7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

Your chances of having a second date can be dependent on the success of the first one. How do you possibly increase the chances of making a second date happen anytime soon? You can do that by making your first date count.

How do most dates flop? Most dates flop simply because of incompatibility.

What may have caused that incompatibility? Communication.

Especially when you're talking about the wrong topics.

Basically speaking, topics that can spark negativity and antagonism are topics you need to avoid.

In addition, there are overly subjective topics coated with stereotypical implications pertaining to its worth and status that should not be brought to your dinner table or to your comfy couch with your partner.

Here are ten of them that will break your chances of having a second one:

1. Former Romantic Relationships

No. Just no. This is definitely a no-brainer.

Refrain from disclosing matters about your former love interests with your current one; it might bring out the vibe that you're comparing him/her to your former lover(s).

2. Plans for the Future

Hold your horses, folks. Refrain from using "we will..."

From the name alone, future plans are indeed intimidating topics to discuss on the first date— marriage, children, having joint bank accounts. Calm down, for goodness' sake and keep those ideals to yourself for a little while.

You are supposed to enjoy the moment first and condition the moment in the present time, so make that first date count. That is an important aspect you need to consider for it to be worth remembering in the future.

3. "Serious" Politics

I've heard about one couple who talked about "fun" politics— making fun of every politician's physical appearance, their accent, and such. They had a good time until... they started talking about "serious" politics— political parties, corruption, fund allocation, scarcity of jobs, crippling economies, etc.

A first date is one of the least feasible occasions for couples to talk about their political stances.

If you do not want to turn your date into a heated debate, steer clear from this controversial topic. A difference in political affiliation might cause conflict because of dissimilar beliefs and ideals. Conflicts are never welcome in a first date!

4. Deal Breakers

Your first date should not discuss a lengthy conversation about your "terms and conditions".

This will be really awkward because I believe deal breakers are better learned through exposure. When there is an experience that'll give the chance to let that deal breaker be shown, it will be learned and adapted naturally. You have to get used to his/her company first to really know what his/her deal breakers are.

7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

5. Troublesome Family and/or Friends

"I have this friend who used to..."

"Gosh, my brothers tend to be really annoying sometimes."

It's too soon to discuss about misunderstandings in your family and friends.

People who even know you for a short amount of time wouldn't even understand the reason why you despise your relatives, why you find your mother irritating, or why you refuse to go to a party thrown by your ex-best friend.

Instead of being fascinated, talking about the bad side of your family on a first date seems uninviting because your partner would be learning about them and not you.

7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

6. Bragging about Money

Since I am a/an [occupation], I'm known to make much more money than my colleagues!

See this? I bought this watch for $100.

This will give your partner a vibe that you're eager to shoulder the expenses on your first date.

If you want your date to be a job interview simulator, go ahead; talk about cash.

This is an ego booster, hence making it a rather sensitive topic since majority of the population could be considered as financially impoverished. Talking about money will come off as a conceited thing to do since you're depending your worth to something tangible. That's something negative, to me.

You cannot genuinely captivate someone's love, trust, and adoration with money alone. Don't even think about bragging as it would result to a non-existent second date.

7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

7. Bragging about Grades

This goes for students who are more likely to have this as a topic on their first dates.

Same with money, this is an ego booster.

Talking about grades is more likely to give your date a vibe that you're taking pride in a personal achievement that has nothing to do with him/her.

7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

The success of your first date will be heavily reliant on the conversations you will be having. Don't be nervous about that or you'll mess up even more in the actual occasion. As long as you go on the flow and stimulate interest, that first date will be a success and you'll better off having another one!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • # 8 - your sex life/lack of, past encounters etc

    I once had a tinder date who basically volunteered her whole sexual history to me on the first date. It was 95% of the date's conversation. She bragged about her partner count, how she had sex with her ex two days before our date, how long he lasts in bed, how good he is, how they're both sex addicts, mentioned how she wanted me to finger her while eating her out while other people were around.

    I was just thinking, jesus h christ, what the FUCK is possessing you to tell me this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Loved this MyTake!! And this is prefect timing also! One of my good friends asked me out to lunch in a two weeks when he gets his car! I'm super nervous since it'll be our first time hanging out just me and him, but I'm also super excited!! These tips will come in use! Thanks boo! 😘😘✌🏼️


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What Guys Said 12

  • You forgot some extremely important ones.

    Such as religion. It's a rule of thumb thay you avoid RELIGION and politics when you're either on a date or flirting.

    You also never discuss 'feminist' and 'who's gonna pay' and 'equality' shit. That's will just tear the whole date apart guarenteed.

  • Interesting opinion but I disagree with you on #'s 3 and 4.

    While there are plenty of couples with differing political opinions, I believe a marriage runs smoother when both members share political leanings. Since men pay for the vast majority of first dates I think it's good to find that out right away.

    Likewise, deal breakers need to be checked off the list early. I'm not saying anyone should be put under a bright light and interrogated using a check list, (I'm THINKING it, not SAYING it) but information needs to be passed in order to rule out people who are not right for us.

    Is one person a restaurant afficionado and the other an extremely picky eater?
    Does one have baby fever and the other not interested in having kids?
    Is one person a borderline alcoholic and the other never drinks alcohol?

    Inquiring minds need to know.

  • This dating stuff sounds too confining... I don't know what makes people interested in dating.

  • 1. Nothing to talk about here

    2. I think you mean plans together. Personal plans should be okay.

    4. So... keep that in the fine print?

    6. Yeah, just keep that stuff to yourself so it doesn't get wasted.

    7. In general, try more to talk about the other person than yourself. The best way to seem interesting is to be interested.

    "The success of your first date will be heavily reliant on the conversations you will be having."
    Shit, well I'm screwed - I'm not a conversationalist by any means.

  • Actually Bragging about Money GUARANTEES a second and third and n. th date. #Hypergamy

    • So I understand the downvoters don't think so. Would they also mind to split the bill on the first date?

      Please take this specific comment with a grain of salt!

  • Religion is another " no go " area , similar to " serious " politics.

  • 8. Negative things in general

  • Yep, if you're 15.

  • Wow. I did like 80% of these blunders with my crush. Not on a first date by via messages and Skype. I told her everything from the good to the bad.

    ... and in a few days I will meet her at her place over the weekend. I wonder whether I am or she is the weird one. :/

  • it seems like dating has become such a scary thought about what to do and what not to do. That's it... i'm giving up on dating. Screw this... i rather focus on my career and get rich

  • WTF! except for the last three, and #3. those are the topics your supposed to talk about in order to get to know someone. or what your getting into... seriously WTF!

  • Typically, religion and politics are topics that should be avoided.


What Girls Said 2

  • I like to state my deal breakers without waiting for months to get to know him or something.
    I don't like the idea of finding out bunch of deal breakers after I am already emotionally attached to him

  • good advice


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