Make Her Split the Bill!


Gentlemen, Gentlemen...

The time has come. We all know it has. We take out girls who have their own money either from themselves or their parents. Hell, sometimes it's even MORE than we have and even in the face of that some girls expect us to pay for EVERYTHING.

Consider why you don't want to make her split the bill even though your logical mind tells you that this system of you paying for everything makes no sense. Even though you know it's...

-an antiquated system based on a SEXIST society that underpays women/ discriminates them in high paying positions thus necessitating the need for a man to take care of her financially

-not financially conducive given that nowadays most people are talking to MULTIPLE people all the time thus men are having to pay for 3 to 5 dates a week while women are allowed to go on upwards of 3 to 5 dates with 3 to 5 DIFFERENT men without ANY CONSEQUENCE that all PAY FOR HER. She can basically live off dates while he gets drowned in their expense...

Make Her Split the Bill!

-not truly showing that you respect the gender since you are taking an action which assumes you as provider though she doesn't NEED IT

The reason you do it anyway is because either you're a Disney character or more likely THE GIRLS ARE MAKING YOU PAY OR JUDGING WITHRDRAWING FROM YOU. This is a part of several strategies:

make him wait-----make him chase-----make him pay

This is not a conspiracy. The system is designed for two thing--to confirm you're interested and to make it impossible for you to do the same thing with every girl given that it draws heavily from two major resources: MONEY AND TIME. It is not to enslave a man but it's a system that most effectively leads to an eventual relationship with the happy byproduct of a lot of free meals. To be fair, a meal with a very boring guy isn't enjoyable even if the food isn't bad (thus how some girls are so ballsy they'll even get their food to go if she's getting bored even though he's paying.)

So, gentlemen, realize that you can never have back what you had because the world itself has changed. Women are often outearning and god bless that they are able to do so! We live in a MORE FREE America that doesn't discriminate. You can now fully expect your lady to be on your level financially and so it shouldn't hurt either of you to split. Of course, if it's a special occasion or you are going on the night out SPECIFICALLY TO SHOW HER YOU LOVE HER you pay but for a regular night at TGI...she can pay half.

I know it will be difficult. I know it feels anti-romantic but this is where we are now. There are other ways of establishing polarity in a relationship (the bedroom is really the only place you need) but when it comes to the restaurant booth WE SPLIT!


Things to consider:

-Not all women will want to date you, some will just have a rule that the guy always pays. Their mother taught it to them. They won't change it. YET many women who usually live by this rule will be impressed and swayed by your conviction and will act as you would like them to act...

-Don't make a political speech about it. Don't defend the position at all. Just say I don't do that. I have women split and leave it there. Any attempt you make at defending your position will just be interpreted as an excuse for you to be cheap.

-Be prepared to see the ugly troll under the make up facade as some will be come VERY ANGRY at this.

-Make sure you do other things to show romantic interest. Some girls will interpret this as you not being interested in them as a serious partner.

-Realize that while you lose some girls doing this, the girls you do have a the girls every guy actually wishes he had. the reality is a girl who usually pays her own and is fine with it and there's no sexual/romantic consequence for it is an amazing trait.

-Don't feel you're taking advantage of her. Remember you're the one actually respecting her dignity as an equal member of the work force and her talent as a potential millionare/billionare just like yourself

Make Her Split the Bill!
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  • UnknownReflection
    I understand the kind of battle out there. I share my opinion while i am rarely into such games. However, you have some good points to make yet i feel you've been little bit furious as well.
    -I embrace Chivalry and one of my principles is to pay for my girl. You can say all you want. This is a choice and i take it on my own.
    -A date and furthermore a relationship should be empty of such very unwise games. There must be balance, i mean even tho i strongly willing to pay, but there must understanding in the middle. And if it's not. The relationship is not going to continue and the parties are not worthy.
    -A man must be stupid if he choose to date girls who are only seeing the value of a relation with financial capability. Then he complains but yet continue being a payment slave of those kind of women and be left alone. "This" is not girl's issue. It's the stupidity of men.
    -My girlfriend has the least value for financials. She doesn't care about money. She is independent, she always wants to work hard and have an equal share. We share everything and we have an understanding. The point is what's inside my pocket is hers and what's in her pocket is mine. It's always been the same from the first day to now which is six years since we are together.

