The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them


The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

1. The brainiac

I dated this one guy who was extremely smart. He graduated top of his class and got accepted into Harvard. The problem I had with dating him was that he concentrated too much on his studies and paid no attention to me. He also thought he was intellectually above everybody else.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

2. The gym rat

When I was in college I dated a guy who was too much into himself and not into me. He was always constantly flexing and looking at himself in any mirror he walked by. My problem with dating him was that he always was constantly weighing out his food and going to the gym. He was more infatuated with himself then he was with me.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

3. The lacrosse player

I dated this club lacrosse player at my college. He wasn't that bad really; he was friends with a lot of frat guys so we got to go to a lot of frat parties. My problem with him was that for some reason he would always need to bring his lacrosse stick with him and constantly stress about games.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

4. The bookworm

I found this gem at my local library. He was really cool and laid back, nothing ever bothered him but that bothered me so I ended up breaking up with him.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

5. The artist

He came off as brooding and mysterious so I guess that's what pulled me in. He wasn't much of a talker and was constantly sketching. My problem with him was that he gave off a dark and disturbing vibe.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

6. The criminal

Yes, I dated a criminal and I guess the reason I did it was because it gave me a thrill and appetite for adventure. Of course my problem with him was that he got arrested and sentenced to a few years in jail.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them

7. The stoner

I met this guy at a college party he was hot and older. The thing I liked about him was he gave off a bad boy type vibe kinda like the criminal I dated, but less intense because he wasn't a hardened criminal; he just liked to be rebellious and break the rules. Also, I never smoked growing up because it was forbidden in my house so I guess being with a guy who didn't give a fuck and smoked turned me on. My problem with him was that he wasn't going anywhere in life. He lived in his parent's basement and drove around in a shitty car.

Let me know what you think and if you've ever dated any of these types or can relate. I would really appreciate it.

The 7 Types of Boyfriends I've Had, And Why I Stopped Dating Them
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  • Kirah
    You really don't seem like the type of person a guy should be dating at all. You literally broke up with someone because nothing ever bothered him? Not enough drama to satisfy you, drama queen?
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  • Chief16
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  • JohnDoe3000
    So you date multiple guys of each of these 7 types and still nothing worked out (so at least 14 guys), maybe you have some issues of your own, just saying...
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    • Bandit74

      This ^^^

    • Nuala

      I think she's just dated 7 guys and these are the reasons they didn't work out.

    • @Nuala

      N-of-1 trials, great... ;-)

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  • G-Daz
    So you dated every type and it's always the guys fault? some women don't understand that logically thinking, we can't always prioritise you in life. It's life, you'll fall in the gutter if you don't get the most important things out the way or you won't go anywhere. They'll be like the last 2 guys you dated that you equally didn't like. They lacked the ambition and drive of the other guys yet you also didn't like the last guys.

    Women do not know what they want... at all
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    • They do know. They want a tall, hot rich guy who has a business that he goes to sometime to work but doesn't need to because ti runs mostly on its own. He also has strong social connection and know many wealthy people. In addition, he has a big dick, and has lots of money to spend on them.

      Women always want the well establish doctor, lawyer and high status male but never want to be around them when their busting their butt to achieve their goal.

    • @BubbleBoy69 Please enlighten me how a 24 year old man who is this bitter when it comes to girls gets an Editor status on here?

    • @Kraftmuppen The same way a mangina who defends women and shame men for speaking out on observe behavior is on here. The register and create an account.

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  • cavmanier
    "My problem with him was that for some reason he would always need to bring his lacrosse stick with him"

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  • Unit1
    "He was really cool and laid back, nothing ever bothered him but that bothered me so I ended up breaking up with him."

    Sound's like me.

    You're very picky in my opinion but OK.
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    • Glad I'm not the only one that caught this. I was going DAFAQ?

  • Lightspeed-Lemon
    Some of those are really shallow, silly reasons to break up. Like, you broke up with one guy cause nothing bothered him, and another cause he carried his lacrosse stick around? O_______O
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  • Fathoms77
    As for the last one, stoners never go anywhere in life. It's a standard rule of thumb.
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    • AhGojira

      I know so many stoners that are software developers/architect, scientists, and engineers...

    • AhGojira

      One of them was a valedictorian...

    • @AhGojira i know one who became a broker. He sells cardboard boxes to homeless people.

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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    "Nothing ever bothered him and that bothered me."

