Why You're Right To Feel Proud of Being a Player Instead of a Boyfriend

I may be preaching to the choir, but it occurs to me that a lot of men seem to think that being a great boyfriend is better than being a great "player" for lack of a better term. Why is this? Who told you this was the truth and what was their argument for it? I say NO!!! Gentlemen, answer just one question--

Which is harder?

Funny enough, a man benefits far more from a relationship than does a woman in many respects. Sure, he's expected to buy her gifts and take her out every once and a while, but this proves far less expensive than taking girls out all the time especially if she doesn't want to scare her new boyfriend a way by coming off a gold digger.

And off that, the central reason a relationship is better for a man than a woman is because women value relationships more. So doesn't that mean she gets more out of it? No. Because it's a goal, a status symbol, she knows more about relationships than she knows why she wants them.

In a relationship, women are the envy of other women. They want her man. They're jealous that a man loves her and only her and yet they are alone. What does that mean? Is she more of a coveted woman? Does she deserve love more? I she more loveable?

With those things accomplished, look at what she's willing to do and put up with to build and maintain it:

-She gives the man constant sex so he won't stray.

-She builds him up gets him dressing nicely and well groomed so that he can be even more the stuff of envy and she can rock the perfect boyfriend (though this can backfire once more and more women show him attention than ever before)

-She essentially gives him a lifeline in case he ever decides to seriously screw up by introducing him to her family thus showing that there's hope she won't die alone. Once he does screw up she won't want to admit defeat after he's already so deeply entrenched

-She can't go through his phone his social media or surprise him for fear of looking crazy making it easy to cheat on her

-i'm sure you could add some more

So then, we can say that it's easier for a man to be in a relationship than to be a player. Let's look at what a player has to endure by contrast

-He gets virtually no validation from women. Instead, he typically only knows women long enough for them to give him shit tests and, if he passes, sex.

-more insults can arise in the form of last minute doubts (i usually date guy bigger than you, taller than you, hotter than you. I've heard this happening to hot guys with 9 inch dicks...the shaming is their fun and I believe another shit test to see if you can take it as well as a way of calming her nerves surrounding her own insecurities at the moment) I suppose she feels she's giving you a stranger quick sex she doesn't have to give you respect on top of it

-He constantly has to navigate around her own allergy to being slutty (especially strong among minority women it seems who tend to carry more insecurities in general)

-He wastes a lot of time talking to girls who are just not down for sex but are good at making it seem like they might be

-He constantly hits on girls with boyfriends and sometimes the boyfriend is just in the bathroom leading to some very awkward moments

-He gets texts from girls during dates and has to figure out a way to respond in a somewhat timely fashion especially if she's that really hot girl he's been working on for weeks

-no matter how good he is he's reduced to a numbers game. some women feel his shit and others don't skill is largely irrelevant after a point

-he has no one to tend to his occasional lonliness and need for spooning. Well, he does, but he doesn't want to with his hoes

-he constantly looks like a dick to his friends because he's always ignoring calls from girls who haven't yet gotten the message

-he puts his dick in five girls in a week and yet that one who treats him like he's not good enough for her frustrates TF out of him

-no one respects the marathon sprint of dating he does all the time and he has to endure how great a boyfriend David is while David sits on his ass does whatever his girlfriend says including when they have sex.

So, gentlemen, if you choose the path of the player take pride. Most men could never walk in your shoes.

Why You're Right To Feel Proud of Being a Player Instead of a Boyfriend

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Most Helpful Girl

  • There is no shame in being a player as long as the girl knows about it. I would also prefer the boy being a player than a cheater. Surprisingly there`s a huge difference. Guys can do whatever they want, just treat the ones who are involved like they deserve. Have fun...

    • a lot of girls are insecure about it but that's why i encourage girls to be open about their own player ways.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree that being the type of guy girls want to hookup with is potentially more flattering than being the type of guy that women would see as bf/husband material. However, I believe this for different reasons.

    Being the type of guy who can consistently get women to send him nudes or have sex without being expected to pay for dates or make a commitment is a lot harder than being a guy who is boyfriend material. Guys who can get relationships are far more common than guys who could become players.

    Girl's standards on looks and excitement are higher when looking for casual sex so the bar you passed was set higher and you can take comfort in knowing that she likely perceives you as being more sexually attractive than the guys she would typically make wait for sex and be with in a serious relationship.

    What other guys would have to earn by paying to take her on dates, becoming emotionally available to her, and proving themselves to her, she is willing to give to you upfront and essentially for free.

    In some cases the girl is even kinkier with her casual partners. She might have a ffm threesome, have more agressive sex with you, let you cum on her face and then not be interested in that stuff with her boyfriend or husband. Or maybe she sends nudes to fuckbuddies she met on tinder and then when she gets in a relationship decides she doesn't want to take them anymore.

    And a lot of the time girls end up wanting more from their fuckbuddies even if they didn't originally intend to. So in the end you get her heart too which means in a lot of cases there is nothing the boyfriend gets that her fuckbuddy didn't also get. The only difference is the fuckbuddy got it with less effort and less expectations.

    The boyfriend or husband is not going to be the guy she found the most attractive or had her most fun memories with. He is often just the guy they want when they are ready for responsibilities and sacrifices (buying a house and raising kids). The players get to skip out on all the sacrifices, responsiblities, and expectations and just have fun with her in her most attractive years.


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  • OP you spend way too much time on this site, writing inane mytakes to be getting as much action as you profess to.

    • Lol look guys how this child is looking for attention by an embarrassing attempt at shaming

      Probably ugly too

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    • s2.quickmeme.com/.../...14166be4ea82478c94ed04.jpg

      I'm going to PM all my female contacts and spread the word. by this time tomorrow most girls in GAG will know about your tiny little pecker. You lashing out will be evidence, a testament to your insecurity and immaturity.

    • lol go right ahead

What Guys Said 7

  • No thanks. I'd rather have a girlfriend and then a wife.

  • And you might end up being passed by the girl you love the most.. Life is a game sometimes you lose sometimes you won

  • Those are some good points.

  • this is silly

  • It's better to be the guy she find physical attractive and will have sex with out of animal lust which at your own discretion can spin into a relationship than be the guy who she picks for relationship but you are left unsure if her intentions of being with you is primarily because of physical attraction. Same rule applies if she picks you for the husband but never the lover.

  • I sense a little irony here


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