    However, for such first dates or other certain dates, i see it totally necessary to pay on my own. It's just my principle. (However my girlfriend would slap me in the fact when i say that) lol!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • snowangle
    Fun fact: it was my father, not my mother, who initially taught me that the guy always pays.

    But I've since grown up. For two years I was in a relationship with a guy who would sometimes pay, and I would sometimes pay, and occasionally we'd split. And last night I went on a first date and we split. It's not a big deal. I'm a feminist and I appreciate being treated as an equal.

    That said, I don't mind when a guy insists on paying, either. I treat people to food/drinks/whatever if I'm able. It's just being nice. But yeah, it should be a choice and not an expectation.
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    • You are different from most women. Most women only want gender roles that affect them to go away.

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  • vonasaurus
    i am pro splitting the bill and have always paid my own way on dates (since some guys tend to think that buying us drinks=sex, even in 2016). so i just eliminate the possibility of someone thinking i "owe" them by covering my own costs.

    (my boyfriend of 2 years and i take turns paying or we split. like, if he buys dinner, i pay for the movie, and vice versa.)

    that said, i agree with @Elarra that someone who is as petty/bitter as the op is not someone i want to be with.
    • pavlove

      So funny I get called bitter when really it's that i respect women Enough to not want to be with one who can't handle her own shit and am simply tired of society judging guys who realize traditional values need a serious update. Stop trying to make little passive aggressive insults it's beneath even someone like you

  • Elarra
    Lol, nope, and here's why.

    Anybody who wants to be this petty about paying for a date isn't someone I want to be with. I want to be with someone who wants to pay because the person I'll be with will be someone I want to pay for and treat and spoil.

    Money should only be a factor in a relationship if the person you're worth has terrible spending habits. But I've never believed in splitting the bill. One person or the other should pay. I pay for my guy sometimes and he's paid for me, too. But never have we ever split it. We don't care. There's other things in a relationship to be concerned about and who's going to pay for this $20 dinner bill isn't one of them.

    People are so damn petty these days...
    • pavlove

      That doesn't make sense either. But I'm not surprised you don't really understand how money works. You probably spend with no budget even in you your head like a child. Also you calling someone petty is yet another pathetic and cheap shot at a man for not doing what you want. I feel sorry as hell for any man who has to go on a date with you but I trust that he will quickly know to find a better woman than you

    • Yeah I agree. My girl paid for our first date and if she had tried to split the bill I would have probably moved on.

    • pavlove

      @notreallythere you're a weird man. why would you want another human to pay your bill that wasn't your parents when you've had every opportunity to succeed in this world.

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  • bizry8
    cheap and tacky

    I can understand why guys are frustrated, social norms dictate that the person who invites pays, but straight women NEVER initiate the date so back to square 1...

    But as the guy you should still pay, honestly how much is a cup of coffee or a walk in the park?
    • pavlove

      Some people work which means it's dinner or drinks time which is still the dominant first date. You offer no actual reason why a guy should pay except for that some people Think it's tacky. I'm surprised since guys on gag are usually more logical and less shaming

  • SarahsSummer
    switch turns. Don't split it. And how many dates with how many different girls do you need to go on to find one you want a relationship with?
    • pavlove

      Quite a few plus I don't mind all the casual sex in the process

    • So you're open to casual sex with these girls but you don't believe in buying them a cheeseburger?

    • pavlove

      No, why? What about a modern girls life needs her to have guys buy her things?

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  • arineunha
    the guy has always paid for me for a first date and he was interested in me, other times we take turns. if we hang out as friends that's different, we pay for ourselves and split the bill.

