The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"


The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"
The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

Good day team ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)7 ! You are here to learn about our tactical intelligence and get trained to combat the gold digger threats. I am Unit1 and I will guide you through our training program. Do I make myself loud and clear?

Sir! Yes, Unit1 sir! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)7

Thaaat's what I like to hear! In this tactical training guide you will learn how to identify and confirm a gold digger, how to combat a gold digger and how do neutralize situations in being involved with gold digger threats. As soon as you're done with this guide, you will gain our up to date qualifications and you also become aware of these threats in time and execute your mission objectives in the field efficiently. Did you all get that, team?

Sir! Yes, Unit1 sir!

I will not explain in deep detail what a gold digger threat is other than a person being in a relationship with another person solely for the money and free, materialistic gifts. In other words a gold digger would attempt to get into your tactical pouch (wallet) and get the most of your gear (finances) out from you and leaving you without them. Since you do not want to become entangled with one in the first place, you can execute the following strategies:

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

1. Tactical gear loadout

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

Pick your gear carefully! Certain operations require certain gears to be carried in your inventory.

What's more important than that is, that you want to AVOID engaging into gold digger threats in the first place.

So in order to stay stealthy you may want to consider going camo for much better invisibility potential.

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

Make sure you do not choose gear, that is literally asking for you to be compromised to a gold digger threat because once you are exposed to a gold digger threat, it is much harder to cover up. A gold digger will alarm nearby gold diggers, remember /!\

Gears, that are attracting gold diggers include but are not limited to: Expensive hangout places, high end vehicles and possessions, non-suppressed wallets, suits, iPhone 7 (and apple products) and other expensive technological communication devices, big houses or apartments and other displays of wealth and status.

2. Tactical analys

Notice the details of the subject. Watch your 6 about these characteristics if they occur and you'll be able to make determinations better and confirm the threat quicker. Your tactical goggles will allow you to determine the following:

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

• Is there a sense of entitlement?

• Are there double standards? Are these double standards sexist?

• Are the random chatters sexist as well?

• Is there any behavior related to "male/female supremacy"?

• Are the subject's topic always about materialistic things such as money, cars, houses and similar materials and are subjects intel about it intense?

• Are there thermal signals (hate speech)? Your thermal sights will show you. While not exactly related to gold digger threats, it is a factor to consider and as such has increased the likelihood of confirmation.

• Are the subjects location in the combat zone (expensive places) often? If it happens to be in your AO, proceed with extra caution and at your own risk.

If these cases apply, consider going SOPMOD if needed to mobilize yourself past the tangos.

3. Direct tactical engagement and combat

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"
In case you've been exposed to a gold digger threat, by any means soldier: REMAIN CALM! Panicking has been proven to be detrimental to your efficiency and even results.

If you follow these steps carefully, you are likely to not only survive in the field but also avoid further interaction.

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

(On a side note: It took me >30 minutes to find this picture above as it was difficult to find a male gold digger picture)

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

So you got yourself into a sticky situation with a gold digger, who has a hunger for your bloody heart and body (money and bank account) and is onto you. You've been spotted and F'd up, alright. It won't be easy but try your best to suppress further exposure (interactions).

One way to combat it is to act stealthy (act greedy). That's right.

Act greedy and get things ONLY and ONLY for yourself! And maybe act like you have gear (financial) management problems because of it.

Another great way to combat this threat is by eliminating lone tangos (paying back debts). So the only reason you seem to be awesome tactical (rich) is because you are in a deep, deep secret operation (debts). This only works if you *really* have an operation ongoing (debts).

(Donations carry a risk-reward system. It is not recommended to donate when exposed to a gold digger as it reveals your financial materials. Donate a little and the subject could be interested in the remaining leftovers of your money. Donate too much and you display it as to because you *can* and have much more of it.)

Deploy your flashbangs (important meetups) when in doubt and vanish from the zone (farther away, where you cannot be followed). Use this strategy wisely and thank your team for calling you back! It may not always work.

4. Operation date

This is the moment of truth team!

You will need one of those ballistic shields first before proceeding into the next step

The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

And then echo the subject the question, that will reveal the subject's true nature:

Let's split the bill. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"

Beware however while the ballistic shield will protect you from any physical harm, that the subject may throw at you, you still remain vulnerable to it's loud screams (in very high decibel levels!) and heavy emotional weaponry.

In any case, hope for the best (subject agrees to split and disqualifies as a gold digger threat) and prepare for the worst, soldiers (if the worst happens, then the weapons are free and the threat is confirmed)!

