or will something more advanced work better. It works enough. It's real enough. Always be chased. If you're not being chased and if you're chasing the guy things have gone very wrong...This leads to now famous advice to never call him to always end the call first to never pay the for date to never put out on date one etc. etc. etc.

How Girls Play The Game

For every beautiful girl, there's a guy who's tired of f******** her...

Make Him Work

Somewhat related to the first way that girls play the game, a woman doesn't really care about jewelery so much as it shows he cares. In this way, him fixing her car, talking her through her problems, waiting to have sex, taking her out on fancy dates that he wouldn't take other girls out to is about the fact that work speaks louder than words.

How Girls Play The Game

Don't you want to know more? She's hoping you do...

Be Feminine

Many girls don't feel like putting on make up, but they do. Many girls don't feel like looking through fashion magazines to make sure they are wearing the "cutest boots and shorts" etc. but they do. Most girls don't feel like having really long hair that costs a fortune to keep up, but they do. Many girls want to act like one of the guys when around guy friends, but they don't. Many girls want to just tell the guy what he should do to fix his problem, but they dont. . Many girls want to say they're available all week, but they don't. This is being feminine still in 21st century America. Guys on the one hand do really want a girl who plays sports, who wants to be president, who can drink like no other, but they want them to be unbelievably feminine at the same time. We may be too dumb to articulate what's wrong when we see a girl in jeans that make her ass look flat, but we feel it. Thus, a big part of playing the game for a girl is feminine regardless of the changing tastes of men towards a more masculine or sexually ambivalent female. Whatever her personality may be, her looks must be feminine if she wants guys to work and chase and so she plays the ideal even if she possibly find it stupid and degrading.

How Girls Play The Game

Every boyfriend she has a teen dumped her for being a tall twig and got with the curvy shorter girls, now she hopes modeling will make her feel better...did it work on you yet?

Takeaway: Men to realize why it always has to be you doing the chasing. If you aren't chasing they will have a hard time chasing you even if they like you. If you are paying attention you can easily spot the girl who enjoys you chasing her because she's into you because she won't be very good at hiding her approval. Realize that sending her roses after sex IF SHE IS INTO YOU is not a pussy move, it's a boss move because it's communicating to her that you care because you're working not just taking her for granted. (this can be manipulated into making her think you're into her because you do all these thoughtful things when really you don't but i'd advise against this.) Finally, realize that it's not a coincidence you get turned on and attracted to at least a dozen different girls everyday. So many of them are playing the game if only a subconcious level with looking extra feminine and good and acting disinterested even when they aren't so much a part of their daily routine they don't even realize they're doing it. As such, don't put every girl with great make up and great clothes and a great body up on a pedestal. Don't think a girl is more special than another girl because she's more of a challenge. Chances are you're beind seduced.

How Girls Play The Game
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  • GuyAdviceFromGuy
    TO BE HONEST, girls that play hard to get, send mixed signals, try to make me jealous, etc. actually TURN ME OFF.

    This whole crock of shit women are taught to act disinterested or act indifferent to a man's advances actually make men believe they've been rejected and for them to move on, or make them lose attraction for the women, etc. Both sexes need to stop playing bullshit games, and if a guy is interested in a woman and woman is curious or even mildly interested she should make it easy for him to loosen up and be himself instead of acting fickly and wishy washy as an attempt to make him work harder because it often backfires.
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    • dude, your my hero.

    • I definitely agree with this. I am confused enough as it is. Emotions aren't always that big of a deal. Hard to get games are like the two-dimensional double dragon video game, very fun to play and impossible to beat with one wrong move by any average person. By the time you reach the boss stage, dodge the thrown knives, beat the lackeys, take down the steroid-pumped-ultra-muscular-machine-gunner, and at the end have to fight your twin, you've already lost...

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mustachekitteh
    Never made a dude chased me. If I was interested I was the one that went in for the kill. :D
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  • Azara
    no.. I'm not here to be a challenge. if a guy wants a challenge he can bunny jump or get lost in a forest or learn a language or master a a new skill. something useful. he either is interested in me or he's not. a great way to see if a guy is interested is rot ask him otr. if he's not interested hell say no. sometimes hell say no bc you asked him out and not primarily bc he was not interested, but ultimately same difference. a guy who loses in terse bc you are interested is no guy who will ever truly be interested. he's a guy who looks for adrenaline rush and uses people to affirm his own self worth. anytime he's feeling down hell start playing games to feel excitement or to feel better,. people who start off playing games never stop. they need it. like a fix.

    the way it should go is one or the other asks out and the other reciprocates if interested. if it goes well, and both seem interested, then whoever did not ask the first time asks the second. so no one feels under appreciated and no one feels 'stalked'.