    I saw so many of these mytakes and questions on this topics for a long time now, I don't know the huge deal
  • AleDeEurope
    If she wants to act like a whore, she can find another man. Not gonna deal with a woman who expects me to pay for her. I pay if I want to, not if she wants to.
  • Iron_Man
    Yes it's long overdue, the time has come. I spent over seven years breaking my ass for my last girlfriend buying her everything she wanted, taking her to fancy European vacations, paying rent for her apartment, buying her clothes, paying for her electric bill, you name it I did it. The time has come for the woman to take care of themselves, pull their own weight. Now my new rule is after the second date that being a good sign of faith that she should split the bill with the man 50-50
    • pavlove

      Why even do the first date?

    • Iron_Man

      I dont want to be too hard on them, that's why I said a good sign of faith at first

    • snowangle

      Dude you spoiled your lady. I'm sorry she took advantage of it but I promise that there are plenty of mature, responsible women who wouldn't let you buy everything for them.

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  • Sonjita
    It's not really about the money, it's not about how much you spend. By paying on a date you show that you are generous and that she is special to you. If you're low on cash you can just take her to a coffee or ice cream or whatever you can afford, it doesn't have to be some expensive drinks or fancy dinners. The girl will still appreciate it. In my nation splitting the bill is rare. Here everyone fights because everyone wants to pay :D What we do is you pay on one date and I pay on the other. But again if the guy insists on paying all the time, it's ok, I'll just surprise him with some present or something. Those people that insist that everyone pays their own drink, count every cent and later remind you that you owe them a dollar or something disgust me.
    • dontknow12

      While I don't disagree with what you're saying, I just want to point out that guys are afraid the girl we're seeing is only interested in a free meal ticket. Which is how this whole make the woman pay thing started.

    • pavlove

      But again with the way dating has changed an average guy can easily go on three or more dates in a given week with threee different girls. and again it's a date especially a first one you aren't special to him and yet this is the one where more often the guy is expected to pay for both for no reason

    • Sonjita

      Well that's because the first date is the first impression and by the end of it you can tell if you would like to see her again, and have something more. If not, ok, don't bother, insist on splitting if you care for a couple of dollars or those principles of yours so much, but if you realise that you like her, you will probably ditch all that philosophy :P

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  • Hopefuldreamer8
    My mother raised me to pay for my own things, and I always do. It makes me very uncomfortable when people pay for me, and I am upfront about this. My mom has always believed if you want anything, you have to earn it, and you should never rely on anyone. So that's the way I live my life. Someone wanted to pay for my 30th birthday and I refused. I don't even like asking for people for help when I need it. It takes a lot for me to admit it. So not all women will feel this way about dates. I prefer it because it was the way I was raised.
  • kickme
    I disagree, I don't mind paying and I don't want a "gender neutral relationship". I prefer to pay and follow traditional male/female roles in the relationship.
    • pavlove

      That's just one element sex is really the only area a man needs to dominate everything else just demonstrates dominance but again it makes no sense given new dynamic of female earning power

    • kickme

      you need to be trusted to lead. in things like finance and automobile purchases, etc. Unless you are a dumbass. Otherwise you will get pushed into making bad choices.

  • englisc
    I'm more traditionally minded myself. I don't mind paying for dates. Often when meeting girls here they would say that they couldn't meet me because they didn't have money, and I'd have to reassure them that it's fine, I'll pay for it. Most would eventually agree to a date and appreciate it. I liked that because these girls cleary didn't feel entitled to my money. Maybe that's more of a problem elsewhere, I don't know, but in the UK this has been my experienced.

    Having said that, some have been like the girls here. It wouldn't bother me so much if they weren't so hypocritical with it. These same women are very quick to whinge about sexism and gender roles in almost every other area than this. In fact the girls I dated were less feminist minded than these women seem to be. You'd think these women constantly complaining about the mythical wage gap and all that stuff would expect to pay their share, but they don't. And then, they have the nerve to call men "cheap" or "petty" for not paying for them?

