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Splitting the bill is amazing!

Splitting the bill is amazing!

No one owes anybody anything

This is as simple as it gets. I pay for myself and he pays for himself (or we take turns but we'll need to be committed to each other first). That way no one can blackmail you into some kind of debt and he won't even think or mumble, that he's been used for a free meal. Besides it is more comfortable this way. You can focus more on the things, that do matter.

Splitting the bill is amazing!

There is no pressure or hard feelings

No figuring out if the other person pays for it. Or that the other will be offended. Most of the times at least. There is no reason to feel like using someone or being used by someone. Plus you stand out from those, that expect men to pay for them.

Splitting the bill is amazing!

It is simple

No idea why some folks still make a big deal out of it. Life works this way. If you want something, you work for it. It has always been like that. Like it or not. I do, so deal with it.

Splitting the bill is amazing!

It signals that we are equals

To oblivion with those silly and ancient stereotypes and double standards.

Splitting the bill is amazing!

We women are no longer helpless little princesses in need of rescuing. We'll do the rescuing ourselves and meet our partner halfway there... or we might even go a few steps further if we like to. No one is above the other. There is no feeling like it.

Ain't nothing better than that anyway

Like what's the alternative? With so many users, rebounds, gigolos and gold diggers among the people the risks and drawbacks and second thoughts of only either paying is simply not worth it.

Keep it simple, keep it casual, keep it low pressure and focus on each other 💕💞 it will be fun!

That's the way to go 💗

Splitting the bill is amazing!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Paul09
    Why you anonymous? You're are totally right. I'll never get why 2 grown ass adults can't be logical. This isn't the 50s anymore. Funny how they hung on the the man has to pay for everything. You also were not able to vote, or do much but be a house wife.. You were being paid to be a house wife? So was it about the love or the pay? How wasted hundreds of dollars on so many unsuccessful dates. All I get was rejection and a empty wallet? Wow super fair. But 1 time a girl paid for my drink! I was surprised and impressed.
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    • Anonymous

      Have you seen the shitstorm of gold diggers and sugar daddies here? Yeah, that is why I am anonymous. They can't accept, that others with differently and more practically in our current times.
      Yes, they are adults behaving like they're little kids 🙄

    • Anonymous

      others think differently*

Most Helpful Girl

  • Bee-Hatch
    Quite right too.
    Couple of hundred years ago women couldn't own property or have significant money of their own. The only way a man could get a date and eventually marry was to pay her way. It's how it worked.
    Now we can earn, we can own things beyond clothes. So yeah we should be footing our share of the bills. To do otherwise is frankly being a leach and clinging to a set of rules that put us on the back foot when it comes to equality.
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    • AzzaBlue

      Exactly, thank you. Try telling that to the simps on this discussion thread.

    • Bee-Hatch

      You always get this a lot of men with small dicks trying to enter a dick swinging contest.

    • Unit1

      "men with small dicks trying to enter a dick swinging contest"

      Bloody brilliant!
      And then they resort to insults as well. Just like back in middle school. Ugh. Some people never grow out of it.

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  • Apope16
    I am a huge believer in splitting the bill! a wonderful take! Women are doctors and lawyers and professionals these days. There is no reason at all for a man to be paying the whole bill. WOmen are not the weaker sex.
    • Anonymous


  • MzAsh
    My man was the one to ask me out in the beginning, and he offered to pay so I accepted. As our relationship progressed, I pitched in as I felt it was the right thing to do. We have found that splitting the bill (or taking turns) makes it easier. There’s no room for one to feel as if they’re putting in more. It evens the power balance. It’s been working well!
  • Ellie-V
    I enjoy free food, it tastes better 😉 but I don’t “date” or get involved with that kind of stuff. I say do whatever you want because you are an adult capable of making your own decisions!
    Anyone insulting you for that Choice is bored and needy for attention in the worst way.
    • Anonymous

      I see mostly gold diggers and sugar daddy got butthurt here

  • VanillaSalt
    Dating and marriage are social contracts that have been around for hundreds of years. The purpose of dating is to find a suitable partner for a marriage contract. The man pays for the woman’s time and interest and the women hears his “argument” why he’s the best choice. Marriage on the other hand is when both partners recognize what each other brings to the table and dives up the work.