    if the only ay you know women is as seductress or nag then yo have a very unfortunate prejudice and very much to learn.

    and in my opinion no sane person should have enough time to waste to be bothering about all of this attempted manipulation. life is short and people are suffering. wasting time trying to make sure people who dont take themselves seriously and can not respect you, will love you, is a foods errand.

    as for wanting to be loved more than you love... if you dont care as much as the other person you wouldn't be able to appreciate their caring. and they'd feel it. anyhow respect is more important than love. and no in he world will respect a person they can only like if they pretend to be what they are not. you can't respect hat you dont know.
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    • Azara

      and if you dont respect the person you know you should not be with her/ him/ love or no love.

    • LOL Bunny jump 😂

  • buttheadkakakak
    I hate shy guys.
    I just want my man to be manly, that's all. Manly doesn't mean ignoring me because he's shy.
    I know I'll probably get hate for that but idgaf anymore.
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    • pavlove

      if you do it's the dumbest thing... this is literally better than anything a guy could write or tell other guys about women because it's honest and it tells guys not only is it ok to approach it's preferred it's like us saying we don't like girls in tight jeans and make up and being confused when they look like boys...

      of course every girl is different and some will prefer shy guys for whatever reason but I think you speak for the majority

    • Shorty1991

      I have the same problem.

  • brain5000
    My experience has been that as soon as I show a woman I am interested, i. e. "chase" her, she bolts. Even if she has been showing interest for months, as soon as I reciprocate, she's gone. Reading of game literature and boards indicate the opposite, that to get a woman, the man has to make her pursue him.
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    • damn straight my man. The only question is when do the mind games stop? It's like am i supposed to show no interest at all or else I'm clingy or "too available"?

    • brain5000

      @bloodmountain1990 Exactly. There is so much bullshit and method that it seems the entire process is rigged to avoid real, long-term relationships.

    • Shorty1991

      And when you chase her, do you ever initiate a conversation with her or are you just relying on body language alone?

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  • Sangita93
    There are details of 32 characters and 64 arts required to know for a girl for getting best husband (attracting him and getting him please for marriage) in many Indian old age books and some of them are also described in Kamasutra of Vatsayana. Girls hunting for a man is old known thing in many societies and cultures.
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  • kat_gran
    Hmm,... interesting mytake. To be honest, I never really tried to get guys but I often go them. I realized that I am seductive naturally but I never even knew that I was, which was really crazy when I first realized that I did that.
    Having that said, I totally am the "girl who plays sports, wants to be president, and can drink like no other, but looks unbelievably feminine at the same time."
    lol so most guys ALWAYS think I am this passive little flower and then are shocked at my boldness and outgoing nature :P lol

    I TOTALLY disagree and think it is EXTREMELY STUPID AND RIDICULOUS and I think ALL MEN who do this are completely STUPID and total dumb nuts: That when a girl goes out to you, asks you out on a date, or has sex with you on the first date, you stop calling her. This is the most dumb and ridiculous thing ever! This does not make her :easy"... This actually make s a WOMAN WHO IS SO SURE OF HERSELF THAT SHE GOES OUT TO A MAN BECAUSE SHE LIKES HIM. THIS WOMAN HAS GUTS, THIS WOMAN IS DARING. THIS WOMAN TAKES THE BULL BY THE HORNS, THIS IS THE 'IT' WOMAN. Now I am not talking about the girl who lets men disrespect her - but the woman who genuinely likes you and has a great time with you and sleeps with you on the first or second date is a woman that's telling you - Hey, LOOK. I Like you... and Im not wasting any time or playing any bullshit games... either you're in or you're out. Simple as that. And they move forward... Don't get it twist it thinking that a girl who chases after you is desperate - be aware between chasing you and women who are choosing you!

    She still has her life and wants to share experiences with you... NOT the woman who is needy and wants to make you her world... Two different things. The first woman is the keeper.
    • kat_gran

      And men need to be more aware and pay attention to when she comes by- because these are RARE girls... And when they pass by they aren't going to be waiting for you... There is a line of guys who she can choose but she is giving you HER time of day - and if you don't respond, you are a coocoo head who can't distinguish between a self assured, grown woman and a girl who's needy and wants your attention and is constantly texting you and msging you.
      Shame on those who aren't able to see that - but I guess that woman already knows he isn't worth her time and will move on to the next one. That's how it goes.

    • pavlove

      there's nothing wrong with a guy not wanting a female who doesn't prioritize him the way another girl would. If a guy likes to be texted and called all the time he has a right to expect it. and while he should appreciate girls who know what they want and know they want him, he shouldn't be thanking the heavans she gave him her time of day... it's mutual.