    I remember one girl I met who on the first date, after I bought a few rounds of drinks, went on about "cheap men" taking her on inexpensive dates. Then, she told me how she was working and saving her money for something, I can't remember as I'd lost interest in her by this point. But basically she expected a man to spend money on her while she saved all of hers for herself. No thanks.

    So basically while I don't mind paying for girls who are appreciative and aren't hypocritical, spoiled, entitled, fuck the ones who are.
  • Izumiblu
    Im fine with you doing this. Just count me out. There'll be other girls out there that are good with this.

    First and foremost there is just a social etiquette that should be followed. The host pays, whether its a guy or a girl. There's no need to sit down and start splitting a check, its a dinner for goodness sake. If its really that big a deal to you, then find a gal that values things the same way. Just do me a favor, when you ask me out tell me that you want me to pay my part and give me the option to say no thanks, i dont wanna be your half guest. I think that's fair. I think its reasonable for you to go do your own thing and find people that share your value on this.
    • Lol if you do it like that it's gonna be the guy who ends up paying everytime because lets be real how many women EVER ask out a guy

    • Izumiblu

      @DanReynolds i asked out my current boyfriend, the money is not importnt to me

    • pavlove

      Lol that again doesn't hold up as men by far are expected to ask the girl out although again that's based on a system where men would exercise more power and freedom and though a woman simply couldn't ask a guy out. Anyway it also doesn't hold up because both people putting their cards on a bill can literally be done at the same time and then you sign a bill at the same time literally nothing abou that is time consuming. See the reason what you say makes no sense is because you're trying to bend logic to rationalize the fact that you want something based on emotion and not logic. It's really it just dinner it's the fact that it contradicts everything that female empowerment and gender equality is about. That being said yes I'm upfront morally I'm glad to know if a girl doesn't have any dignity or understanding of what women went through to give her financial freedom

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  • juliaaa
    who the fuck has three to five dates a week? I stopped reading at that point because that's just made up- not typical at all.
    • pavlove

      lol because I'm a male? I meet girls on the street all the time mostly coffee shops a few numbers a week there some tinder numbers a few from the bar then I also see girls i hook up with multiple times befor usually I have to end it because she wants a commitment. It's more weird because one would why the hell I would want so many girls to have to talk to

  • Mofunfour20
    Id rather just say this "time its my turn." Then the next time a payment occurs and she forgets, I take that as a sign of, "this ain't mutual." Splitting it is gonna complicate shit
    • pavlove

      nah that doesn't make any more sense than one person paying the bill. why do some people seem to think putting two cards on the bill is a lot of work?

    • sure its still simple but what if there's some where she wants to take you?

    • pavlove

      i'm a grown person no one of either gender takes me out somewhere unless it's my birthday or something. if she wants to show me a place we can go together and split the bill. see, going to restaurants, vacationing, buying stuff is a reward of a job well done of a life well lived of a producer who's made something that people want even if its just a job thats a hire to someone else who made it. we can celebrate that success with this entertainment but not if one gender sucks up the success of one while enjoying their own. i don't care if it makes them feel special. consider this, women even ugly women like to say no hookups. in fact, ugly women especially like to have this policy why? because although they'll never be taken seriously as a girlfriend they enjoy the power that being able to control something men desperatly want. do women really want men to stop wanting to hook up? it would be a whole new ball game. just think about how'd you'd change on a date if you had no interest

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    To be honest I wouldn't mind paying the whole bill for the guy. Just to be nice.
  • Bandit74
    I think you made a great point about people seeing multiple people at a time. So the woman would be getting multiple free meals a week while the man is paying for multiple meals. You also have to consider what a waste that is for the man over time if most of the dates never evolve into anything sexual/romantic.