    How to identify a drama queen.
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    • I was confused about this too. I understand that some people don't realize the importance of certain things and will think that even something big such as losing their home is "no big deal", and I wouldn't want to be with someone who simply didn't care at all, but if it's someone who is simply a laid back person, I would actually prefer that.

  • Alan180188
    the problem is you wanted all of them to change for you, you didn't like the way they are cause you always thought you deserve better than them...
    women are lazy they would search for a new man rather than giving him a reason to change, you must know that a man won't change him self unless the girl is really special or he thinks she is the one ! so your reaction was the best cause apparently they were not that much interested or moved by you :)
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    • I don't think anyone should expect anyone to change themselves, no matter how you are.

    • Better idea is get to know the person better before agreeing to be in a relationship with them

    • Alan180188

      @frozenhorizon good luck finding mr. perfect ! :D

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  • Dargil
    Soo, who's on the to-do list?
    The common thread of these stereotypes is that they have something else on his mind rather than being exclusively dependent on you for their self worth. What attracted you to each one? Especially the risky and useless 6 and 7?
    My guess is rhere will be many more and nobody will measure up.
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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "He was really cool and laid back, nothing ever bothered him but that bothered me so I ended up breaking up with him."

    I thought those were positive traits. Unless you were talking about issues in the relationship that he didn't care enough about in which case I understand.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Good take - I try not to put people in types and just date the person - As you say these issues may develop as relationship deepens but I wouldn't discount a type, you may meet one that might change - Anyway you might have a subconscious red flag watch going on so you probably wouldn't initially date a person that displays the qualities of that type - I have never sworn off a type but I probably have a latent bias.
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  • Mustachekitteh
    I would have to say my favorite kind to date are programmers. Even if I don't understand what they're doing, it still fascinates me and I love to watch them at work.
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    • watch DanDoesData. He built a self driving car model live on Youtube (the driving model, not the car) and his workflow is amazing. One terminal for interactive Python, a normal file for code to be saved and a web browser to look things up.

    • I will add that if you actually want to learn then watch Sirajology, sentdex or Howard's CS50 class which is filmed like a gameshow.

  • Gommers
    Op is the kind of girl that will always be used for sex and dumped when she gets pregnant. Shit human
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    • Sadly, this is true in most cases. I have a friend like this who is a lot like this, and she is always being used by guys for sex.

  • gmanhotman
    I had a similar thing with a girl. She was kinda a stoner in highschool and her friends were to and one friend had a baby in highschool. But come the end of highschool she ended up going to college for a great program. A program very similar to my personal one. So seeing that wild side but the ability and smarts to go to college and not screw around was crazy attractive!!!
  • John_Lion_84
    There is a type no girls ever date, The Gentleman. You notice them after he get married and get kids. Well this is life and women will always complain about men and men complain about women, nothing new.
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  • JSmuve
    LOL! So what you're saying is that the reason you broke up with them is largely the reason that drew you to them in the first place. That's hilarious.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    I smoke weed, not as much as I used to, and I live on my own and have a good job. I can give it up when necessary like when I'm looking for a new job. I don't need it to be happy or function by any means.

    I've dated girls who smoked weed too. It's not. Requirement for them to but as long as they don't mind that I do it here and there. Only time it's a turn off is if weed or getting fucked up is their priority and they don't have their shit together.
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Seems like the common denomimator here is that you throw yourself at men who you probably already knew were preoccupied with other things and then get mad that they either won't give up whats important to them or completely change their personalities to give you attention because you're needy.
  • Kaazsz
    Ouch, I'm the guy that isn't bothered by anything. But I already knew that was a problem for women. I don't know why. y'all just need drama to be happy I guess.
  • Redstang88
    You covered just about every out there.
    Not sure what else you think there is.
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  • Prof_Don
    That's weird... how is a guy being calm and not letting things phase and rattle him, somehow considered a bad thing?
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  • openthedoors
    Girl those types suck. I always date the rich ones and they're the best.
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    • Djaaaaaay

      Opinion owner. What do you bring to the table when you date rich guys. ?

    • Djaaaaaay

      Opinion owner. And why is rich guys you're prefferance above all. ?

    • Your 17 please explain where your finding rich guys

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  • Freeeckles
    You forgot drummers. So incase any woman is like "oh, I'd love a drummer boy." Stawp! Abort mission, do not pass go, do not collect a million dollars.
  • red324
    I'm sure you were perfect to each and every one of these guys and never had any quirks that occasionally drove them nuts.
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    • she has much worse traits and did far worse things than the reasons she broke up with most of them. shhh self awareness is not for everyone... .

