Accepting That Women Have The Majority of the Buying Power

It's a bad market for men. We are not the prize no matter what we think. A few of us are to some women but there are very few perfect ten males in the world that appeal to all women.

For whatever fluke, women don't rank sex as high a priority as we do. Not even close. But there are a few reasons why this is ok...

Accepting That Women Have The Majority of the Buying Power

1) If you take the personal aspect out of it, there's no reason to feel the sting of rejection

A majority of girls who go out will get hit on by guys. Obviously, they can't hook up with all of them and they can't answer every guy who gets their number. So even on a bad night where nothing is popping for you, it's ok that no one is buying because there are plenty of other guys in the same boat. You just haven't developed the time or put forth the effort to find a buyer everytime.

2) Women work hard to be buyers

You just throw on a hoodie and go out. Or maybe you want to go to the club and put on a button up but you didn't work for it. You didn't spend a good portion of your paycheck on beauty products your clothes don't cost much you didn't go to the gym for 3-5 hours a day. You didn't work to be this sexy thing not that you really could since looks don't matter as much to girls but the point is there was a lot of work behind being a buyer. And even if a woman isn't interested in buying the vast vast majority of them are interested in still being in the buyer role.

3) It's just a game...

Like anything else, dating is just a game that develops. When you go out guys with the best looks and the smoothest game and best timing get the girls. in relationships, guys who are filthy rich get the women who are looking for that thing the family men appeal to the family women, the bachelor hooks up with the bachelorette. Women find who they're looking for and chances are the women you really want are looking for you so don't get upset that you. Think of it as your own game of thrones where the way to reach the iron throne is by becoming the ultimate product that women want to be with...

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What Girls Said 1

  • You have a point, males that put in effort with their looks and learn how to flirt, usually have much more to choose from. You have to learn how to appeal to the majority. When I am hunting for guys I always balance between looking anything too much or too little, so I try to look average (in the good way). Guys who manage to place themselves in the goldilocks zone are usually the luckiest, unless we are talking about money and even then most women that look good and are smart would rather date someone who isn't as wealthy but is better educated and well mannered, rather than filthy and filthy rich.


What Guys Said 2

  • ''We are not the prize no matter what we think.''

    This is exactly where the vast majority of men go wrong and why things will never really change.

    ''women don't rank sex as high a priority as we do.''

    I guarantee you that if men started being less thirsty, more selective, holding women to much higher standards and realizing that they have a lot more to offer than they give themselves credit for, things would change.

    Women do rank sex very highly, they are just less obvious about it, and due to males believing all of the misconceptions that you just wrote, women don't have to do anything about it either.

    The vast majority of disadvantages males face in the dating game comes from believing they are not the prize and having a scarcity mindset. if most guys fixed that, you'd see a big difference.

    • They rank sexy highly but not a priority because guys are thirsty they can afford to rank it as less important
      Than good conversation and bonding because at the end of the day they can always get it when and if they want it

  • Women's buying power depreciates with time. A woman is in her prime ages 16-30. While a man's is 30-46.

    • 2 women hate the truth

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