    I also don't really see the logic in the "whoever asks pays" argument that everyone keeps bringing up. What is it about asking that makes you obligated to pay? you're both taking a risk on eachother and willinly giving them time that you could have used elsewhere. Besides the logic of whoever asks pays doesn't seem to apply anywhere else. Like if a girl starts a new job and one of her female coworker asks her if she wants go out for drink after work she isn't going to expect her coworker to pay just because she asked. But suddenly when it comes to dating and the guy is the one asking then suddenly he's morally obligated to pay =.=

    Another thing to consider is that girls aren't really consistent in holding this expectation. The same girl who expects you to pay to take her out has probably sent nudes/had sex with men who didn't spend a dime on them. Now, personally I would rather be THAT guy. He got the better deal if you ask me. I also find it somewhat insulting if a girl was willing to sleep with other men without expecting anything from them in return but then with me they aren't even going to go on a second date unless I pay for the first one?

    The way I see it is the more a girl desires you the less she expects from you before being willing to sleep with you. So if she's going to lose interest in you just for not wanting to pay for the first date then she probably wasn't that attracted to you in the first place and didn't see much value in you. Or at least its safe to say she is not as into you as she was with the men who she slept with free of expectations.
  • cth96190
    Better idea: stay home alone.
    Advantages: no cost; no risk of a false rape allegation; no potential for a lifetime of child-support payments; no having to deal with a batshit insane woman (a quarter of Western women are on prescription psychiatric medication).
  • lostgirl_searching
    Funny how I was getting hated for thinking this.
    I will pay for the whole thing when I plan date night. Even if my boyfriend pays I still want to at least pay half if the food I ordered was pricey.
  • oddwaffle
    The probably of the guy paying for the date is directly correlated with his desire to get into her pants.

    While I agree with you, the Neanderthal within is starting to use Math on me. I can't win.

    Can somebody give me the statistics on the relation between the probably of a guy paying for the date and his chances of getting into her pants within the 1st and 2nd date?
  • Darkone1
    Lol, I was 100% sure this topic will appear again this month. Girls will say "You are pity but the truth is you are actually pity cuz you make the issue of it"

    I mean She will make 1000 excuses but won't pay to hide the fact that, She is pity.
  • yellowmamba024
    It's okay for the guy to pay all every now and then. It's great to be a gentlemen. However, there is absolutely no way the guy has to pay for both all the time. I mean women have their own careers now right? Their feminism kicks in and tell them how they don't need to depend on men right? Well if that's the case, time for women to not be hypocrites and put their money where their mouths are and start paying for their own meals.
    • pavlove

      Exactly. And do you see the so called women commenting on this take. Their main arguments are

      It's not a big deal (well obviously not when you just sit there letting a stranger pay your meal )

      The author is bitter (obvious distraction technique that has little to with the topic even if it were true which it isn't)

      I'd respect them more if they were just honest and say hey I like free meals I like the ego boost and the lack of having to pay but that will seldom happen

      I am surprised by how many women are pro bill splitting though gives me hope
      For this site

  • archiz
    that s pretty relative.
    now usually in Lebanon we have more traditional values and a lot of the guys usually pay and men is seen as the main provider.
    Now in my opinion, the one who asked the person out should pay.
    If it was planned by both parties then both pays.
    I actually don t like it much when guys pay and usually take the bill before they can try to pay themselves.
    I usually think paying for the date should actually come later when you re both actually together and work as one. Then it s not between us anymore sometimes I pay and sometimes he pays it doesn t matter anymore cause we work together.
    • pavlove

      i like this a lot actually. still, how do you address the fact that these "rules" were made up when men were seen as the top providers and the job economy reflected this in better pay and better job opportunity. now the only thing keeping men paying for dates is the shame they feel for not living up to their "responsiblities" even though again those were made when they were was an unequal distribution of income among the genders

    • archiz

      well I don t live in the states so men here usually have more advantages and are usually the main providers.
      Other than that I still hold on some traditional values and I see women should be a bit more protected since you have pregnancy and taking care of the child.
      So I still think males should take on more on the financial issues if the couple is planning on having kids.

    • pavlove

      taking care of a child... birth control. abortions. no woman has to take care of anything she doesn't want to...

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  • OhComeOn
    When I go out with a guy we always split the bills, so yeah, I agree with you.
  • Unit1
    "Be prepared to see the ugly troll under the make up facade as some will become VERY ANGRY at this."