  • Diamonddogz74
    So it looks to me from #1-3 that you have dated people who have no sense of balance and get caught up in their work. #4-6 give me the impression that you are really just looking for drama. Given those, I actually suggest hanging out with #7 and learn to appreciate going nowhere for a short amount of time. Maybe learn to not expect other people to give meaning to your life and find some meaning in your own. Pot can help you do that and help you learn to sort out the bullshit for what it is. Then you'll be able to deal with #4 and #5 and you'll find #1-3 to be too silly to bother with.
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  • Relentless_Hippie
    What's up with all the angry people? They're acting like they're the ones you broke up with lol.
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    • More to the point, on how the perception of the facts can be proven by the mistakes you ladies make.

    • @Gustafsone12584 You ladies? And what mistakes are those that you're assuming I've made?

    • Its always a two way street? Your saying, nothing has changed you?

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Gals that get lured to me find it appealing that I am straightforward with them. I also get right to the point, and look for whatever is out of place in my life and hers and go on a quest to make things right. I give off a crusader vibe, that has an allure because gals seem to like a man who commits to things.

    Why doesn't it work out? Because I expect the same dedication from them. And I don't tolerate lies and deceit coming from them. I'm tenacious about investigating problems they tell me they have; but that same tenacity often indicts them in the end!

    Rather than admit they got caught, state their reasons, and offer to be better human beings somehow, they instead try to change the subject. To make it all about me.

    They go from treating me like their best friend ever, to acting like I'm some kind of cop that shows up at their door with a warrant, and they are guilty as snot.
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  • mits777
    If a guy is really hot that is all that matters girls forget about 7 or 1000 types, otherwise if a guy is ugly even if he is the best type nobody gives a fuck
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  • echoaj
    Really cool mytake. lol I don't know why you would break up with the book worm though if he was a laid back cool guy. He was perfect.
  • Rahdle
    You need to date a farmer. That'd work
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  • FantasyGeek05
    Instantly clicked because of the first picture
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  • uriborder
    its always some fat ugly bitch whose face needs to be burned (not that it would make much difference to the original face) that makes these mytakes
  • anonman32
    for the gym guy i dont know how you can get your macros in if you dont weigh off your food? thats possible though.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Sounds like a vent to me. I'm glad you got that out of your system. I just think it's funny you went anon on it.
  • SpinningDude69
    Hmm, interesting take on your dating experiences. If you don't mind me asking as it's kind of personal question, for what The criminal went to jail?

    Also, If I were you I would become more artistic with naming the types of people you have dated, that would make it even more fun to read. For example here are the few I would probably use:

    1. The brainiac - works hard plays hard player
    2. The gym rat - Narcissist
    4. The bookworm - Ignorantit Person/Ignorant or Ignorant Shiner.
    5. The artist - Mr. Mysterious or Bad Viber
    6. The criminal - Bad Boy
    7. The stoner - Drug Consumer
  • scooogy
    Sounds like basically you've dated guys who lacked of social skills.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    Your never going to be happy in life
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  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    The common factor in all these is you, So you are the problem, Loser :P
  • Djaaaaaay
    Number 4and5 is your greatest loss. ...
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    • Djaaaaaay

      Your attraction to all seven traits was your personality defects primarily in that order. This is accually about your defects passed over to another gender for your way of justifying that it just possibly couldn't be you who needs a little help.

  • Gustafsone12584
    More mistakes woman make lol
  • Flurr
    Hahaha I'm like 4 of these guys lol
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  • bobbyxx
    So you hate all men. Feminazi troll
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    • she hates all men and hates herself. confused little girl.

  • Adigelunar
    nice job-
  • Iamgodish
    I'm almost all except library
  • Anonymous
    thats trolling right? 7 TYPES (!) of boyfriends? wow that must be a quite overused vagina. oh and just by reading the reasons you broke up with them, "too laid back, "concentrated too much on his studies", hardened criminal, "not getting anywhere in life" basement dwelling bad boy etc, i know you are to be closed in an asylum... .
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  • Anonymous
    interesting exactly as i thought i wouldve thought theyd be lol
  • Anonymous
    I dated a guy that only wanted me for sex. Ended it with him quickly.
    And I briefly dated the "I can't make up my mind" guy.
  • Anonymous
    Your writing style is so deep and detailed...
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  • Anonymous
    Male or female, these types of people are the worst.