    The contracts still exist the but rules, reasons, and expectations of each have changed. Before women had value to men based off their looks, age, fertility, and personality. Men are not told we can’t use half of these to value women because it’s sexist and wrong.

    These days many men and women date for sex and companionship. It’s rarely about something real but instead about not being alone. Women these days not only do not seem to care what men want but actively put men down for it. I’ve been put down many times for wanting a woman who will take care of my home and kids so tell me why I should invest I. Something that won’t be there 10 years from now? For what I consider a real woman I’ll invest everything. My money, my time, my future, and even my life... for sex and companionship... your barking up the wrong tree. You offer nothing I want.
    • Coulis

      I love this answer.

      "For what I consider a real woman I’ll invest everything. My money, my time, my future, and even my life...".

      I will say that sex & companionship are highly important parts of a marriage.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I don't know where we go from here. Women want to be independent and strong and masculine men overwhelmingly want submissive, somewhat dependent, feminine women. Men want home makers women want to be career girls while still having life. Men want kids women don’t until their ready without thought to the men. Women hold all the power in everything. What’s the alternative to women being selfish, ugly, spiteful, hateful, child hating animals? Men won’t just completely go sexless. When men no longer care for and love women society will fall. We’re starting to see this with groups like red pill and mgtow. Sex and companionship is necessary for people to remain human... without this. Well I foresee with the social divide more hated, murder, rape, and general violence in or near future.

    • R4zor

      I first dislike your stuff but wise words sorry about the prejudgment

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  • JEndigoBleue
    Yeah, I prefer sharing the bill in the getting to know each other phase. If he decides he wants to pay, ok. Visa versa.

    If I'm his "woman" he will pay no question. I bet not try to grab the bill. It will offend him. Annd, In return, I don't mind treating him special. Because he's my "man".
  • AzzaBlue
    Right on girl. You have my respect. Sadly though, you are a rare breed in western cultures which instead wants promote entitlement and parasitism. And don't listen to blokes who give you shit for having integrity as they are pathetic simps who crave female validation to justify their pathetic existence.
  • kboy808
    I was raised old school I guess. I will always try to get the bill. It's has nothing to do with i. o. u or you owe me. I expect one thing out of dinner. And that's to enjoy your dinner and have a great time. I would feel terrible if a lady has to pay for my dinner. To me as long as she offers, insists or just show the intention of trying to pay is more than enough for me.
  • MiSitio
    I feel kinda weird when a guy pays for my dinner, like I have to return the favor later or I don't have my own money. We need equality in both sides.
    Also it's nice when he pays when he feels like it or I pay another times, but not forced you know..
  • Not_Average
    If I’m a broke college student, sure. As a grown adult, I take on the bill. I can afford it, and I don’t want my date to have to worry about money. I just want them to enjoy themselves. I generally pay for friends if I invite them out as well. It’s not that big of a deal in my opinion
  • Dovbledvtch
    If A Guy Asks Me Out , He Will Offer To Pay For Both Meals Because HE ASKED ME OUT.. Even If I Said “Oh No! I Got It” & Pull Out My Debit Card , He’ll Tell Me To Put It Away.

    When A Man Is Asking You Out , He Is Making A Gesture To Impress You. He Wants You To Feel Like You Are Secure & Stable With Him. I’ve Never Met A Man Who Wants Me To Split A Bill With Him Unless We Are Dating & I Wanted To Pitch In & Spoil Him. But Even Then , They’ll Tell Me To Put My Card Away Sometimes Because MOST MEN Want To Feel Like The Provider, Rather You’re Committed Or Not..

    If I Invite You , I’m Paying For You.. No Questions Asked. Me & My Girls Could Just Be Going Out To Eat For A Fun Girls’ Night & I’ll Pay Because I Invited Them. It’s Common Courtesy To Do So.