    Which is why I always would carry this thing with me when the angry and overly emotional invasions are coming from the entitled person

    Always prepared :P

    So freaking true!
  • Tony1974
    I remember being unemployed and a fat girl asked me out from an on-line dating site after I told her that she had a cute face. (she would have looked good if she lost about 30 pounds; proportional anyways) I still ended up paying for the date though she took me to her favorite japanese steak house. I gave her great advice about her job situation too. She got a big raise and was driving a BMW the next year.

    She wanted to get in my bed that night. I made her sleep on the couch.
    • pavlove

      No shame if fatties your game ha

    • Tony1974

      I passed. I was depressed and looking for outlet. Not into fatties... that's why she slept on the couch.

  • Pyrofox
    I mean really wish women would catch on to this. Like honestly willing to at least come half way. Is only going to fuel a guys urge to do chivalry acts. When women particularly greedy girls demand that the guy pay the bill. Its like a million lightbulbs go off explaining why they dont have a guy. If you dont show you got what it takes to be the other half in a relationship no one is going to want to take the risk. I mean at the end of the day dates and relationships are expensive.

    Kinda the way how I look at it is like trying to light a fire with gasoline. If its liquid there's never going to be enough oxygen for it to burn. But if you finesse it and get the air to spark ration just right you get a nice fun reaction. That can be addictive.
  • samhradh_leannan
    I'm more than happy to split the bill (or take turns paying). But personally I think it's very romantic when the guy pays for the first date. And if he doesn't at least offer to, I'll wonder if he had a good time. But if he pays for the first date, I'll pay for the second.

    I get where you're coming from, and I agree with you. Women should be paying their fair share. Just don't forget that there are ways to make sure your relationship is equal without being rude about money. Be tactful with how you treat this, and you'll come out ahead. But if you do this in a way that makes your date feel crummy, you'll lose lots of opportunities. Don't make her feel like you're assuming that she won't be willing to pay unless you throw a fit.
  • Adigelunar
    That's what I offer everytime I go out with a Guy
    • pavlove

      Guys are impressed more than you know even if they don't take you up on it

    • do you mean it though or you say it out of courtesy? do you leave a big ass sigh when he insists to pay... ?

    • Adigelunar

      @supernerd99 Umm I give mine n say to the waiter that we will pay seperately if he insists I say no if he keeps then I give up but usually they dont mind it in the and they dont have to pay for me I find it weird

  • jamesma87
    Most women nowadays are more than happy to split the cost of meals, but paying for the first date is usually a nice feather in your cap since it shows you CAN look after her (which girls that are looking for a relationship will value).

    Personally I dont mind paying but I also expect the girl to pay for future meals occasionally to balance things out a bit. Simply saying "I'll take care of it this time, you can get the next one" is good enough to establish that you are self respecting and not just going to wine and dine a woman all the time, essentially buying her affection.
    • pavlove

      lol tell that to all the guys who get the text after paying for a meal "i just don't think we have chemistry" women can' be just as dirty about it as guys

  • AlphaMale1
    When early dating I let it be known up-front that we go dutch. We both pay for what we order.

    The reason is there are people out there who only date for "free food". I am serious.

    There is no commitment from either person. If they want both agree to have a date at a place where it will cost money, go dutch.

    I have found it is better to go on dates that are out in the open and free. There are a lot of beaches in Michigan so a walk on a breakwall is a good date. Another good date is go grocery shopping. If both are single then both know about shopping for food. There is huge common ground here and you can really learn a lot about your date if you pay attention. Don't fill up a shopping cart with stuff. A few items, even if you don't need them today you can always use them later.
    This is great advice that you give to straight guys. You have a point.
  • Blitzkrieger
    I simply won't go out with girls who dont pay for their own stuff.
  • fuuuark
    "Not all women will want to date you, some will just have a rule that the guy always pays" those women are by definition prostitutes
  • HoneyButterCup525
    That's tacky
    • pavlove

      Gold digger

    • Whatever its your mytake lol

    • pavlove

      damn right lol.

