3 Reasons Why Women do Not Care About Your Looks or the Car You Drive

Hello everybody in today's my take I am going to give 3 reasons as to why women do not care about your looks or the car you drive, many men seem to have this bitterness that women are all gold diggers or should be used, that is nowhere near the truth, many times these men give off bad vibes to females, from anger to insecurity and bitterness, let's start with the first thing that does matter-

1. Your personality

Yes it is cliche but it does matter, if you are bitter or become a jerk, women are not going to give you the time of day. Just because you got rejected once does not mean all women are B-words, you have to develop your personality. No you don't have to be hilarious all the time but don't be afraid to talk about your likes, whether it's astronomy, or books to any activity that you take partner in that could be interesting to women like white water rafting or being involved in a club/volunteering. Women love men that volunteer and men that are overall well rounded.

3 Reasons Why Women do Not Care About Your Looks or the Car You Drive

2. Your car 🚗

No your car does not matter to women so stop thinking that your sports car or luxury car is going to win women over. Common cars that men buy thinking that they will get women- gtr, camaro, challengers, Mercedes, bmws, range rovers, mustangs, audis, porsches, and even 4 door sedans and mini vans that men put mufflers on thinking how loud there car is will be a calling to women. No it is not and just stop. Women will laugh at you and they will not give you a wow reaction. Many won't even notice your car and if they do they may say nice car but that does not mean they want to have sex with you.

3 Reasons Why Women do Not Care About Your Looks or the Car You Drive

3. This ties into number one, not all women are going to swoon over you

You Are not entitled to dating a woman. Moping around and saying why won't girls like me will make you look like a bitter idiot, so will the usual I'm a nice guy. A lot of guys nowadays say women only like bad boys but that is false, sure these men may seem like assholes to these guys but that's because they aren't them and they don't have a girlfriend. In reality, many of these guys have hobbies or are confident and are sure of themselves or aren't muttering when they talk to women. They approach women, have conversations with them, and make them laugh. This is very important, many guys who complain or say girls like bad boys or are all b words don't even go out and try or only ask one girl for their number.

To those dudes, you can't complain while sitting at your home doing nothing and bating to the picture of a woman you like. Stop being a loser and go out and talk to women. Other tips include, don't smell, wear clothes that fit your body type, work out because it builds confidence, and make small talk with people. Women are not going to claim harassment just because you say hi to them. Yes you may encounter rude females but how many rude dudes do you encounter as well who are scam artists or cut you off or other men that stare you down or try to intimidate you? That's all my advice, good luck and please feel free to share your opinion!!!

3 Reasons Why Women do Not Care About Your Looks or the Car You Drive


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  • Somewhat right


What Guys Said 1

  • Good boy! I just love, when purple poodles explain to me what women look for.
    You have ever heard of the term "mansplaining"?

    "Annonymus" of unknown age, claiming to have a Y chromosome, there is no way anyone can force me back into the treadmill. If you call it bitterness, then so be it. These Feminists can cheer up, I won't bother such women no more. Not with my presence, not with my wit, humor or charme, neither with my other resources.

    P. S.: Being an obese, broke, bitter and bald arsehole (who doesn't even own a car) has scored me more pussy within the last 3 years than in the 40 years of being a "nice guy" before. I had to learn the lesson the hard way and late, but i learned my lessons well.


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