This works best and in full potential on your first encounter (first date). So don't forget to take the chance.


Congratulations! You have been professionally trained to combat gold digger threats with our up to date intel with this compact tactical guide. You are now ready to be deployed in a field mission.


The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"
The Ultimate Tactical Guide to Combat Gold Diggers in "Operation Date"
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Most Helpful Girl

  • HaveQuestions
    Lol, I really appreciate the style and humor of this. So many on here are so near angry-serious in tone, it's nice to see some humor, and you kept the theme really solidly throughout. Thanks for one thay was fun to read, instead of textbook like.

    As for your message, you have some good tips. I also think I could add one more. Boundaries. I have seen several who run over people's boundaries like it's their mission in life. Calling/texting at all hours, their schedule is more important than yours, being angry or giving the silent treatment if they're not immediately put at the top of the priority list anytime they want to be. May not be a universal trait, but is a sign of unhealthy respect for the other person, and may be an indicator of that entitlement attitude. Even before any date or chance to ask to split the bill, see about tolerance for your existence, lol. I don't advocate lying, but if you're busy and can't talk until an hour from now? Say so, and stick to it. If even that's an issue, it could be something to note.

    That last meme is hilarious, by the way. Thanks again for the laugh. It really is well written, and a fun read. Nice change around here 😊
    Is this still revelant?
    • Unit1

      I thank you kindly, lady.
      At least someone got enough humor and got the message, I was getting desperate until you commented :D
      I agree, that constant "high maintenance" as it is called as in not giving space or controlling or being mad at when priorities are mixed indicates an issue with entitlement. That could be a common trait among the gold diggers too!

    • Lol, thanks for mho. Humor makes the difference between a difficult life and a meaningful one, to me. If we can't laugh at things, we're all screwed 😝

      Have a great day 😊

    • Unit1

      True that.
      Looks like a lot are screwed then, haha ^^ their freaking loss, not mine :P

      See you!

Most Helpful Guy

  • JohnDoe3000
    How about:

    - don't date girls who style faux-chique/trashy and have lots of brand accessories (it amazes me how many guys never pick up on this)

    - don't date girls who cannot (or barely) support themselves even though they're adults

    These two simple rules will screen out >90% of gold diggers. The rest are very hard to screen out, partly because some of them are themselves temporarily convinced they genuinely love you (mostly women who feel the biological clock ticking and suddenly realize their 37 bad boy exes aren't good daddy material).
    Is this still revelant?
    • Jorge567

      This guy hit it on the nose, I mean the signs are so obvious and it's actually even easier nowadays with social media just go on there and you can get an idea of who that person is by some of the crap that they say or post.

    • Unit1

      @Jorge567 Exactly! This is also the reason why I can not be found on social media because I am not going into social media! I keep my life private.

      And yes, this technique is truly contributing to combat gold diggers. Thank you both!

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  • btbc92
    Wow, I'm sorry but other than trying to pretend that this is Naruto/whatever you're trying to make this as, your reasons are very much flawed. Splitting the bill does NOT cancel out golddiggers. In fact, golddiggers have no issue in splitting the bill. It's all about what she can gain out of it, and it's not just money. Men are golddiggers for sex. So how can women, do enlighten, counter against that on the first date or even in relationships? See, until you understand what a golddigger is, your just playing games with a woman's head.

    1. Golddiggers know's the game, and use it well against men and anybody they want. They understand the male ego and the one track mind.
    2. Golddiggers often offer sex, usually before and during the first date if NOT the first few dates. Often attention seekers and clingy when they can't get what they want.
    3. Golddiggers are the sub-genre of master manipulators, and can even manipulate her friends, some family members, and even her surroundings. They usually have an influence on people and abuse that privilege to get things.
    4. Golddiggers can be low-key if not obvious.
    5. Golddiggers have no problem being called a gold digger. It's a job their willingly will do. No matter what it takes.

    You want to know the secret of avoiding gold diggers?:

    1. Don't be swayed by the hips! A lot of you men lust after such women but blame her afterward. Nobody told you to take the plunge. Golddiggers use their bodies to get what you fantasize and desire.

    So if you want to split the bill, you better tell her before you go on that first date. Don't expect her to split and don't demand her to split. Offer. She will respect you more that you offered than assume she just wants you to pay.
  • Izumiblu
    That was a lot of writing to say "split the bill". And a better tactical load out would be an equipped brain.
  • Browneye57
  • cupidkisses
    i wouldn't date someone just for their money
  • Anonymous
    You remind me of Kronk with this.