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  • rjroy3
    For the most part I've always just asked for two checks on the first date. If she has a problem with it she can bring it up to talk. But no girl has and if they didn't say anything. Paying has never been make or break it for a date. And the only bad experience I've had is a first date I did pay for lol. To me it's not really about the money. It's about investment and whether or not she really likes me for me. That in her mind I am enough for her time and that I don't have to spend money in order for her to spend time with me. But I'm also banking on the fact she likes me.

    • pavlove

      That's a good point too so many guys get friendzoned after the free meal and a lot is no investment on the woman's part besides time. Personally while I haven't usually had the girl pay anything i have had her drive to my neighborhood. It seems to workout better

  • umngopher1991
    Jesus, I just listened to this radio segment and it sums up a lot of girls at my university who claim to be "strong, independent feminists".

    These same "feminists" still strongly believe in male traditional gender roles. So much for equality.
    Real strong independent feminists, in my experience, work their tails off, don't complain, get the job done, and see absolute TRUE equality between men and women. They don't rely on a social movement to get ahead in life.
  • AriadneSky
    I've never let a guy pay for me.
  • Anonymous
    There is nothing wrong with either side of the line and everyone needs to stop trying to make the other side feel guilty... they just aren't the one for you... cut your loses and find who is. That's the point to dating after all, finding someone who fits you and the whole taking the bill issue is a step to finding someone who will fit you.
  • Anonymous
    Wow you mean are cheap as hell!! Pay for yourself and your lady geez. Your wallets so small that you need to start a "make her pay" movement to feel better. What's going on over here.

    Increase your finances fellas. It's ok for a girl to pay, if she wants. And if on a regular casual lunch, by all means. But you're talking about outings like dinner. You guys make me sick, that I wish I had a toilet emoji to express it. Shame.
    • pavlove

      again with the finances! you have no idea what money i make. it's certainly a ton more than i need to take women out but what you choose to miss as you suck up to women is LOGIC. she has had every chance to make money. if she's out with me she probably has a job and money since i choose not to interact with people who don't both have their own money and family money because i find i have nothing in common then you want a man to pay for it because that's tradition? just get out of here dude... you don't know what you're talking about you're just a chump loser

    • Anonymous

      I suppose I am just a chump loser... THAT CAN pay for his lady when we go out on a date and don't need to battle the "tradition" with some "LOGIC" speech to make myself feel better about needing women to help out on a dinner bill. Of course I don't know your wallet exactly, this isn't me trying to analyze your personality or your exact financial status mate. It's about your need to explain why woman should pay equally on a date or outing.

      I could go into a huge amount of detail, on why this is pathetic and sad truly that men now feed the NEED to make woman pay half, but i can determine that you're already well deep into your mindset that this is what is necessary, so debating is useless here.


    • pavlove

      Lol well at least you admitted to not knowing wth you're talking about and the fact that i have a lot of money totally destroys your argument but hey sucks to be you I'm sure you've sunk a lot of money on dates that could have been used for vacationing through south of France hooking up and the like but hey at least women think you're a good boy

  • Anonymous
    I would gladly split the bill if a guy would gladly split the house chores/rasing children. I woman split the bill if a guy is liberal only when he's expected to pay.
    In my country, all couples split the bill and men always says it's a gender equality but they never share house chore never ever
    • Anonymous

      *i won't. Not i woman

    • pavlove

      absolutely men should do chores. male dominance as part of the gender role should only be in the bedroom as well as in the relationship in terms of how the two relate and interact with one another but to do these behaviors that are these antiquated means of showing you're a man or you're the woman are entirely cultural and unnecessary nowadays.

    • Which country are you in?