    • @kat_gran then that means there's no sympathy in those kinds of girls whatsoever

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  • Viperkiss
    This is not only outdated but does not account for variety in human behaviour, the fact men are now rejecting 'games' and I believe your point was muddled in your attempt to explain your ideas.
    Games and idealism is great for the top 1% of people who have it all- extreamly good looks, money, privilege and youth. The rest of us are stuck in reality where games only serve to confuse and actually become a hinderance.
    The chase is not or never was meant to be eternal for men. Traditionally men would chase a woman to get her to go out with him. After a couple of dates he is meant to back off a little bit so that she can decide whether he's right or not for her. If she decides he is right then she begins to chase him, and the dynamic switches. This was to continue for a while - for about the same length of time that he chased her initially, and then by that time they should be close enough that it becomes an equal effort. This way both have shown true interest and both have been shown true interest. Relationship starts. This is why just about every fifth question from a girl on this site is 'why in the hell did he chase me but then after i did little to reciprocate, he drifts away?' Too many women relish in the being chased but don't do enough to keep him around. Feminine wiles, sex appeal and social pressure only go so far and without effort on her part a man will just simply drift off to another woman who will show effort. Despite her magic, we have options.
    I agree with some of what you said but much of this is assuming everyone is the same.
  • the_rake
    I don't really agree on your points about it being so difficult for a woman to keep up her appearance. Sure there's gonna be guys that think they need big arms and six pack abs and be very much mistaken but, as a guy that keeps tabs on his wardrobe, the thing about fashion is that it really is not that hard to look good every day. You can wear the same outfit once in a while (who is going to know that you have not been to Levi's in the interim to get the latest stuff?). You don't have to check through all the latest mags to have a perfect conception for what's in or not. As a guy, I know that smart casual and tight fitting clothes (but not so tight fitting you can't breath) tends to work best. Couple that with some well-polished boots or shoes, a good hygienic routine, shave and nicely smelling toiletries and you will look better than 80% of guys. Since most girls are already doing this stuff and extra (plus they are dealing in make up and what not), the competition is going to be a bit tougher but it's really not by much. A girl approaching is already going to have a massive advantage because in spite of what you say (and though I might not personally be one of them) guys on the whole DO like to be approached. And realistically, beautiful women are smarter than to get fucked and chucked on the whole (not always but for the most part). That's because they do make their men commit.
    • pavlove

      liking it and responding to it in a way that leads to dating are two different things.

      when a girl chases an inexperienced guy he may be flattered at first but very soon he'll typically experience a huge surge of cockiness because he a man is being chased by women and so he must be the shit and she must be lucky to with him etc. etc. leads to cheating and just general douchery/disrespect versus if he had to earn it

    • the_rake

      I think that is a generalisation. It's hard to know how men would behave given a wide enough population sample because it just doesn't happen that often that men are approached (seldolmly with romantic intentions and even less so when the girl is sexually inclined).

  • dominiquois
    "Whatever her personality may be, her looks must be feminine if she wants guys to work and chase and so she plays the ideal even if she possibly find it stupid and degrading."
    WOAH. Stopped reading right there after that bullshit line.
    There is no man in the world worth degrading yourself over. Period. End of Story.
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  • YepThatsIt
    I somewhat agree and while I can enjoy a challenge, this lofty stereotype wouldn't appeal to me in the slightest.

    The part I can't agree with would be the first point. I am not shy in the slightest but if I go over my romantic history I've probably been on the receiving end of that chase more often than I've been chasing. Is it because I don't live in the U. S? Dating over there suddenly seems one-sided.
    • pavlove

      could be you're extraordinary good looking or yeah could be america is still conservative judging girls and guys who break the rules of traditional boy meets girl

    • YepThatsIt

      As much as I love a good compliment, I wouldn't say I am extraordinarily good looking. So probably just cultural differences. Or maybe I am just too thickheaded to spot this type of "seduction". Cheers!

  • DianeDuffus
    Total bull shit from somebody and I don't know who knows how to talk about it but in reality is lost
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  • Shorty1991
    No. I do not like the chase and do not like it when I get men following me around without any intentions of ever talking to me. In my experience there are too many shy men when it comes to crushes. I do not play hard to get, I am hard to get because they over think it and over complicate it for themselves, hang back and go to act on it when we've lost interest. Like any human being in the right mind we do not put our lives on hold to wait on someone talking to you. Then they have the cheek to assume that your the bad ass because you never took them by the hand. But your the one that feels as if your been messed around.
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    • pavlove

      if you really do not like to be chased then whats the problem with shy men since presumably you could do the chasing?