    NEVER Invite Someone ANYWHERE , Get There, & Ambush Them With “Oh , You Guys Have To Pay For Yourself” , It’s Rude & Inconsiderate. At Least Tell Everyone BEFOREHAND That They Have To Take Care Of Themselves Because I Haven’t Met A Women Who Ever Had To Pay For Herself ON A FIRST DATE. It’s Crazy
    • msc545

      This is b*******. Men always ask women out and women rarely asked me out so of course you've set it up so that men have to pee all the time no matter what. This is part of why I really dislike women.

    • msc545

      Well, this is what happens when you try to talk into your phone at 6 in the morning as opposed to just getting on the damn computer.

    • Well Sir , You Are Dating The Wrong Women 🤣 Because I Have Asked My Men Out On Dates & Have Paid For The Entire Get Together 🤣‼️ So The Women You Tend To Take Out Is Bullshit. Not My Comment.

      I Clearly Stated That When I Invited ANYBODY Male Or Female , Friend Or “Buddy” , I Offer To Pay Because I Invited Them.

      Stop Inviting These Nice Ladies Out If You’re Going To Cry About It Later. It’s All About Having Fun & Enjoying Eachother’s Company Anyways. Why Make Everything About Money, Money , MONEY?

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  • modelUN242
    I agree. One time though, a guy friend asked me to eat with him at a restaurant cause his date bailed and I felt bad. I was planning to pay my own but he insisted but I never saw this as a date anyways, so whatever. It was a waste on his part because I wasn't interested. I'm old school, but I think splitting is the obvious cause of the world we live in.
  • Kas19
    That's what we do. I don't like codependency. My boyfriend and I split everything and take turns paying for things.
  • Needtovent
    My boyfriend and I don’t ever split bills, we simply take it in turns to pay which works nicely for us
  • bamesjond0069
    "That way no one can blackmail you into some kind of debt..." has this ever happened? You got your applebees dinner paid for then he said you owe me or ill ruin you, ill tell everyone you let me pay for you bwhahaha. This is actually a female fantasy and completely made up. Its a story in popular culture because women use this as an excuse to be a slut. "I just had to sleep with him because I ordered a steak" umm no, you slept with him because you're a slut.

    "Plus you stand out from those, that expect men to pay for them." This makes you stand out as someone shitty for a long term relationship. And there is a middle ground between gold digger with high expectations from men vs someone who doesn't allow a man to spend money on her. Why not just be APPRECIATIVE of a man who spends money on you? That is what men are actually looking for.

    "We women are no longer helpless little princesses in need of rescuing. We'll do the rescuing ourselves..." And this is why more women than ever before in the history of the world are single in their 30s and on with only cats for children wondering why men want to have sex with them but not date them.
    • Agreed, this Lady has red flags springing up all over the show.

      "You can focus more on the things, that do matter." Like how she doesn't need a man in her life to stand on her own 2 feet.

    • How she paying half the bill makes her look worse for a long term relationship? That only shows she is not a child and can provide for herself.

    • @ThisIsMyOpinion most men want to at least partially take on the masculine role. Most women want a man to at least partially take on a masculine role. If this doesn't happen just sets everything up for failure. Usually its mostly the lower half of men in terms of overall attractiveness like a woman to split the bill or very overall attractive men who aren't serious and just want sex. Im assuming she's a somewhat normal girl and wants a traditional attractive male ie confident works hard trys to excel at everything he does had morals etc. So in which case he's not going to see her as wife material if she is paying for stuff.

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  • genericname85
    exactly! i don't understand why women don't get this normally... should be common sense. if you don't wanna be the woman that stays in the kitchen, pay for your own fucking food.
  • jshm2
    Sure! If you don't want any dates, relationships or business networking meetups to last past the table.

    So called "splitting the bill" usually means you saw no value in paying for the person you spent the last hour or so with.

    You might as well have flipped them the bird.
    • Sleevey

      That’s a two sided coin, if she expects you to pay it demonstrates a need to be enticed monetarily to spend time with you, you are nothing but a meal and money ticket. Another word for it is prostitution !