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  • Anonymous
    I doubt u can daye a girl actually, u sound like a shallow misarable looser, lol.
    I d pay for ur meal too and then block u everywhere, lol
    I need a strong MAN near me, and real males dont have a problem to pay for girls
    • pavlove

      lol you're like a cartoon of the girl I'm talking about saying a real man pays any idiot can see that's a way of controlling someone through using shame as a weapon do what I say or you're not a real man thing is many women today aren't like this so we really hav no reason to care what you think troll

    • fuuuark

      If you need a guy to pay for things in order for you to date him, you are by very definition a prostitute! he is basically paying to date you, and in turn he needs to make this payment to sleep with you, you are a whore ahhaha

  • Anonymous
    You wouldn't believe the amount of women I go on first dates with that rant and rave about how independent they are and successful and empowered yadadada more independence rants and then when it comes to going out to eat the minute I say let's split the bill, the look on these independent women's faces are priceless, a look of anger mixed with rage.
    • pavlove

      Exactly and instead of trying to make sense of it we have to be men make a decision and put an end to it. We really only have ourselves to blame for this antiquated system still going on

  • Anonymous
    I dunno I reckon if you split, you send the message that you're just a friend.

    I think it's opposite to most pua's who claim 100% if you don't pay you're a lover automatically. Yeah or you could be viewed by the girl as a dick. And not a lovable dick, but someone they not only won't sleep with, but will bad mouth to everyone else.

    I reckon you pay if you wanna signal you like them. And if she starts playing games acting innocent because of that then fine, don't date her.

    But offer to pay, otherwise I think you're just friednzoning yourself if you make her split it.
    • pavlove

      I reckon you should try it before you knock it

    • Anonymous

      I mean I have tried and found it gives off a friends vibe tbh. I'm not saying you pay for someone you don't like, if you don't like the girl, then don't continue to date her. The girl should also be impressing you for you to like them. If you do though, I reckon you make a gesture which shows interest. I mean I think if you pay for a female friend then she should take that to mean you like her. Otherwise I'd split it with her. I would consider it weird if she somehow thought of me a friend in the former and a sexual being in the latter lol.

  • Anonymous
    Count me out. I don't even let lady friends pay so I sure as hell won't let her pay on a date.
    • pavlove

      chump lol

    • Be careful , some women will easily take advantage of that, sad but you can't always be the one to pay for everything

  • Anonymous
    I totally agree. I don't mind paying for a girl but, I wouldn't pay for a girl because I'm being expected to. I'll only pay if I think she's good to me and I wanna give her a treat. Chivalry and courtship are out of date. Obviously they will love it because it's beneficial for them and obviously it will stick around for some time because many guys think that this is the only way to get a girl or because being that way puts you beyond the competition. Later they do realize that among the "chivalrous" ones is where the competition is most fierce.
  • Anonymous
    the hypocrisy of feminism:
    "treat me equally!"
    "men should pay the bill cause... vagina"... .
  • Anonymous
    This is pretty much necessary if you don't make a lot of money and want to actually try dating. It can get expensive. Women need to understand that we don't owe them anything.
    • pavlove

      Even if you make a lot I mean before you are with someone dating is abou meeting a lot of people it shouldn't be women being taken out by all these different guys and men taking tons of women out. Not in a day and age where we make the same and treat women bad equals and not inferiors

    • Anonymous

      Even if you make a lot you don't owe women anything, it's annoying that so many women feel entitled to special treatment. How can I take take them seriously when they act like they deserve better treatment than me?

  • Anonymous
    Absolutely. It's pathetic how women want everything to be advantageous to them.

    These are the new rules:
    -1. She will pay for half and make half the effort.
    -2. She will sleep with you before you decide if you want a relationship.
    (2) Now that we know that most will, let's just expect it. I figure that's fare trade for putting up with the craziness.

    In the end we are men. Women do want us and need us. They are doing anything they can to become us. We just have to demand what we want in the end they will have to accept it. And they are too unorganized and so prone to emotional tangents they take forever to influence change and usually it gets muddled up by emotions along the way. Just look at feminism. They acted like such retards now even many women hate it. Lol
  • Anonymous
    Solid. I hate when women look at us as disposal ATM machines.