    • Shorty1991

      Like I said I've chasing men that have been sending me strong signals, I get to know them a little better rather than diving in, just to get the old "oh I've got a girlfriend" line or " I wasn't looking at you I was looking passed you" what ever! I'm fed up of being messed around. Now I'm never to hasty to let my gaurd down quickly. What can I say, I always seem to attract the guys that are taken. One guy that liked me for years had ample opportunities to talk to me and never acted on it. He just carried on doing the same thing over and over again, following me around, staring at me and standing next to me pretending to be busy. He didn't seem shy. He would talk to everyone but not me. The last guy that did this with me turned out to be paired off. Any tips on "how not to attract guys already in relationships then?

  • IndianGirl01
    BS- The first paragraph. Pls its not taught to us neither do i do it to get my things done. just about the first para i am stating this.
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  • fiodor99
    who the fuck overanalyzes this nonsense? women and men are just made to fuck up each other physically and mentally end of story. its how it happened for cavemen its how it will be till the end of mankind.
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  • DruBiEN
    Seduction works!! In the game, its the biggest strategy that never fails if used perfectly. xD xD
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  • BambooforPanda
    Gotta say this was impressive and insightful. Love love love the last couple of lines.

    For me seduction came late lol. Like you said, we learn from our parents and our fathers, so a father who finds these kinds of manipulations transparent and even annoying means you only really achieve praise or reward for being sincere.

    As a result I felt like I really wasn't good enough for anyone for a very long time.

    Then I realized it was an amazingly simple and cheap trick. And I'm even less interested in partaking lol. And more annoyed than ever at other peoples attempts to 'make me a woman'.

    Bonus time, the guys that are still paying attention to me are probably smarter than the others. Lol.
  • John_Doesnt
    "A prostitute is just like any other woman: they trade something for sex and they do it well."
    -James Taylor
    • pavlove

      lmao don't talk shit about james taylor kids will think he actually said that

    • He did say that on South Park. He even wrote a song about it.

    • pavlove

      lol south park is so real and unreal at the same time its awesome

  • Pampered
    This take was brilliant. Spot on.
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  • ManOnFire
    I find it incredibally hard to believe that guys are really lucking out as much as people are saying. If we really fail at seduction so much, why is it that male charm has worked on women for ages? To the point where a woman can even feel used for falling into his bed, plan, or her own demise? I mean, women have gone as far as KILLED for the man who sweet talked them!

    I'm sorry, it's just not convincing me. It all just seems like people would rather imagine that guys are inferior in pursuit and attraction so they don't have to realize how much women have actually given into men sexually and other ways.
  • rjroy3
    1. I've had girls chase me and absolutely loved it. Had a few relationships come from it. Still friends with those girls to this day. But I know that making a guy work for it can be successful. It's just not necessarily required tho.

    Real takeaway: don't bother understanding the "why" and just accept it for how things are, then go from there. You do better at a game, when you know the rules of play.

    But in this game things are subtle and most rules are really just guidelines. Some girls might really like you, but getting the flowers after sex weird them out and now she thinks you're clingy and is turned off. Then there are other girls that think it's a classy move. Both girls like you, but both have different responses. a lot of women just have different views of what a real man should be and because of that, a single move can be a turn on or turn off regardless of whether or not she likes you.
  • Psi_Unknown
    My opinion is basically the game sucks. Most people don't need or have time or resources for all that crap.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of forces at work, consciously or unconsciously, religiously, socially, politically, economically, ...

    Within the context of "The Game" I believe the following statement is true:

    "If you're not being chased and if you're chasing the guy things have gone very wrong..."

    Just because I am a guy doesn't mean I don't like to be chased too! The game can be just as tiring, tedious, and difficult for all parties involved.

    Sadly, games like this are a double-edged sword--girls can play games like this and be good or bad at them, but the game can become impossible or limit the ones actually playing it!

  • H2OBearer
    If a girl expects me to chase her she's going to be wondering why she's in Mexico and why I'm still in Toronto.
  • ChocoLada
    Nah, I never do that...
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    • pavlove

      lol no one buys that

    • ChocoLada

      But it's true, I always take initiative.

    • pavlove

      hows that workin out for ya?

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  • moviedude714
    girls are usually passive when it comes to meeting guys
    • pavlove

      i bet some the girls youve been in relationships played this game to an extent and you just thought they were being passive

  • Wanderingheartbeat
    Games are for children.
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  • NedfromtheNed
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  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    I play a different game, I'm the hunter ;)
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  • mystintri
    I disagree. Girls do chase. Relationships and sex.
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  • IceEverest
    I somewhat agree...
  • Gingeraleguy82
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