  • Guido
    Maybe I'm just old fashioned but if I asked a woman out then I expected to pay and even if she offered, I paid. It was never about was she going to put out because I paid for the date. It was because I invited her and it was the right thing to do.
    • msc545

      Great. Guys like you make it terrible for all of us.

  • HikerDude
    The deal is, I'm very fond of the feeling of the inside of a pussy massaging my dick, so splitting the bill is something I would never really consider.
    • msc545

      @HikerDude Use a prostitute, Cheaper than some date, better sex, guaranteed sex, and a much nicer person.

    • HikerDude

      @msc545 prostitutes are mostly not attractive, and most of them are diseased drug addicts. Everyone thinks that all strippers and hookers look like Jessica Simpson ca. 2005, but they actually look more like a woman from the local trailer park walking down the side of the road with a can of gas while smoking a menthol cig.

    • msc545

      I think he might be looking for prostitutes in the wrong places

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  • psychoticanimaIIover
    Of course. Why does it even need to be a discussion? This shit is cray.
  • Solo22
    I think it's a good idea. It shows that you are both serious enough to spend your own money in an honest attempt to get to know someone.
    • msc545

      Women think that just showing up is enough.

  • douride2
    I have always paid my own way. Doing this really seems to upset some guys.
    • Unit1

      Yeah, it upsets those sugar daddies, who want to buy women 😂
      They wanna buy a woman, they ought to go to the brothel. There their money is gladly taken.

  • Dsg1193
    I don’t like the idea of going Dutch. If we are in the early stages of dating, the guy should court the woman. Once we are exclusive then yeah we can go Dutch or I’ll pay then
    • mimia396

      Exactly. Your the first person I've seen talk about courting. As if courting and equality cannot go hand in hand. Especially early stages a man should court you by paying. It's not just about the money... it just shows qualities he has like he is caring, thoughtful etc. And obviously as time progress uts reciprocated! I asked a similar question yesterday on here and I was called a prostitute for expecting to be courted in early stages of dating lol

    • Dsg1193

      @mimia396 the 4 people that disliked this comment are all cheapos lol

    • @mimia396
      Why do you expect the guy to pay before being exclusive when you won't pay for yourself before being exclusive with the guy?

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  • WOW! Some of them blue's opinions. It is no wonder why some women start to hate men 😣🙁

    Anyway I agree with that 100% 💓 There is nothing like making your own money, doing simple dating and splitting the bill. I did it before several times and I loved them all. I would happily do so again.Splitting the bill is amazing!Splitting the bill is amazing!
    • Strong women are great but women confuse strength with bitchy ness and entitlement... I’m not down with that take you attitude somewhere else I won’t take you abuse... that’s why I’m single now lmao

    • Unit1

      @VanillaSalt i have seen them before too. And my opinion is that strong women don't have such a bitchy attitude and if they have a bitchy attitude, then they can hit the road.

  • nodnol32
    Very well said. It makes things and life so much easier.
  • Kit_Kat88
    No it’s not unless they’re friends and not a date or partner. Splitting the bill feels too much like friendship and takes out the romance out of dating. It’s how a gentleman acts when they pay the bill
  • Iron_Man
    If you want to split the bill Go ahead and make my day
  • slimguyasks
    I always paid unless girl insisted. Most did not.
    Never was a problem for me even if nothing worked out later.
  • chrissykerdock
    i prefer the man paying and i prefer paying for my meal via a blowjob... it makes me feel sexy and beautiful... i like chivory!
  • DavidFox
    I know right, in fact why not just go all the way and be independent? That’s right, just go to the restaurant on your own and you get the freedom and can pay your own way, very simple.
  • Or just pay for your own meals. Lol. I’m a cheapskate and I’m proud of it. Some good Practicality over extravagance anyday 👍
  • The way I see it, the man should always be able to pay, but not expected to, 100% of the tim eff. 60-40 is reasonable
  • Alyssa11
    Lol an anonymous feminist. This place is going into shambles.
  • TayTay21
    Any guy who wants to split the bill won't be splitting anything else with me.
    • nathanp97

      So splitting the bill helps rule out women who don't believe in equality? Sounds like a good reason not to pay.

    • TayTay21

      @nathanp97 you can use all that money you save not dating on lube and cam credits lol

    • nathanp97

      Ya, but from the comments it seems there are lots of quality women who are fine with splitting the bill. + if enough men take a stand im sure we can force women to except splitting the bill, or they will be the ones buy porn subscriptions and donor sperm.

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  • ct1243
    I’m not going half in with a man if he offers to take me to dinner. No thanks. You do you though.
    • What makes you think you are special enough to the point that you should not have to pay for yourself on a first date but expect the guy to pay for both?

    • ct1243

      If a man asks me out he pays and if I imitate than I pay. It whoever pays. I’m not expecting a man to do anything ; thus why I don’t date

    • ct1243

      Men think they can Netflix and chill and call it a day ; men are lazy lol

  • hahahmm
    If you don't want to be in debt then pay 100% like men had to do for most of human history. And don't forget that his time is important too so when you need a shoulder to cry on, call your girlfriend. We wouldn't want you to feel in debt for taking his time. Same for when a bad guy shows up... you better not expect the guy to take a bullet for you because dying is a pretty big debt. Nah, you better wear a bullet proof vest. And definitely don't even think about calling the guy at 3AM when you hear strange noises at your front door.
  • jgokgotit
    I fully agree with you. I believe this is how things should work. However, I have not been fortunate enough to find many women who think like this.
  • FlutteringFeelings

    I don’t go on dates because it’s a waste of time. I get to know a guy over the phone whether it’s FaceTime or phone call and let the conversation flow. I want to feel know the qualities of that man and for us to know about one another before we step out. There may be 1 question that I ask that brings me to the decision of not wanting to moving forward. For instance, if he have kids. I like to get the hard part out of the way so once we finally make it to the point to step out then we don’t have to worry about how our money should be spent because we already had that discussion before an in person date.
    I'm 44 never did that in my life I was raised the man always pays the bill
    • R4zor

      Time has changed man

  • Alexa703
    I believe the asker pays unless you’s talk about from the beginning.
  • Juxtapose
    Splitting the bill is amazing!lol
    • It’s true... expecting men to pay is very gender role conforming and sexist.

    • Juxtapose

      @VanillaSalt I looove the pink downvotes too. Few things make me happier than pissing off gold diggers!

    • Juxtapose

      If some bitch wants me to pay for her, she's going to be a good little hooker and suck my fucking BWC or gtfo :)

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  • I think it depends on how rich a man or woman is. If she is rich then she will pay it if he is rich then he pays it.
  • IWannaSmashU
    Yeah, I think there is nothing wrong with this anymore. women are perfectly capable of paying for dinner, let alone HALF of the dinner. My girlfriend makes more than me so we usually do split the bill
  • Slime95
    One could argue that strong women would match with boys instead of men because they fit more..
  • MannMitAntworten
    Nobody owes anyone... I never felt I owed or was owed by a dated when one or the other paid.

    Pressure or hard feelings... I never felt pressured or hard feelings. This is actually a thing for some?

    Simple... yeah, life does what it does.

    Equals... it never signaled to me that my date was less or better or anything to me regarding the whole paying thing. Splitting the bill on the other hand just reminds me of being, “just friends”. That is what splitting the bill signals to me.

    Better... I never felt concerned to begin with. Keeping it casual is just that, ‘casual’. It’s the friend zone. One or the other paying doesn’t say, “friend zone”.
  • Tomtom9090
    taking turns yeah ie ill pay when we go to mcdonalds dollar menu but you can pay when we got out to a restaurant for dinner
  • zeitgeist057
    You're awesome, love the pics as well, spot on.
  • Phoenix98
    Yeah no thanks that's how I do things.
    • Phoenix98

      -_- meant Yeah no thanks that's not how I do things.

  • sheikalana
    Agree with all that you said.
  • Meatunnel69
    Lol way to try and justify your cheap boyfriend
  • Shihab-91
    no thanks...